Transformational Readings & Alignments

Align with your Divine Matrix & Embody Your Sovereignty

A Reading and Alignment with Messages from your guides.

This is where we open and read your Divine Blueprint. This is an akashic energy map containing all the stories of who you are. Your soul stories, past lives, your ancestry and spiritual lineage. And the story of your evolution and ascension. The purpose of a session is to help you access healing, guidance and gifts from your guides. Any channeled Messages that come through are recorded for you.

Blueprint-Akash Alignment Sessions – Artwork Daniel Holeman

Deep Dive Transformational Alignment Sessions

Together we access, open and read your Divine Blueprint to help you come into alignment with your soul purpose and creative energy. So you receive the gifts that are ready to come in for you and go away with a more embodied connection to the Unconditional Love you are.

When we come into alignment within ourselves, our lives can flow, our experience can lighten, we can move on from old stories and we can move forward more easily. We are literally more ‘in sync’ with ourselves.

Blueprint-Akash Sessions for the Home – artwork Tuco Amalfi

An Akashic Alignment for your home, your land & you

The energy patterns in our home are here to support us living our purpose. Blueprint-Akash Sessions for the home work with your home and land’s Divine Blueprint and can open up supportive energetic harmonics, helping to clear old or stuck energies and bring in new and supportive ones. After an alignment session, you’ll receive an energy report with guidance on how to maintain a clear, supportive, nurturing energy environment.

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