For Connection, Alignment and Expansion in the more of who we are

What are your working on, right now? In Blueprint Akash sessions we open to what’s live and up for renewal, making space for transformation in Grace.

To come and rest in the wholeness we are and be realigned in a guided 90 minute energy medicine journey.
Allowing what wants to move to arise and be held in safe space.

To feel our centred, grounded connectedness. Allow ourselves to open to expansiveness where constrictions and tensions can dissolve, releasing more life force so our energy fields can resonate with who we really are. A gentle reweaving to renew our core agreements with reality.

This process helps us reclaim lost parts of ourselves in a a soul alchemy journey to open and initiate us through gateways in consciousness.
It helps us open to life, our purpose and the creativity we are. With simple tools of attention, intention, command and Self enquiry you’ll be guided to open to whatever is moving and ready to renew.
Dissolving old patterns, stuck thoughts, wounded emotions by opening to the more of who we are, we can allow our stories to change.

We’ll meet, hold and dissolve the lost parts we encounter. We are rewoven in the resonance of wholeness.
Lucy’s work is dedicated to helping us humanly embody more of our potential.

Sessions can help us through times of transition. When we realign our Soul Energy Alchemy, we can be inspired to take creative action that honours who we truly are and aligns us with our soul purpose.

“Lucy is unique in my experience in her ability to hold all that I am in compassion whilst identifying and guiding my awareness to where dissonance lies and to assist me to bring it back into harmony. I know of no one else who can describe and navigate the human blueprint with such clarity. A session with Lucy is always individual and as life changing as I allow it to be.”

GevaAnn Woodland, ‘Voice of Gaia’

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