Reading, Alignment & Transformation One to Ones

to align you with your Divine Signature Blueprint

For Energy Mastery & Embodied Sovereignty

When we align with our signature blueprint – we get guidance, clarity and direction as well as the peace that comes from knowing we’re living our purpose. And the harmony that brings into our lives. We attract more of what’s for us and less of what’s not. We get to be surprised by gifts and abilities we didn’t know we had. And we get to rewrite ourselves, our lives and our world in alignment with who we truly are.

If you’re here to help others or yourself with your gifts and you’re dedicated to aligning with your highest truth, living your purpose, uncovering more of your energetic gifts and abilities – to refining and expanding your Energy Mastery and Self Awareness – this work is going to support you coming into resonance and embodying your sovereignty so you can show up in life as who you know you really are.

Connection, Alignment and Expansion

What Happens: We guide you into a meditative space and with the help of guides of unconditionally loving integrity, bring through the readings, alignments, messages and transformational adjustments that support you receiving the gifts that are available for you.

Including transformational support where it’s needed – In session we open a space where constrictions, limitations and wounding thoughts, patterns and beliefs can change shape, making space for transformation in Grace.

Allowing what wants to move to arise and be held for loving transformation in grace. Supporting us in owning our Sovereignty as Master Cocreators of our own reality.

“You liberate people into their truth”

Sebastian – Artist
  • MONTHLY 145€
  • WEEKLY 80€

Sessions can help us through times of transition. When we align, we’re guided, inspired & energized to take the action that honors our truth and creates the contentment that comes from knowing we’re living our highest creative purpose.

To rest in, receive from and align with the innate harmony within.

To live our highest creative purpose

To align with our Highest Truth

To activate our Inner Guidance

To Embody our Energy Sovereignty

To Refine and expand our Energy Mastery

To transform how we’re creating our reality

To shift our state and change our story

“Lucy is unique in my experience in her ability to hold all that I am in compassion whilst identifying and guiding my awareness to where dissonance lies and to assist me to bring it back into harmony. I know of no one else who can describe and navigate the human blueprint with such clarity. A session with Lucy is always individual – and as life changing as I allow it to be.”

GevaAnn Woodland – Voice of Gaia Channel

A session is channeled in the moment and you’ll be guided to open to whatever is live, moving and ready to transform. We’ll meet, hold and welcome what arises in safe, held space.

“”…she has opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways…and now my own healing journey and my work as a healer has accelerated in ways I did not think were possible.”

Leigh HancockSound Healer

A Session accesses support available to us from higher realms and beings of unconditionally loving integrity who are dedicated to serving and helping us.

“..releasing, aligning, activating what you need on multi-dimensions. Lucy holds a sacred space of love, integrity, safety, awareness and allowance.”

Ally OliverSacred Storyteller

Blueprint-Akash Sessions for your Home & Land

Transformational Alignments for you, your home and your land

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