Channeling – Sirius – Lyrans on the digital realm as an extension of the Self and new maps for new earth creating

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Channeling – Lyrans of Sirius on New Maps for New Earth and the digital realm

Channeling Transcript

“Everything is always a cocreation, what is shifting in humanity at this time is a recognition that that is so. This will allow for, greater possibilities, fewer limitations and less resistance, so greater efficiency and greater elegance in the alchemy of manifestation – so how you bring your creations into being. 

That reduced resistance comes from dissolving that sense of separation between you and what you bring into the world – the forms that are manifest in your experience; in your homes, in your lives, in your world. Not just the forms, not just the physical forms you can touch but the created forms; the ideas that have become realities. Everything that exists digitally is a creation that has a form, even though you can’t reach out and physically touch how that’s come to be. 

You can’t touch that creation, the shape of it, in the air in front of you, but it has one. With the digital realm, there is this sense of – you are always more aware of how you are cocreating and that you are connected. You are cocreating in connectivity. 

It is a playground for Oneness to rerealise and re-experience itself as manifestation that is at one and the same time somewhat etheric. You can see consciousness at work. It is not a thing distinct. The internet is not a thing distinct from the I Am that you are. From the consciousness you are. It is a field of consciousness extended from the individuation you are, it exists as a realm of consciousness in which your creations dwell, in which your energy is present and in which you are the governing forces determining how it behaves and the shape it takes, collectively, together. It breaks down the idea of externalised authority, It challenges perceptions of autonomy. 

And it invites the opportunity for exploring sovereignty; the recognition of interconnectivity in the act of creation and cocreation. The internet is not something being done to you. It has come from you. You exist there whether you engage willingly or not. Even if you choose to live in a cave on a hilltop as far away from any wifi frequencies as possible, that you have no avatar online and you do not engage with your digital existence – in those rare instances, yes, you might say that you would be a late-comer to that field – however for many of you, you are the field. It is simply another level, another dimension of your being. And we wish to speak to you of your creations – what you make in the world – what is made in the world that you are a part of, that you are connected with, is not separate to you. 

What you make, what you do, the form this takes, this exists in the world and in many cases online in a digital realm as an extension of the I Am that you are. 

As with all your creations as a human consciousness, you have free will. Over your part in this. Over your experience of it, your relationship to and within it and within everything that’s a part of it. Your freewill determines your experience of this, your choices, your responses and how you choose to utilise this god-given awareness, the I Am that you are, as it reforms, constantly and continuously forms the realm of consciousness that is the digital realm, this etheric realm, affects what you will experience collectively just as you consciously and collectively and unconsciously and individually and collectively choose to direct the god given energy of the I Am that you are into your worldly manifestations – this can be your purchases as well as your creations, your ideas, how you structure your world, your rhythms and patterns, your behaviours, your relationships with your loved ones, your relationships with unloved ones, your relationships with everything that’s part of your experience, these are your creations and they are not separate to you. They are an extension of the Self. They are also you. 

When you express from the truth of who you are you bring into the world something that is uninhibited. Closer to unqualified, yet filtered, through the lens of the individuation you are, filtered, pure god consciousness. Nothing can reach this plane in absolute purity for it is refracted through individuals and individuations. Who each hold notes of truth within themselves and songs of forgetting at the same time. 

And yet, here you are. Recalling, renewing and re-emerging as divine cocreators in the new earth. 

You do not have to know how to be divine, you do not think your way towards this. You are divine and you are remembering how this is so. Your remembering is what’s empowered. Your creating from your remembering is what will be amplified and amplify others creating from remembering. This is what takes you all forward into fifth dimensional creating in the new earth. 

We are the Lyrans, we have enjoyed coming through on this transmission, we find connection with you exciting, joyful and always a blissful and also a learning experience. Thank you for your connectivity, for your hearts, for your awareness and for your light of you, shining in connection with us for this time. We look forward to seeing how your light will continue to shine in your new earth worldly creations over these coming years. And we look forward to sitting again with you, in the future.”

Channeled through Lucy Hunter (Infinity Resonance)

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