Channeled Readings & Alignments

For Connection, Alignment and Expansion in the more of who we are

What are you working on, right now? In Blueprint Akash sessions we open to what’s live and up for renewal, making space for transformation in Grace.

To come and rest in the wholeness we are and be realigned in a 1hr Reading or 90 minute Deep Dive.
Allowing what wants to move to arise and be held.

To feel our centred, grounded connectedness and allow ourselves to open to expansiveness. Here constrictions and tensions can dissolve, releasing more life force, so our energy fields can resonate with who we really are. A gentle reweaving to renew our core agreements with reality.

A channeled Session is for helping us reclaim lost parts of ourselves and to open to receive the gifts that can come through for us from the spaciousness we can find beyond our stories.
You’ll receive the encouragment to open to life, love and your true, creative purpose and to access more of the gifts within you.

A session is channeled in the moment and you’ll be guided to open to whatever is live, moving and ready to transform. We’ll meet, hold and welcome what arises in safe, held space.

Opening to the more of who we are, we can allow our stories to change. Constrictive thoughts, emotions and patterns are invited to relax.

This work is dedicated to helping us be rewoven in the resonance of the wholeness we are, so we can embody our sovereignty.

Sessions can help us through times of transition. When we align, we can be inspired to take creative action that honours who we truly are and helps us live our purpose.

“Lucy is unique in my experience in her ability to hold all that I am in compassion whilst identifying and guiding my awareness to where dissonance lies and to assist me to bring it back into harmony. I know of no one else who can describe and navigate the human blueprint with such clarity. A session with Lucy is always individual and as life changing as I allow it to be.”

GevaAnn Woodland – Voice of Gaia Channel

Blueprint-Akash Sessions are for helping us center, align, expand and open to the gifts we have within us

When we come into alignment within ourselves, our lives can flow, our experience can lighten, we can move on from old stories and we can move forward more easily. We find our lives more in sync with who we truly are.


A Blueprint-Akash Reading – with Messages from your guides

This is a 1hr Channeled Alignment where we guide you into a meditative space and with the help of guides of unconditionally loving integrity, bring through the alignments, messages and adjustments that support you receiving the gifts that are available for you.

“…she has opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways…and now my own healing journey and my work as a healer has accelerated in ways I did not think were possible.” Leigh Hancock, Sound Healer

“Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed here and now. I feel lighter, more aligned, happy, clearer… More me. More ready to walk that next step calling.” Armelle Boussidan, Writer

Deep Dives

A Blueprint-Akash Session – for Transformation in Grace

This is a channeled 90 minute journey, where we help you open to and align with the divine resonances of your human blueprint, supporting you with alignments, adjustments and processes. Inviting what wants to be seen to arise and be met in safe, held, space, allowing for natural, graceful transformation.

“…releasing, aligning, activating what you need on multi-dimensions. Lucy holds a sacred space of love, integrity, safety, awareness and allowance.” – Ally Oliver – Voice Over Artist, Sacred Storyteller

“…I received a shift that will take me to a new level of knowingness within my being…” – Moira Lovelight, Channel

The purpose of a session is to help you access healing, guidance and gifts from within and from guides of unconditionally loving integrity. Any channeled Messages that come through are recorded for you.

Blueprint-Akash Sessions for the Home

Transformational Alignments for you, your home and your land

For support in times of upheaval, change transformation and renewal, this work helps you, your home and your land come into harmonious alignment. Blueprint-Akash Sessions for the home open the Divine Blueprint in your home and land, reading and reweaving the akashic energy map. With channeled support & messages from the guides and guardians in your home and land. As well as guidance on how to do this work yourself.