Pre-Equinox Alignment Transmission – what’s activating & how to be with it

Expansion and divine awakening in body-earth-matter consciousness

Energy transmission – pre-equinox preparation – What’s activating & how to be with the energies – It’s an earthy energy activation this equinox

Shifts in the changing nature of reality and the changing nature of evolving consciousness are supporting the reactivation and reconfiguration of encodements in our DNA that put us back in touch with the vibratory knowingness embodied by our first nations elders – of the interconnectivity of matter and all made things in the physical universe. Of oneness in life on earth and the breathability of all that is solid, because all is consciousness. All is energy. All is alive and nothing is static.

Join the Online Group Meditation – Full Moon Lunar Gateway Friday18th March – Full moon meditation journey – pre-equinox alignment 

There’s a washing away of histories, of where humanity has been the cause of its own ending in civilizations gone by. There is a deep, embodied remembering that puts us back into our place in the picture of the changing nature of reality itself.

We are not the cause of the homecoming. However we are invited into the dance. Of the spiritual earth realms and their homecoming – healing and repairing the age-old wounds of separation. 

There is a death and rebirth in the fragmented realities and so a returning. You could call it a soul retrieval for the planet. 

I get the return of the first nations elders and that vibrational state of connectivity that’s not a thought thing, it’s a vibratory state of being. The history that we carry from the first nations elders in our DNA is being reconfigured because we are here facing our homecoming. Not there, facing our outgoing movement away from integration, wholeness and oneness.

Our outlook has aligned to re-experience the interconnectivity embodied by our first nations elders at that point in our evolution, but with the gifts that come from moving more deeply into that knowing that that’s the direction we’re collectively moving. 

It’s not for us to heal the wounds of the past.

But to join in celebrating our reconnectivity.

What I’m being shown is a very deep vibratory resonance of peace

– in the realm of things – the ‘thingness’ dimensions, where consciousness is touchable. Where consciousness is anything that we have made and we can touch. And Gaia has made and we can touch. 

Encodements in our DNA are being reconfigured for compatibility, or let’s say breathability:

Consciousness breathing with itself; breathing between the made things in the physical dimensions of creations, things made by humans – 

and breathing between the made things in the physical dimensions, things made by Gaia. 

These encodements are seeding the potentiality and the trajectory that consciousness is going to follow from here on in the physical dimensions,

And I get there’s no work to do, we’ve done the work. We are held in the process. Like we are floating in stream, like we are fish that know where to flow. We are not doing this, we are not making this happen. We are aligned. There’s really nothing to do except lose resistance.

Join the Lunar Gateway Meditations

Every new and full moon we join together and drop into a guided meditation journey, with channeled transmission and energy work, opening to inner-self exploration, awareness and the possibility of shifts in perception. For grounding, centering and aligning for harmony.

When we’re aligned within, we’re more stable, supported, nourished and energetically protected. We can hear our intuition and inner guidance more clearly, access our discernment and be anchored in our truth, making it easier to live by this in day to day life.

The lunar gateways are energetic activation gateways, supporting us to call ourselves home to wholeness, and opening us to the divine resonances of golden templates in our blueprint, as these become active.

In the evolution of consciousness, these gateways correspond to energetic activations in the evolving divine human blueprint.

Some upcoming dates for the lunar gateway online group meditations

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