Workbook part A

Manifesting from the Wholeness We Are.

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March Update – Opulent Imagination & the Magic of Manifesting – Dreaming our New World into Being – the Return of the King

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update for March – Lifting Our Creating with Opulent Imagining

New Moon Manifesting

Dreaming our New World Into Being

Where are we dreaming from? Are we dreaming from the part of ourselves that feels itself to be in need, that perceives lack, that sees problems to solve?

Are we dreaming from the small of ourselves, that sees itself as a victim within its own creations

Or are we aligning ourselves with the I that lives in the realm of infinite possibilty, unconditional love, the imagination that knows no bounds and can barely be touched by our thoughts. 

If we are dreaming our reality into being from there, perhaps we don’t even know what it is we’re dreaming. 

We don’t know how it will come to us, from whom, from where, what shape it will take. And yet if we put ourselves in touch with this part of us, together we dream into being that which lifts us into the new earth. Even while we’re helping to build it. 

And this is the invitation of now. 

There’s an opportunity this month to receive support and lift how we’re creating.To align with the wholeness we are and manifest from our opulent imagination – the imagination that is resourced in unconditional Love and knows limitless potentiality.

If we first feel into where we’re at in our lives and ask are we where we want to be, we can shift our focus away from what’s missing, what we feel we are lacking, what we feel we need and instead ask

  • What am I grateful for
  • What would l like for myself, my loved ones and my world
  • How would I like to be living in higher alignment with who I truly am
  • How would it feel to be supported to do this, go there and have this (whatever it is we really want).

Taking it further:

  • Can I open to the possibility that I don’t know the full answer to these questions. OR that the answer could be something beyond the limites of my imagination, my thoughts and my ideas about what I want.
  • Can I open to, invite and align myself with the creative will of my Higher Self, Soul and the God Consciousness I Am.
  • Can I detach myself from energising the negative feelings that show up in me, about not having, being or doing what I want.
  • Can I face those feelings and consciously process them meeting them with compassion, understanding, love and acceptance,

In this way we can lift ourselves and how we’re creating our reality, so that we are opening the doorway to limitless possibilty, allowing our future to shape itself from beyond our limitations, giving space to the unconditional Love to partner with us. And perhaps it could surprise us.

We’re also fully, honestly facing our feelings of lack, need and disempowerment with the way things are, our feelings of futility, fight and frustration. Our feelings of disillusionment, hopelessness and depression. But we’re not creating from this vibration. We’re allowing ourselves to fully express what we feel, but disempowering these feelings from being what creates in our reality.

The Magic Alchemy of Creating lies in letting go of all the wounded expectations that have their roots in the past. At this time, this year, there is a monumental ending of creation stories at a soul level and a rebirth so vast it resonates throughout multiple timelines and alternate realities. We are not just beginning a new story for this version of ourselves, but for multiple versions or the multi-dimensional holographic being we are. What we do here and now, how we allow ourselves to be lifted, affects multiple realities. There is divine dispensation supporting us now to be lifted beyond our limits as we take part in writing the scripts for a new reality.

Some of the scripts we’re writing now won’t be manifestly visible in our lifetime. But they are critical, nonetheless. Our dreams, our visions, our heart’s desires have tremendous mattering at this time. What we are calling in is giving shape to the future, not just for ourselves, but for the world we won’t live to see.

And yet there is no reason why we cannot call in a more opulent, beautiful, expansive reality for ourselves and our immediate and long term future. It all starts with letting the past disappear and the future be rewoven in the moment of now – which contains the mystery of infinite possibilty.

“pause to invite the infinite possibility that lives in the imagination beyond what you know. So you, too, can be lifted into the next evolutionary spiral of your story of coming home to the more of who you are and living more fully as that human being”


Active Sacred Centres March 2021

Openings in our Stellar and Earth Star Gateways

Stellar and Earth Gateways opening to receive in-flowing energy Supporting oneness awareness in how we think, imagine and how we ground. Opening the link between imagination and manifestation, opening us to levels of imagination that transcend the limit of thoughts. Inviting in the Imagination that is seeded in pure awareness.

The opening in these sacred gateways allows for the possibilty of oneness awareness as a resonance to open within our fields. We can expect transformation in these core areas of our human blueprint as their state shifts, supporting our progressive embodiment of the more of who we are. The earth star gateway was active at the full moon and the stellar gateway active with the new moon, generating an infinity resonance connecting the two. This resonance establishes an alchemical vibration which supports us to transform our state from duality to unity in these areas at this time. The areas we’re working with are imagination and the role this plays in our creating. And our interconnectedness in the realms of matter. Realising we do not impose our creations upon a planet that can or cannot support us. Rather we vibrate within the planetary fields in the realms of matter and our creations are sustainable when they arise from a symbiotic relationship within the earth, physically realised.

What this means: we’re dreaming a new world into being from a place of realising our interconnectivity within the planet.

Why is imagination important: Specifically, accessing our delimited imagination from the realm of the Self that knows itself as one within all that is. Our minds are equipped to imagine what we want from our limited perspective of what we can already see. And to perceive ourselves and our relationship to everything else from a limited perspective, where separation defines that relationship. Opening to an imagination that is born from a perspective beyond the limitations of what we know, opens the way for limitless potential to find its way into the realm of matter as manifestations from delimited dreaming. And the solutions that will elavate us beyond the mistakes of the past come from a space within us that is free from this past.

Key Themes – March 2021

Active Elemental Alchemy: Fire & Ice – depolarising opposites in our elemental balance

There’s an opening to the natural unity that transcends balance in our internal elemental alchemy, melting our frozen parts and softening our burning, out of control fire, to bring us into the softness in aliveness, the gentleness in life force and the vitality that opens us to the limitless possibilites that live beyond our own fear of creating. Walls and limitations are melting as we movebeyond old obstacles and boundaries.

