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Manifesting from the Wholeness We Are – an Introduction – 1 min Introduction

Dreaming our New World Into Being

Where are we dreaming from? Are we dreaming from the part of ourselves that feels itself to be in need, that perceives lack, that sees problems to solve?

Are we dreaming from the small of ourselves, that sees itself as a victim within its own creations

Or are we aligning ourselves with the I that lives in the realm of infinite possibilty, unconditional love, the imagination that knows no bounds and can barely be touched by our thoughts. 

If we are dreaming our reality into being from there, perhaps we don’t even know what it is we’re dreaming. 

We don’t know how it will come to us, from whom, from where, what shape it will take. And yet if we put ourselves in touch with this part of us, together we dream into being that which lifts us into the new earth. Even while we’re helping to build it. 

And this is the invitation of now. 

Manifesting from the Wholeness We Are – Manifestation Map

Manifesting frmo the Wholeness We Are – Manifesation Map

33 mins

The magic of manifesting – maps for manifesting from the wholeness we are

This Spring puts us in touch with limitless potential to dream a new reality into being, from a place utterly unconnected to the past. From opulent new possibilities that delimit us and open us to the imagination that lives in love itself.  Things to consider – 

  • Honouring the NO in us
  • Making a choice – what is it I DON’T  want
  • Processing the pained feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations that are connected to what we don’t want
  • Aligning with the YES in us. 
  • Making a choice – what is it I DO want
  • Starting from a place of ‘enoughness’ – I Am enough, I Have Done enough, I Have enough
  • Letting go
  • Letting go of HOW and WHEN and from WHERE this comes to you


Adding the conditions; 

  • I open to be shown with grace and kindness. 
  • I ask for this (what I already have) or better. 


There is a passive and active magic to manifesting. When we employ them both, we can take the art of letting go even further. To let go of how, when, where and through whom something comes to us and then letting go of What. 

This doesn’t mean that we don’t get to know what we want. It means we let go just enough to be shown what we want from a place beyond the limits of our imagination.

What gets in the way of dreaming our new reality into being?

Controlling how, when, where and who with. 

Our limiting beliefs, thoughts, expectations & desires. That come from past experience.

What limits our manifestation?

Vibrating from a place of not enoughness and need. 

What powers our manifestation?

Delimiting our imagination. Letting go of not just how, when, where and who, but WHAT.

The Magic of Passive Manifesting – manifesting from the wholeness we are more of what expresses that wholeness in our reality, holding us in our physical experience of becoming more of who we truly are

Why Passive? When we’re not telling the universe what we think it should give us, based on what we perceive to be lacking in our lives, we lift ourselves beyond the limits of our imagination. We open ourselves to the possibility of being surprised, we open ourselves to receive more than we might have expected and we open ourselves to receive something more aligned with what is going to lift, expand, grow and evolve us. 

So often our own ideas about what we want can get us so far, but they come with built-in limitations. And these limitations put a chain on what the universe can return to us when we ask it for the next best thing in our lives. 

When we fix on the form of something; the appearance of it, the way it comes to us can show us why we should have been looking at the nature of our desire; why we wanted that, what purpose was it going to fulfil, what was our intention in having it. 

Asking these questions helps us let go of the appearance of what we think we want, and aligns us instead with the qualities we are calling in. 

Whenever we ask the universe/God/Goddess/All That Is, the answer comes back as YES. And invariably we’ll have to face the obstacles we have within us to receiving what we want. These are the things in the way of our receiving what we ask for. So there is always inner work to do around what stops us from allowing ourselves what we desire. 

Why do we feel we don’t deserve to have something? That’s a loaded questions with layers and layers of potential inner process work to do around it. To move beyond the pattern of asking for something specific and receiving instead life’s triggers that bring up our feelings around a lack of deservabilty – we can choose to align ourselves with our Higher Self (or our I Am Presence) or the part of us that is our innate intelligence and knows us as the limitless beings we are. And ask; What would Love bring in me now?

To then respond with the resonant feeling of gratitude, in our hearts and in our whole bodies, we open the way to receive what Love would bring us. Not what would chastise us, limit us, propel us into a trigger-pattern to unravel, but what would Love bring us in a way that is both loving and kind and therefore graceful. 

Obviously, when we don’t feel that gratitude, rather than pretend or force ourselves to, we have the opportunity to be face what is in the way of our receiving what we’ve asked for; the feelings that come up when we ask Love for what’s for us. 

These feelings that resonate with less than gratitude are precious and important. And so turning to face them, we face the core areas in ourselves that are blocking our manifesting. 

The largest of these can be the feeling of pain around not having something. The feeling of being in need. And the emotions, thoughts and physical experiences that we have had from this being in need.

Turning to face and process these emotions, we are able to allow them to move in us. And sometimes that’s all they want in order to transform; to be seen, met, welcomed, given space, allowed to express and responded to with unconditional compassion. When we compassionately listen to our own emotions, they can be liberated to release, renew and so transform. 

