Pathway of Portals -Blueprint-Akash Energy Update January 2024

Happy New Year!

We’re in what I’m calling a pathway of portals, from Solstice through new year and continuing.

What I’m perceiving is the opening to light. Both the light that descends through the crown and central column. And the light that opens from within the cells. As well as the light wave patterns and signatures within the divine templates in the akash of our blueprints.

So there’s a huge realigning of light, structure, systems and how they support us. And a calling home to oneness of our doingness – our masculine action, planning, goal-setting and pursuing. So that those more light and fire aspects of us are aligned with our signature blueprint, our truth and purpose. Ready for more focused action come Spring.

pathway of portals - infinityresonance coaching

Such strength will the call to action have in us come Spring, a lot of us are feeling it already. Even though we are still, technically in hibernation time – gathering, refueling, resting and reSourcing ourselves – we’re also gearing up and getting ready to make our moves. So there’s a lot of preliminary offerings coming out now as it’s like we’re collectively getting ready to sprint.

Usually, and in separation consciousness, when humanity collectively runs the race of action we sprint off over the hills as spirit without soul. 

What’s been different is all winter there have been inner Alignments in our energetics , riding on years of collective inner work and transformation, that call our light and doingness home into oneness with soul, with truth, with purpose and the core why of who we are and why we’re here.

Our light isn’t experiencing itself as the light of God alone in an abyss. Rather it is remembering the beautiful dark. The warm, loving nourishing, restful embrace of the night. Of Goddess. Of the raw sea of pure potential. From which all things rise and to which all returns.

In our inner work, we have been being realigned. To recognize the light and dark as one in love.  And it is very nearby time to go into action.

So yes, this mid-winter (in this hemisphere) pathway of portals has been perfectly preparing us for this.

And I’m looking forward to the creativity ready to blossom come Spring.  Already feeling the metaphysical sunlight reach the seeds buried deep within the earth, feeling them opening and putting up shoots that before long will reach the surface…

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