A collection of Material to help us Align with Our Divine Human Blueprint & Manifest new realities from the wholeness we are

Our Divine Human Blueprint – Manifesting from the wholeness we are

Channeled Videos for Guidance, Alignment & Activation, with articles, energy updates & Tools for delimitingour imagination and manifesting from the wholeness we are.

Dreaming our New Earth into being and aligning ourselves with our place in it.

1 minute INTRO – Manifesting from the Wholeness We Are


Divine Human Blueprint – Meditation Elements

To help us work with the energies this Spring and stay support us staying grounded, centred and present while we open to receive the gifts emerging in our divine human blueprint

Divine Blueprint Alignment Meditation Practices

2 Quick Alignment Practices

Spring 2021 Blueprint-Akash Energy Update in Full – Videos, articles, channelings, maps

Spring Equinox Video Update – preparing for the equinox – what’s moving, how we can work with it

Video Channeling on the energies of March and how to work with them

Video Live – Channeling – New Possibilities, Delimiting our Creating – Short Journey with the Guides

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Blueprint-Akash Immersion

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