We Are Transmitters; Planetary Frequencies and How We Affect Them. Prt1

Channeled Interview on Resonance, Dissonance and Planetary Frequencies

With Armelle Boussidan & Lucy Hunter

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“There is a frequency embedded within the planet that defines the constellation of earth’s consciousness, in the sense that the planetary body has a place in the cosmos, a galactic place in a dance. A movement and a pattern of movement that is always happening. 

These patterns of movement define the interrelationship between all bodies of consciousness. And for every identifiable relationship, there will be a correlative pattern of movement. It is not, as it may appear at first, a constant pattern. The earth moves within an ever decreasing spiral that is not defined within linear space and time but is in fact an ever decreasing spiral of evolution. An evolutionary timeline. There is a rhythm, a resonance – which is what is generated by a rhythm – specific to the planetary evolutionary cycle and it is a spiral. Ever decreasing. 

This rhythm and pattern together cause a resonance, which could be described as wave form with specific frequency and affective – as in it will affect that which falls within the spectrum of the waveform. Human consciousness is a body of consciousness – individuals and collectively – within the sphere of the earth’s planetary body. Therefore not only are human beings affected by the resonant wave forms generated by earth’s rhythms and patterns, but the rhythms and patterns generating humanities collective resonance within the planetary body affect certain levels of Gaia’s planetary resonance. 

We say certain levels because humanity does not have permission to affect or impact her trajectory within the cosmological patterns of movement – her place in the constellation of which she is a part. However, humanity moves along the surface of the planet and an analogy would be – the collective consciousness of humanity as a body of consciousness can impact the resonance of Gaia in some of her outermost layers – we might say the skin. So what happens on the surface of Gaia – what can and can’t manifest, is affected by the movement and activity of the body of collective human consciousness.

When humanity was stilled in their current trajectory, which has been generating harmful frequencies, you might say, disruptive to harmony frequencies in their patterns of movement – for it is in the patterns of movement that you will find the rhythms and patterns of human consciousness, generating those resonances. When those rhythms and patterns were stilled and interrupted and the movement of human consciousness on the surface of the planet was still, the phenomena that took place was the reassertion of the natural equilibrium of the planetary rhythms and patterns that would have defined the planetary resonances on her surface. For this we need to understand how planetary resonances affect manifestation, physicality, our physical universe. That is perhaps another topic. For now, we would just like to suggest that they do, directly and that to delineate this we would say what manifests and how it manifests and the consequence of a manifestation – the impact it has, how it affects everything else with which it is in relationship, is entirely determined by the rhythms and patterns in the consciousness of the planetary body. 

Rhythms and patterns in consciousness are a prelude to manifestation. 

They define the nature of a manifestation, they define how a manifestation is in relationship, within itself, and with everything else. How will a manifestation move, once manifested. For nothing is static. A plant is a manifestation and of course there is movement in the life of a plant. A human being is a manifestation and there is much movement in the life of a human being. 

But everything that is created, whether it’s animate or inanimate, is a manifestation and has a life and there is movement.* There is life in the progression of a table. Where it comes from, how it is made, what happens to it when its life is over. What happens to those molecules? Where do they go? How do they impact the environment to which they return? How is the environment impacted when those raw materials were taken from it to make the table? These are all movements and everything and everywhere you find a movement you will find rhythms and patterns. And you will find rhythms and patterns generating resonances in which there are frequencies. 

When humanity was stilled it was given a chance to bodily, experientially recognise, by the simplicity of physical impulse, behaviours that would feel natural to it. That boiled all the way down to: “I Would like to do this now.”

Those indicators, simple as they seemed, were speaking to a resonance between the human being feeling bodily and the planetary body within which that human being exists. Human beings are made up of rhythms and patterns if you were to perceive them from a certain dimension. They are mandalas of rhythms and patterns. And their rhythms and patterns don’t happen on top of the planet, they occur within the planet. 

When there is silence, you can hear the breeze. When you are still, you can feel what the body has to tell you. These are the simplest ways to feel in the physical body the relationship between the human rhythms and patterns and the planetary rhythms and patterns. Quite simply to have one’s awareness focussed physically on sensations in the space that’s been made free from interruptions, outside influences, other distractions and the activity of the mind.

This is why quite often human beings seek to be alone in nature. There is a profoundly scientific if you like – certainly technically identifiable reason why this would affect your systems.”

(Lucy continues): And affect us in in a way that we would name “reset”, equilibrium, peace, tranquility. What is harmony but the equilibrium of rhythms in motion within us?

And all rhythms that are holding dissonance and assymmetry within their patterns, will have within their memory their natural pattern formation and trajectory…

…What it’s like to have harmony, equilibrium and symmetry within the shape of their patterns. And will eventually want to return to that state. Consciousness has wanting, consciousness chooses, consciousness has agendas, desires, wishes, impulses and eventually all of everything wishes to return to a harmonious state, which just happens to be a relaxed state, the action of which is relaxing – we call it that because it’s when everything relaxes into its most natural, sustainable, equalised, harmonious and symmetrical rhythms and patterns. And these movements, within harmonious rhythms and patterns, are efforlessly sustainable – this has everything to do with the centre as the point of and for equilbrium.

*These are mappable trajectories. Almost everything can have a mappable trajectory. If it has a progression – and nothing is truly static – there are multiple mappable trajectories to be measured. And in those mappable trajectories, you can measure rhythms, patterns and determine the nature of the resonance or dissonance generated in those patterns – do they have symmetry, completion, is there motion around a central axis – these are key identifiers for patterns of harmony in consciousness. Or are they decentralised with broken symmetry and fragmented or irregular patterns. If the answer is yes, then you need to check whether you’re measuring the variables that relate to each other and have you evaluated relevance accurately.

© 2021, Lucy Hunter

image: geralt

© 2021, Lucy Hunter

Header Photo: Lucy Hunter

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