Happy New Year – A Symphony of Celebration with the Guides

Channeled Messages from Many Voices.

The Sirian Alliance, Council of Overseers, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Dragons, Elementals and Merlin all speak at the convening of the year.

“You are letting go of more than you can measure”


A multi-voice channeled message as we let go of 2020 and turn to face 2021

The Sirian Alliance

Beloved, there is indeed a story around at the moment that your people are on such an evolutionary tip that there is a place to get to, something yet to be achieved, a marker, a deadline, a number, a quantifiable, measurable goal in order to ensure the safe keeping of every soul on board this ship that we call earth, that is Gaia. 

There is no measurable goal, there is no tipping point that has not already been far exceeded. There is no marker. There is only every single soul on this ship, who’s heading in the same direction. Every single one. They may be a different places in the picture of their own evolution, of their own growth and those pictures cannot be correlated, cannot be measured against each other, there’s no linearity here. No one here has not agreed – and this includes those you would call annunaki, reptilians, the dark overlords, who have their place in this picture – no one is here who has not agreed to be part of the picture of change for the better. By which we mean the picture of humanity self realising its interconnectedness within all life, within the cosmos, within consciousness itself. And every one. Every one. Every. Single. One. Shall be carried, helped, supported and loved. Held in the utmost of grace. The most grace allowable and believe me, those permissions come from the individual, not from anything external to anyone, everyone shall be held in the most grace allowable. 

Council of Overseers

Back in the earlier part of this year, we spoke of two worlds. The world of polarity. And the world of unity. Two realities coexisting within one planet, supporting those who are aligned within a unity paradigm, alongside those who are aligned within a polarity paradigm. And not a single person has been excluded from the picture of humanity coming home to itself, to the realisation of oneness. Every single person here, regardless of the paradigm with which they have been aligned, is in an ascension process. It is simply a matter of how they have chosen to experience their ascension process and all of you are alongside each other and all of you can interact and do you know the currency that makes it possible? That enables you all to coexist, is Love. 

This love unites you all. It makes a mockery of your differences, it does not matter where you sit, what your stories are. You all know how to connect, communicate and respond lovingly to each other and this is what you shall be encouraged into. Not as a thought. Not as a banner, not as an idea. But as a resonant, embodied physical, emotional state of awareness. How to communicate across these seeming divides with love, as love, communicating with itself. 

For all of you are love, communicating with itself. That is the simplest and the highest realisation you can bring to any situation. And it is not always easy. If it was there would be nothing left to do for any of you. 


In the year 2021 you shall be called to greater heights, greater magnificence, greater beauty, greater astoundingness, astounding acts of human compassion, human love, human vitality. You shall be called to be even more of your selves, by what shows up to confront you, to challenge you, to call you forward. To move you from behind or call you from in front. But you shall all be held in Love, in Grace and in the Divine Intervention. Which is interceding for humanity at this time. Which is here as a result of those contingents who have been interceding for humanity at this time. So that not a one of you need experience more than is necessary to move you forward. It may appear as though this is not the case but we ask you to remember the intensity of this current phase of your own evolution. The quickening of your ascension. We ask you to recognise the multiplicity of change-making happening within your consciousness and your planet now. And to recognise that the field for this changemaking will be the field of your own creations, where you are being called to recognise and realise yourselves as sovereign creators of your own reality. Therefore you must be confronted with where you are invested in perceiving yourselves as victims within your own creations. 

But this will happen with as much as you can allow. The more love you show each other, the more love you respond to yourself and to others with, the more love you welcome in to your experience of 2021. The more Grace you open the door to. 

This is consciousness opening its eyes from deep inside, looking upon another human being and seeing beyond ‘other’. This is consciousness remembering. Answering that question ‘Who Am I’ by seeing itself in another’s eyes. You are all one consciousness. You are all One. You are not the same, but you are all one. You are having a shared experience to support you physically remembering this. 

Higher Self

Beyond the noise of your processing, necessary though it is, is a deep peace and it is the peace of remembering. And it comes through when you stop. When you make time to come to stillness. To pause, to step outside the noise of your own thoughts, your own doingness and that is another reason why these events are calling you to halt. To come home. Physically, actually, materially come home. And face in your worlds the symbolic representation of your creations. The world of your creations as seen from the centre, from the nucleus of the cell. The eyes of consciousness don’t reside in the head but in the heart and centre and they see in all directions and they are being asked to open, to look into the worlds of your own creating, to allow your physical worlds to represent the worlds of consciousness that you each are, your domain, showing itself to you, for you to review, for you to respond to, for you to be with. And as you re-respond, you rewrite reality, all of you, each of you, not by coming together and fighting the forces of darkness, but by coming home to yourself and being present with what’s in front of you, with what arises and the truth of what moves in you, in each moment, with each new unexpected, unprecedented situation. You’re showing yourselves to yourselves and you’re changing beyond recognition, at a rate so far accelerated many of you cannot recognise even that you are moving. For is it not strange to think of yourselves as moving when you are sitting still. 

