Channeling – Sirius – Lyrans on the digital realm as an extension of the Self and new maps for new earth creating

“Everything is always a cocreation, what is shifting in humanity at this time is a recognition that that is so. This will allow for, greatere possibilities, fewer limitations and less resistance, so greater efficiency and greater elegance in the alchemy of manifestation – so how you bring your creations into being.
That reduced resistance comes from dissolving that sense of separation between you and what you bring into the world.

Happy New Year – A Symphony of Celebration with the Guides

Happy New Year – A Symphony of Celebration with the Guides.
Channeled Messages from Many Voices.
The Sirian Alliance, Council of Overseers, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Dragons, Elementals and Merlin all speak at the convening of the year.
“You are letting go of more than you can measure”