Dance of the Archetypes – Shiva, Shakti & The Return of the King – March 2021

Inner Tantric Alchemy – update for March

This is a time of the return of the king. Shakti is shaking out the grief of loss, rejection and absence of her divine partner in us. Spirit – long absent from Soul in the playground of life, is being called home. No longer to rush off into the world, only to find union in her arms at the end of life, in the sleep and renewal of death. There are death vibrations making their memories and expectations felt as we remeet this inner union which normally only happens when we depart our physical bodies.

The divine dance of union is taking place in the field of our body-consciousness and this divine marriage brings with it the rebirth of soul, into the body. She is invited to step out into life with him, her partner in her arms. Not to watch him run off and await his return at the end of all adventure. Not to trail after him, calling him back. Not to walk behind, unprotectected in the world. Not to be invisible, unseen and unheard.

So their movement together will be different now. The way we move into the world and take our place on the stage of life in love with itself will have a different energy. We’re invited to step out beyond fear-based actions and need-based creative intentions. 

Our inner shakti will be shaking off all the holding she has had to do, all the grief and tension, the fear and the frustration of having to compensate for his absence. So our feminine sides will be released from having to behave like our masculine aspects and vice versa. Which frees up a potential for more efficient, unified creativity, where our abstract and our tangible qualities liberate themselves and find a new fastness, aliveness, passion and possibilty in the dance of life itself. 

What does that mean for us? We’re about to feel the limitlessness of our own creative potential and be energised to go into action with that. And it’s ok – we’re not expected to know the next move. It’s a new dance, starting now.  We’re just invited to be excited at the mystery, to dance with the infinite possiblity, to open the eye of limitless potential and let ourselves be guided by the excitement that comes from within when we stand on that precipice of not knowing what comes next. We’re dancing out of the eye of the storm. 

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Channeled Message from the Pleiadians – March 2021

We’re coming up for another revolution around the sun and the part of the year that lifts us into an elevation from our last year’s trajectory. You’re on the next rung of the spiral and this spiral is traveling out of the eye of the storm. Here you have this wonderful opportunity for calling facets of how you’re managing your world into integrity. Into alignment with what you know is right, what you feel inside is in right resonance with you. You had an almighty interruption to the way things were, with a global situation that effectively asked you to pause. And in that pause you passed through the eyes of the storm. The gateway home, to Source, to Oneness Consciousness opens now in the dimensions of your physical existence. You can call all parts of this home by aligning with what’s right for you and who you truly are; the you that knows itself as one and connected within all living things, all of consciousness; the you that can physically feel this state of being more connected in new ways – ways that are opening up to you now. 

This is because you have stopped. You have breathed. You have been levered out of your habitual patterns so that in that pause you could access the still point at the centre of the storm. For in that still point is the gateway – the gateway to source. Your physical world was brought into contact with the gateway to source and it cannot not be affected by that.

A process has been initiated that will continue to prompt many of you to call your actions into alignment with what you know and more physically can feel is right for you.

We urge you to start with yourselves and let the world catch up in its own time.

If you do this, the world can much more easily catch up. To turn and face the world and try to change it slows down the process. Owning how you feel about the fact it hasn’t been behaving the way you would like it to not only changes your world but the whole world, more efficiently than you could imagine.

Your actions define the shape and state of your world and so, in this pause before the winds in the air and the vibrations in the earth bring a new Spring to life in you and in the planet, invite the part of you that is going to grow and expand in this energy, invite it home to align with the you who dwells here in softness, knows the feel of peace and vibrates with the felt connectivity to the earth – the life that is awakening to movement, energised expansion and growth – and pause to invite the infinite possibility that lives in the imagination beyond what you know. So you, too, can be lifted into the next evolutionary spiral of your story of coming home to the more of who you are and living more fully as that human being, within a connected planet and a connected cosmos. 

This felt sense of connectivity can be invited into the smallest movement. Invited into any part of your day or night. The feeling of when to rise, when to sleep, when to eat. So often it is the mind that tells the body when to ‘go’ but here you are with an opportunity to listen. From the heart, from the body and to feel the rhythms alive everywhere in you, guiding you, letting you know how to act, how to be, where to be. These rhythms can be felt in simple ways, as subtle yearnings, impulsing the body to report to the mind what it feels would be right, just now.

There are impulses born of emptiness, bringing information about needs, lacks and empty desires that push the patterns of addiction to the surface. But there are yearnings born of a felt connectivity and inherent wholeness, harmonious impulses telling the body what it wants.

And during 2020 your body-awareness was being aligned for connectivity. So that whether you knew it or not, the subtle rhythms and patterns of the planet in alignment with itself were being registered and felt in the consciousness of your bodies, leading to the opportunity to connect more and more to a felt sense of what is right for this body within this planet within this universe within all of everything.

It’s there in you. We suggest opening more to your feeling sense of what you want to be, do and have at this time, for it is speaking to you over and above the clamouring cover of addiction and gratification, that many of you may find yourself facing without understanding why, when you have come so far within yourselves that this would be so. If you’re facing this at this time, it is because you’re ready to move to the next level of physical alignment. 

Naturally there is resistance to letting go of the habits and patterns that have stood in for natural connectivity and limitless love being physically felt. These habits and patterns are rising up to be seen, met, welcomed, loved and understood, so that transformation can naturally happen the way it best can.

This means for some of you, an intensifying around these addictive habits and behaviours. The salve, as always, is to call on the support of what’s coming in now to replace them. This support is available and flowing in from within you. 


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