Akashic-Signature Blueprint Sessions – Readings, Deep Dives & Coaching

Channeled, Integrated Support in Multidimensional Energy-Awareness

In these Deep Dive sessions, guided in the moment, according to your needs, we read the akash of your human blueprint, to help you     – Align with your truth – Rest in the resonance of who you are –  Strengthen & Align with your sense of self, purpose, direction and joy – Open you to  your   inner guidance, inspiration & realization  – Receive Multidimensional support  from your Higher Self & guides of unconditionally loving integrity –  Supporting you as you rewrite your reality from the inside out. 

Channeled in the moment, according to your needs, in safe, held space, we open to what is live and moving for you, supporting you in   your inner work. 

Transcending constrictions and limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions and energies of all kinds. 

A follow up support session is included for one-off sessions.

More about sessions…

There’s an unbelievable amount of unconditionally loving support available for each of us and it just takes the right conditions, the right permissions and a safe, held, compassionate space. Plus the dedication on your part to open to multi-dimensional, high level consciousnesses who are ready to bring what you’re calling in, to help you get grounded & get clarity, direction, inspiration & insight, to get yourself free from old emotions, beliefs & unwanted energetics. 

In one to one’s & workshops, it has been my joy and privilege to channel support for over a thousand amazing, unique, energy-aware beings dedicated to realising who they truly are and living each day in alignment with that truth. I feel humbled to witness each on their sovereign path align, transform and embody multi-dimensional energy and self-awareness that reveals their unique, signature gifts. 

In Akashic Signature Blueprint Deep Dives we open to what’s live and up for renewal, making space for transformation in Grace.

Sessions can help us reclaim lost parts of ourselves in a journey to open and guide us through gateways in consciousness. That can open us to new life, true purpose and aligned creativity. You’ll be guided to open to whatever is moving in you and ready to renew.
Through a gentle process, we can dissolve old patterns, beliefs, expectations & wounded emotions. We open to, align with and embody the healed wholeness we are, where it counts.

With awareness, we meet, hold and dissolve the lost parts of ourselves we encounter and are rewoven in the resonance of wholeness. This work is dedicated to helping us embody more of our potential and own our mastery.

Sessions can help us through times of transition. When we align, we can be inspired to take creative action that honours who we truly are and helps us live our purpose.

In Akashic Signature Blueprint Readings – you get to receive 

These sessions are for you if you just want to rest in your rhythms and be re-set in the resonance of harmony and inner wholeness. In a guided inner journey, where the guides bring through the messages, alignments, activations and configurations to support you with whatever you’re calling in. In a blue-print akash reading and alignment, you’ll hear from me at the end or in a follow up email some of the core themes that came up for attention during your session.  These sessions are to help you align, receive what’s for you and get some insight on the core themes that could do with your attention – rather than go deep in your inner work.

In Akashic Signature Blueprint Coaching Sessions, you lead the way

We’re working with multidimensional energy awareness, opening you to your unique gifts and inner guidance, whether you are just starting out, have taken a break for a while, or have been facilitating for others for years. And we practice being grounded, expanded, energy aware and self aware, holding our centre and using our abilities in every day life situations. Bringing energy awareness to life means we don’t have to stop being who we are, hide our gifts, or turn off our abilities. We can always choose what we connect with, what we take in, what we release and how our gifts and awareness affects us and others around us. It takes training to accomplish that sense of safety and protection at all levels and its so worth it to own our abilities as our joy, not our burden.

In coaching sessions we channel the guides of unconditionally loving integrity, through your Higher Self, to bring through the alignments, activations, process maps, tools, messages and answers to your questions – that put you in the highest alignment with your energy awareness work, taking it where you want it to go. Whether that means you’re using your awareness in every day life, exploring your gifts and your self development. Or showing up for others in session and knowing the more you honour your own growth and grounded expansion, the more deeply you can hold your clients in theirs. 

All One to One Sessions combine 

– Multi-modal Integrated Energetic Work & Self Awareness Process Maps & Support

– In  a channeled, guided process unique to your needs in the moment

Book a free consultation chat with me now to see how I can help. There's no obligation to follow up and you can feel into whether a session is for you and ask any questions that come up.

"Lucy is unique in my experience in her ability to hold all that I am in compassion whilst identifying and guiding my awareness to where dissonance lies and to assist me to bring it back into harmony. I know of no one else who can describe and navigate the human blueprint with such clarity. A session with Lucy is always individual and as life changing as I allow it to be."
GevaAnn Woodland 'Voice of Gaia''
Channel, Oracle

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