What’s the Human Blueprint? Reweaving the Story of Who We Are from the Self Beyond the Stories

For Self Healing and Renewal, Safety & Belonging

Podcast Episode and Transcript

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Our human blueprint is like an energetic blueprint of everything we’ve ever been and everything we are. An akashic record of ourselves, including all our dna, all our encodements, all our scripts – relating to every facet of our human experience, as we’re creating it from the here and now moment of beingness. It’s wonderfully complex. However there are beautifully simple ways of being with it. Of bringing all the rhythms of our energetic blueprint into resonance. And in resonance, when we’re resonating our natural harmony – the equilbrium this generates in our fields can help us feel at home, feel grounded, feel centred and feel safe.

It can help us recognise intimately, somatically, our inherent sense of belonging. Here in our bodies, here in the earth, here in the here and now moment in the space-time continuum. Which we are travellers within. 

From our centre-point we can navigate ourselves, we can explore the expanded inter-dimensionality of being. We can dive into the deepest realms of consciousness and be with what’s there safely, groundedly and centred. Because we always know where we are and what we’re coming back to. We’re connected to the very origin of our being. 

The dawn of our own creation and this here and now moment are connected and everything in between is anchored to that – almost a line. Like we’ve dropped anchor in the origin of ourselves and, from any moment and any place and any part of the complexity of all of who we are, we can access that grounding, centering, stabilising equilibrium that connects us to the origin of all we’ve been and all we are. All we’ve evolved through and all we’ve experienced. All our multidimensionality, our vastness and our smallness, our humanness. 

All the stories we’ve lived through can be experienced against this background that is like a place of permanence within us and everything else may be seen as transient. Not that it does not have mattering but that it is not permanent. And those parts of our story (the all of who we are that are ready to end their story, for we have done with our exploration of whatever it was we were exploring there), they can recognise that they were a story, that the story is ending and that there is a safe place from which to view and be with the ending. A safe place from which to respond.

And where we can make all of our responses to any experience we’re having welcome, embraced and called home. For it is in our calling home of our responses that we allow ourselves to become new and rewoven, in the moment, from a perspective that sees the self from beyond all the stories.

This perspective has compassion – has infinite compassion and infinite unconditional love for all of who we are, all of what we’ve been through. This perspective has no judgement. And this perspective sustains. It is always within us. We can’t always access it, we can’t always reach it, we can’t always align with it and we certainly can’t always remember even that it’s there. But we can call to it, we can ask to be reminded. We can touch it in those moments of Grace. 

When we connect with the All of who we are in the here and now moment and allow ourselves to respond anew to whatever’s arising and going on for us, whatever’s swimming into our awareness, calling for our attention – this becoming new isn’t a construct. It’s a deconstruction, but a graceful dissolution. And allowing the stories that want to end to dissolve gracefully frees us from their karma, frees us from the wheel. Frees us from repeating them. 

And whatever leaves us, whatever emotions rise up to be healed, received, welcomed and re-experienced from this perspective – of equilibrium of the self connected to its own origin, present in the here and now, humanly – whatever rises up to be embraced, that vibrates its way out of our fields – is gone. It’s gone for good. There may be more waves to follow, but what’s left has left for good and that energy that was constricted in it is returned to us. In its natural shape. Anger is released as joy and life force and vitality. Sadness is released and returned as softness and love. And so on. 

So from a safe place within ourselves, we can be with what arises and allow ourselves to return to ourselves, no forcing, no pushing. There’s simply an innate intelligence to our own systems and this process. This is beingness, allowingness and surrender, within a field of harmonic resonance which is innate and accessible within all of who we are. 

On self healing and renewal with the divine human blueprint.

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