It is when we can touch that resonance of unconditional gratitude that we have asked Love (or the Universe, or God…) to bring us what’s for us now, that we rest in the magic alchemy that brings it in. We have got out of the way. 

Getting further out of the way. 

So we’ve let go of what’s for us. We’ve opened to our own, inner, higher authority, trusting that to know what would lift, expand, evolve and grow us in the most loving, kindest way right now. 

We’ve let go of how something will come to us; what shape it will take, what form, when it will come, from where, from whom. 

And we’ve opened ourselves to the resonance of unconditional gratitude, facing all our lower feelings along the way, so that we are the open doorway for what’s for us. 

Then we can move on to active manifesting. 

Active manifesting honours our choices. When we are responding to our universe from a place of ‘in this moment, I am enough, I have done enough, I have enough.’ Then, we are open to hearing from Love, from our Higher Self, from our I Am Presence, what it is, specifically, that we would like to be, do or have. 

It comes to us. 

We have broken the alchemy of – I dont have enough and without this I am incomplete, so can I have this and then I will feel more whole. And started from a place of – I am enough, I have done enough, I have enough. And this (specific thing) would be an external expression of that wholeness. And allowed the inspiration to come to us.

Then we can check it – when we imagine this specific thing, do we feel lifted? Do we touch on joy, peace, expansion, excitement – expansive feelings, thoughts and emotions? If yes, then it’s aligned with the truth of who we are and it’s the next thing for us. 

If no, we’ve got some inner work to do and we can face those constrictive feelings them, process them and let go of what we thought we wanted, asking love to show us again, what’s for me now?

And when we arrive at something specific we would like to be, do or have, the magic alchemy of letting go is to think and feel how nice it would be to have that. And stop there. We can rest in the feeling of already having it. Imagining how it would physically feel. How it would look. What would be around us.

And having touched that place where we are the I that already has that, we let go completely. As though it were no more than a passing thought. Somewhere in us, we will be vibrating in resonance with what we asked for. And the innate intelligence of the interconnected fields of consciousness; ours and those of everything we are always in interaction with – those fields will be full of the activity that is initiated when we put ourselves in resonential alignment with what we think is for us. And we will be attracting what we want. 

The next step is waiting. And listening. For inspiration. For what comes to us and when it comes. 

If we constantly focus on the object of our desire without letting go, we can introduce all kinds of obstructive vibrations into the activity we’ve set in motion. 

There is an active and passive alchemy to following up on our desire. 

Letting go of whether or not we’re going to get what we’ve asked for, how it’s going to come to us, when, in what shape, from where and from whom – this aligns us with the passive magic of manifestation. 

Listening for inner impulses on when to take action aligns us with the active magic of manifestation. When a though enters our minds, when the impulse to do something takes us, when the opportunity to receive something presents itself. How do we know what’s aligning us with our highest desires and what’s just part of the usual litany of thoughts, impulses and opportunities that come to us in our lives? The compass for discernment is – does it lift us, excite us, does it feel joyful – basically does it feel expansive. Any thought, impulse or gift that comes to us – does it feel joyful, exciting, lifting or expansive? Does it make us feel open? or contracted. 

When it feels open and expansive, lifting and exciting, that’s our compass at work. It’s letting us know that that’s the vibration that’s aligned with our highest manifestation at work in our reality. 

This means we can ask for something, let go and then feel inspired to take a random action that doesn’t appear to be connected in any way with what we’ve asked for. But if we trust this, it can lead us down the invisible pathways that bring us towards our goal. 

So to summarise, we start from a place of no need by processing our pain around what we feel we lack. We resonate with the peace of ‘in this moment I Am, I Have Done and I Have enough. We ask our Higher Self what does Love have for us in this now moment. And let go of there being an answer, knowing we’ve set something powerful in motion and something will be on its to us. We process our feelings around negative expectations (such as expecting disappointment, difficulties, or impossible conditions to surround our receiving something love might bring us). We touch the resonance of unconditional gratitude and turn to face and welcome the emotions that vibrate with less than gratitude. And then we listen for those thoughts, desires and impulses to action that lift us and feel expansive in us. They will show us the shape of what we want. The specific things. And we can say to our Higher Selves or the Universe – I would like that! Touching how it would feel to already have that. Resonating with the quality of celebrating that we do (processing anything we feel that is less than celebration) and letting go of whether it will happen. Knowing that because we touched that vibration and let go, part of us is now in resonance with what we’ve chosen.

And we go back to listening for those expansive thoughts, realisations, desires and impulses to act, trusting them and following the pathways of excitement and joy in unexpected directions, knowing that we are being led to what we’ve asked for. And that what we’ve asked for has come to us from our Higher Self, from Love itself. Aligning us with our higher nature and truer self. 

Process maps for opening to the imagination that can imagine itself – Resonant notes in our divine human Blueprint – Divine alignment with process maps, to support us coming into a resonance that aligns us with manifesting from the wholeness ‘I Am’ that we are.

  • Gratitude
  • Celebration
  • Enoughness – peace contentment fulfillment wholeness
  • Joy – excitement and aliveness

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