Healthy Energy Boundaries – Short Meditation

HEALTHY ENERGY BOUNDARIES A short meditation, with a daily Anchoring Practice to help you stay energetically protected while you’re out and about Center, align and connect to Source   Breathe in a divine quality that’s going to nourish and support you today   Infuse your energy fields with that quality   Charge your energy READ MORE

11-11 Energy Update – A field of Peace – Cosmic Rebirth – Lemurian Awakening –

An alchemy of Endings (see the 11-11 vortex channeling here) Right now we’re in the autumn, heading to winter, and it is a time of death, rebirth and endings. In the cosmic and manifest dimensions of our planet and our Self. We are being prepared for a new cycle of creations next Spring. Happy 11-11. READ MORE

Alignment Meditation – What’s For Me Now – Self Healing

Healing ourselves with a daily check-in Meditation Opening to Source – to receive what’s for us and release what’s not This Meditation “What’s For Me Now” – works with Unconditional Gratitude in a Self-Healing Check-in. To keep us aligned, connected and receiving A Self-Check-in Meditation For Moving Energies and being authentic with how we are READ MORE

Helping a Friend Heal…With Compassionate Listening

Healing with Compassionate Listening –  For ourselves & others Facing uncomfortable feelings helps them transform – but for that to happen, we have to create safety A short meditation for facing uncomfortable feelings – from our group meditation the other week. Energy & Self Mastery – Healing emotions   When there’s something moving for us and READ MORE

Return of Lemurian Consciousness – Autumn Equinox Channeling & Energy Update

Akashic Blueprint Energy Update – Full Report & Supportive Meditation Letting Old Leaves fall from our lives… What if those leaves were the leaves of a book, telling the story of who we used to be. There’s such a strong emphasis on letting go this Autumn Equinox. And so much to let go of, we’re READ MORE