The Dragons

And yet, you are not the person you were two minutes ago. You are not the person you were two seconds ago. Not a one of you is not changing through this in ways you have asked. We are astounded. We are amazed. We are overjoyed and we are vastly, deeply, immeasurably respectful, to each of you, for what you are doing has never been done before and we watch with interest, anticipation and you would say with ‘baited breath’ to see what you are going to do next. How you are going to change now. We don’t know. We wait to see. And we hold your hand and stand by your side and provide the help we’re invited to provide but we don’t know. You are doing this. All of you are doing this. 

Your hearts beat within the heart of Gaia. Your bodies dwell within the belly of her. You breathe her breath, you eat of her body, her trees. When you move, you play like music, like notes upon her senses. You are part of her. You come from here, you are within her, every breath of you, always. And she, like a mother, loves you all. And as she ascends she takes care of you, her charges. And not just her charges but an extension within her of earth consciousness. And this beautiful hybrid, star born beings, intergalactic folk, who’ve agreed to be here and also be earth consciousness, to dance in and as the vbody of Gaia while she ascends, her planetary ascension is your ascension, your species, your race, you’re ascending together. So the year 2021 is characterised by three words. These words. Symbiosis, Sovereignty and Synergy. We will enjoy expounding and unfolding more on each of those words as the year goes by. Mostly we look forward to – you – being witness to, party to, friends to you. And guides too, overlookers, watching over you as you move through what’s now. 

What’s next. 

And let go of what’s been. 

For now they’re just showing me this celebration, this huge round of applause. It’s phenomenal. The guides speaking here, it’s like seeing into the Albert Hall, a vast, tiered concert hall, there’s hordes of angels, tribes of lightbeings, councils of overseers, Gaia is speaking, the elementals are here, there’s a symphony of consciousness speaking here. And they manage to speak with one voice This is just amazing.


“If I could just hear them every day just saying, remember love…”


And we say, you are the Love. And the myriad ways in which you remember are both tiny and magnificent and brilliant and you’re doing it. You’re doing it, you’re being it, you’re enough, you are there. 



Beloved, you are stars, you know this. You are earth, fire, water, you are soul, you are spirit, you are air, you are plants, you are stone, you’re mineral, you’re crystal, you’re energy, you’re formless and you’re fully formed and in all of you, each of you, there are more forms than you can count, than you can imagine, that make up all of who you are. All of who you’ve been makes up all of who you are. You’re all of this. You are not small! That is the one thing you are not! You have been led to believe that you are tiny. Stop it. This is ridiculous, it is a nonsense. And it is a joy to see you wake up to this nonsense and begin to see it for what it was. It was a story. It was a game! You were playing. Well done!  Get over it! And get on with it! There’s a world of play waiting for you and creation can be fun! Thank you. 

The Elementals

Beloveds, we invite you to delight in the little details of life, to see the greatness in the smallness, the beauty of play, the beauty of light as it falls in a new way in a new moment. You have this, you can do this. We are here to meet you in the smallest moments, in the tiniest details. We play here, we play with you here. When you bring your attention here, you come to meet us, the hidden, the silent, the unrepresented, largely and quite unspoken realm of the elemental consciousnesses that are here right beside you, right behind the scenes, just before consciousness becomes creation it comes through us. We play with you all the time. We have no judgement of your creations (you have plenty, but we have none). We have preferences but we do not judge. We are an invitation to play. You will find us more communicating with your young ones. For they are innocent, open, full of awe and full of wonder. These qualities are what we would call to in you. You can be any age and meet us here in this playground all you require is your own innocence. Your own awe, your own wonder and the ability to suspend your seriousness about the world and here we are. We are the rainbow, we are the raindrop, we are the dew drop, we are the wood, the bark on trees, we are the breeze in the leaves. We are everywhere. And we’ll be here, when you’re ready, we’ll be here (clicks fingers) just like that. Right away. Ready to show up and always, always, ready to play. 

So, please, meet us in the field of play. Not seriousness. 

Your world is becoming new and it becomes new through us, too. So you can’t have your new world, unless you remember to play. This is vital. This is very (mock serious voice) important. 

Channeled December 31st New Year’s Eve 2020

It feels like there are more voices who could willingly speak in this symphony of consciousness, but we have placed proceedings on pause and will reconnect in when the time is right. But needless to say, our beloved guides and all of consciousness here with us now joins together in celebration for New Years Eve and the turning of the year. Because we have named this night as special and made it so, all of love responds to celebrate with us. 

In love, In so much Love

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