A short meditation, with a daily Anchoring Practice to help you stay energetically protected while you're out and about

  • Center, align and connect to Source


  • Breathe in a divine quality that’s going to nourish and support you today


  • Infuse your energy fields with that quality


  • Charge your energy boundaries


  • Stay connected to the benefits of this meditation throughout your day at the anchoring practice

This meditation aligns you with the divine resonances of your natural human blueprint.

A golden energy mandala emanating from the center of you that helps you find into resonance and

  •  Attract more of what’s for you
  •  Filter out what’s not for you

This meditation was channeled during our weekly morning meditations. To join the live events, find out more here

Harmonic Resonance Meditation for Empaths & Energy Sensitives

How often do you find you’ve taken on other people’s energies. you feel what they’re feeling, or you come home out of alignment and with aches, pains, strange sensations you then need to work on energetically to clear .

And if you check, you get this isn’t yours. you’ve taken it on.

While there’s an art to protecting ourselves energetically, this short meditation is designed to give daily energetic protection from theb unwanted energies of other people and places. 

It’s designed to increase your energetic resilience and your ability to hold your own few we frequencies in your energy fields. To help you come into resonance. This means you’re emanating out your highest, most harmonious energies. And you’re not taking in what’s not for you.

We’re all wired differently. We have hidden permissions written into our human blueprint that allow in certain frequencies that aren’t for us. And have us give away energies in ways that aren’t always healthy. or honouring of our light and higher purpose.

To change those permissions, we need to do the inner work. And if you want help or support with that, I’ve been helping Empaths and Energy Sensitives own and embody their Sovereignty, discover more of their innate gifts and abilities and safely expand their energy & awareness while staying connected, grounded and embodied. And I’ve been doing this work professionally for more than 15 years.

I see a lot of people limit what they do, where they go and who they can be with, simply because they don’t find it easy to maintain healthy energy boundaries. and I can help with that. There’s nothing I love more.

As Empaths we can be empowered and love living in the truth of our gifts. Instead of feeling like we need to be a victim to toxic energies or other people or places. Or dependent on technologies to protect us.

There’s always more to discover about our natural abilities. And if we can stay connected to them in every day life, we’re much more likely to do grow and expand our energy awareness with discernment, understanding, confidence and integrity.

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