Spring Equinox – How to work with the energies – video & meditation

Sleepless nights? Strange Dreams? The week between the new moon and the equinox is a time of huge endings.

As we approach a major manifestation gateway, if we’re experiencing broken sleep and strange dreams, it’s because there’s a lot leaving in preparation for this spring equinox gateway. but we’re supported in aligning in with the new.

We’re being helped to align with the new and detach from what connects us to old earth ways of living, dreaming and creating.

We’re being asked to manifest for ourselves first. And to manifest from a place of aligning with the wholeness we are.

In manifestation magic, we often manifest for ourselves, our loved ones and our world. For now, we’re being supported to manifest new realities for ourselves.

This Spring we’re being energised to go into action, manifesting from the wholeness we are

With the energy of Spring, it feels like we’re about to have the chance to be little rockets taking off in the directions of our dreams – like we’re about to go turbo and so I keep being presented with the question – am I facing the direction I want to be going;
The question I keep being with at the moment is: What direction am I facing? Am I aligned with the wholeness I Am? Am I manifesting my reality from the Self beyond the stories? Am I creating from the now, what’s never been before – and what of my past is rising to the surface to be faced, healed and released, so I continue to lift and liberate my creating.

The Resonant Energy of Celebration Helps the Old to Leave and Aligns Us With the New

The main themes revealing themselves this Spring are ‘Manifesting from the Wholeness We Are‘ and ‘The Return of the King’

There’s been a huge ending of ancient stories across multiple timelines offering us the unlimited potential to create our future from the infinite mystery of limitless possibility – free from anything connected with our past.

Before we take off into the new, we are in this pause of releasing the past. One of the most effective ways to release the past and align with the new is to touch the resonant energy of celebration, even while we turn and face those less than celebratory feelings about what’s been happening for us. The Resonance of Celebration corresponds to the crown centre. And also with the penultimate stage in the cycle of creating.
The final stage is surrender. It’s when we let things go into the pause and into the mystery. The more we can celebrate, the more we detach from and release the past, allowing what comes next to bring us something lifted, unexpected and beyond the limitations of our past. When we celebrate not what is happening, but that life is, that renewal is, that rebirth is, we speed the release, transmutation and renewal of the past.

This is the pause before the proverbial rocket takes off and directs our action energy into the new year. So this is the time to open to the potential for new stories to take root in our realities, divorced from our past and all we’ve been through.

What I’m seeing is the Solstice is ready to be volcanic for us and activate our elemental energies, whether we’re more focussed in fire, air, earth or water, as the earth shifts and changes beneath our feet, new energies moving through our planetary mama, stretching her muscles, rippling out over her skin as she reforms, we align ourselves with the new earth creating when we open to feel our symbiosis with her seasons. I’m really looking forward to sitting with the guides on this and seeing what comes in.

Quick Grounding Meditation – Divine Human Blueprint Meditation elements.

Something to try at home or while we’re out and about. For centering, grounding and being present.

See the full collection of Channelings, updates, transmissions and more on Manifestation Magic this Spring 2021

On this page, I’m sharing the collection of channelings, transmissions & meditations that have been coming through these last two weeks on this theme of delimiting our imagination and manifesting from the wholeness we are. I’ll be adding to this, but if you feel to, dive in and have a look around.

It’s shared with the intention of offering some supportive frequencies, resonances and information for aligning with our divine blueprint, our unique signature frequencies and delimiting our capacity to manifest, so we’re facing the way we want to be when we go into directed, focussed and energised action.

I’ll be adding to this collection every time something new comes in.
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As always, I’m here for one to one channeled Blueprint-Akash Alignment Sessions, for support in aligning with our divine human blueprint, accessing inner healing as well as our gifts, purpose and inner guidance.

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