Return of Lemurian Consciousness – Autumn Equinox Channeling & Energy Update

Akashic Blueprint Energy Update – Full Report & Supportive Meditation Letting Old Leaves fall from our lives… What if those leaves were the leaves of a book, telling the story of who we used to be. There’s such a strong emphasis on letting go this Autumn Equinox. And so much to let go of, we’re READ MORE

Gaia Channeling You’re On The Right Path + Star Guides – How to Do What You’re Here For (and deal with the fear)

Gaia speaks loving encouragement with support for us during times of rapid, dramatic growth and expansion, reminding us we’re just like the plants in spring, putting forth new flowers, changing our shape entirely. With channeled frequencies to support us during shift and expansion times with the energy that can keep us grounded, steady and stable, helping us to let go of the old and be surprised, even delighted by the new versions of ourselves we are becoming. READ MORE


The information pulsing out new alchemical templates now, has the ability to trigger this rewrite of inner masculine life force in us from being a hunter that sets out alone and brings his prize back to an empty home, to the one whose partner never leaves his side in spirit. Who is never alone. Who READ MORE

Expanded New Templates for ‘Home’ in our Blueprints

the blueprint is coming online now in the collective field, so all that means is, if you feel any domestic or workspace related inspirations right now, you’ll be pretty well supported to go with them. And they could lead to unexpected abundance and the new opportunities READ MORE

Deep Healing in the body – Blueprint-Akash Update & Meditation

Divine Oneness Vibrating as truth in the body consciousness of the collective now Following this New Moon lunar gateway, the frequencies of unconditional Love are restoring the body’s own remembering of Oneness as a vibratory state of beingness. Flooding the field with new information that is pushing old crisis energy and old fears to the READ MORE

Elemental Activations in the Gaia and Human Blueprint & Sirius channeling – New Earth Technologies

Published Full Moon June 22 – preparing for the SUMMER SOLSTICE There are elemental activations taking place now not only in the collective human blueprint but in the blueprint for Gaia herself, marking an important time in the trajectory of joint evolution of humanity within the planetary consciousness. June 2022 Full Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy Update READ MORE

Half Moon Energy Activation

Setting Intentions that are aligned with the truth of who we are – Half Moon Energy Activation. A guided alignment journey with channeled meditation and guided intention setting for activating gifts and abilities this full moon. READ MORE