Being Guided On What To Do Today

You can make willing slaves out of people who don't believe they're enough

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A Pathway to Aligned Action / how to break out beyond the mind's control

Do we have the courage to simply ‘be’ and ‘do’ for ourselves? To do what’s in Alignment with our own true purpose, 

To let our feeling of excitement become Joy. To trust our joy and use it as a compass for what we do.

And to allow what we do to be justified by it’s Creativity.

In those moments where there’s nothing to do, where we sit and for a moment we’re not beholden to anyone. Our time doesn’t belong to anyone. We’re not fulfilling someone else’s needs. Not answering to the demands of our own to do list…

Firstly do we allow ourselves those moments?

Secondly, in those moments, what’s the feeling that creeps in.

Can we sit with ourselves when there’s nothing needs doing?

Or do we need a screen, a distraction, something to do, someone to think about.

And if so, what’s the uncomfortable feeling we’re getting away from?

Is it, just possibly, that we don’t feel like we’re enough unless…’something’. Unless we’re doing, giving, obligated, focused on what’s next. Unless our attention is absorbed by something outside ourselves. 

Within us, within each moment, there’s a potential; to rest and vibrate in a state of Enoughness. To contact that unconditional feeling of being enough in this moment. Simply because we are. Because we exist. Because the universe and All That Is birthed us into being through our parents and here we sit. Is it just possible that without doing anything at all we get to be here. We’re allowed. We belong. We are enough. 

Can we even imagine that. 

Being content. And when there’s nothing to do, to do nothing…

Having accountability to others, having someone else we’re for, something we’re doing for someone or a to do list that we make ourselves accountable to – all these things can help us escape the feeling of not being enough as we are. 

"I think 99 times and find nothing.
I stop thinking, swim in silence

and the truth comes to me"
albert einstein

It’s a beautiful, natural part of creation to be accountable to what we’re creating. But when it’s out of balance, it can become hyper-accountability  And it can  keep us from that golden alignment with inspired creativity. The creativity that comes from within, comes from beyond the thoughts the mind can offer up.  The creativity of artists, poets, innovators and inventors. 

The creativity  that can follow a moment of resting in “I Am Enough” 

In this moment, just for a moment I Am Enough.

Not a thought, but as a whole body vibration. Taking a moment to sit, because nothing.

To let the body, the muscles, the bones relax into that moment.

Until the nervous system ‘drops’ 

And we can let go of the hidden places of tension in us.

Just for a moment.

Daring to daydream instead of filling the mind with what should be happening in the next moment

In that silence…that emptiness… inspiration can come from within. From the part of us that knows itself as one, within, with all life, with all that is.

From the part of us listening from that place of connectedness.

From the very essence of who we are in that picture of all that is.

Our signature blueprint, containing our purpose, our nature and the essence of our being. An essence that can translate all the way from the intangible into the definable, when we stop and meditate for a moment.

That can bring us guidance, impulse, clarity and answers in the form of inspiration.

Moving us to act from an inner impulse rather than an external imposition.

Inspiring us to take aligned action that lines our lives up with our soul purpose. 

Bringing joy as an impulse into clear defined action. 

Giving us guidance when our thoughts for the day fail us.

Making a space in our thoughts so we can hear what’s for us. 

And trust that we’re acting in alignment with who we are and what we want. Truly.

All from that place of ‘Enoughness’

© Lucy Hunter 2024

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