I feel light calm and grounded, more clear, more focused, more me – the me I am and want to be. I have so much clarity about my role… I can really see what’s flowering from within.  – Nina Michaelsen

“Deep. Powerful. Like a hug from the universe

 – Dani, Biodanza


Aligning with the Self beyond the Stories to be rewoven from within​

The human blueprint holds the story of who we are and how we became. The encodements for every part of the hologram we project as our human experience.

Human blueprint work can help us reclaim how we’re creating our reality. To rewrite those scripts by coming into higher alignment with the truth of who we are.

Somatic, channeled Sessions for Alignment in the truth of who we are – beyond the stories. For embodying Sovereignty and transforming our reality. So we can keep owning our Cocreative Mastery.

To align with who you truly are and live your purpose in everyday ways. With access to inner guidance, direction, clarity and a sense of purpose. 

In somatic guided and channeled journey work, we transform core emotions, beliefs and attachments to past ways of being, perceiving and responding to our world. Liberating ourselves from the pain of the past and from recreating the stories from our past in our future..

This work can be a pathway to embodied Sovereignty. With advanced energetic work and self awareness support.

Energy & Awareness Coaching for advanced facilitators. 

Ongoing, Personalized Self-Mastery Support for Empaths and  Energy Sensitives.  And for those opening to energy awareness for the first time.  

This coaching is led by your needs in the moment. Covering everything from the ABCs of energy awareness, to multidimensional , alchemical energy support. 

  • Recoding the Akash of your Human Blueprint
  • Navigating Multidimensionality & Divine Awareness, humanly
  • Inner Archetypes 
  • Inner Tantric Alchemy
  • Soul story work
  • Defragmentation
  • Conscious Relating
  • Channeling& open channeling, 
  • Guides & guidance – activating, deepening, refining and supporting your embodied, practical, every day connection
  • Safely staying connected and expanded in every day situations
  • Stay naturally clear of toxic energy emissions
  • Effortless Energy Transmutation
  • Staying grounded, embodied, centered and aligned 
  • Advanced Support  using your energy awareness gifts and abilities, for yourself,  with clients & supporting others

Highly personalized, responsive Coaching Sessions alternate with Akashic Blueprint Readings, to help you clear core patterns and receive for yourself.

As well as personalized support to grow your multidimensional energy work and self awareness, you will have self healing and transformation journeys to help you move the energy that lets you release core wounds. 

In these sessions we work with your guides, through your Higher Self and channel the specific, unique codes, templates and energetic support that lets you heal, transform, shift and grow the way you need to. 

Most energy-aware facilitators know that we can’t always do everything alone, no matter how advanced we are. And that the more we allow in that support, the more we can show up for our clients and those we’re here for. 


Morning Meditations with Anchoring Practices – Once a week. For staying aligned in every day ways.

Deep Dive Akashic Alignments – guided deep inner journeys every New and Full Moon, with one to one support.

Inner Oracle QnA – Channeled Messages, Energy Activations, Alignments & Attunements with guides of unconditionally loving integrity – with One to One time – Every Month

Downloads Library – Replays, Meditations, Morning Practices, Energy Practices – so you can join live or tune in and connect in your time and space

Member’s Rate on Sessions & Courses


ENERGY WORK FOR YOUR HOUSE, HOME AND LAND – akashic blueprint readings and alignments to bring your sacred space into its highest possible alignment – so you’re supported in your creative projects and daily living. 

Align your Home and Land with its Sacred Blueprint

  • Energy clearing & Realigning
  • New energy configurations
  • Dowsing for sacred energetics & geometries, including temple sites
  • Dowsing the Channeled blueprints (e.g. for buildings, extensions, structures, temples, altars and sacred spaces)
  • Full Akashic blueprint reading & realignment, with channeled guidance for new and existing home and land projects. 
  • Especially helpful for house moves and times of transition.

All of everything is consciousness and  we are always in a cocreative relationship. That can be supportive or get in our way, depending on how we choose to be with it. 

15 years experience working with the akashic blueprints for buildings and land. Bringing homes and buildings into energetic alignment, dowsing the blueprints for new projects and developments.



– Reading the akashic blueprints, & channeling the work that brings your home, land and project space into its highest alignment.

  • Help aligning the energies of your existing project space
  • working with the guardians, devas, ancestors of the land, ancients, elementals, star guides, and benevolent consciousnesses in the home, land and surrounding communities
  • reading, activating and aligning the sacred resonances and light geometries
  • Dowsing for sacred energetics (sacred sites and how to honour them in your garden and home)
  • Full report / recording as appropriate
  • Ongoing support for large projects
  • Best commissioned at transition points – beginning of a project, times of change or transition, such as a house move or change in circumstance, times of new beginnings
  • With dowsed guidance on placement of furniture, space extensions, room reformations 
  • Guidance on sacred structures; structures relating to the sacred energy points in the land.
  • We uncover, activate and align your home, your land and your project with it’s sacred signature blueprint 

– Helping old imprints, old alignments and stuck energies & spirits release and move on appropriately. When old energies haven’t left a place they continue to affect us in ways we cannot see but can often feel.

As well as clearing the old, we align your home and land with it’s sacred signature blueprint – bringing your space into alignment with your creative, living, work or project purposes. 

Reading & Harmonising the multidimensional energies in the home and land.



Energy & Awareness Activation, Alignment, Coaching & Guidance

Coaching & Transformation  Support for aligning our lives with our highest purpose.

Healing emotions & limiting beliefs at their root and origin

  • What you heal in this space you heal for good, right at the root and origin

Aligning with your signature blueprint – the truth of who you are and your soul purpose here on earth

  • A grounded, embodied alignment with your highest truth enables you to transform  how you’re creating your reality.  
 Free yourself from limitations of all kinds. Re-imprint energetic, emotional, mental and physical blocks for good.
  • Access your creativity, gifts, inner guidance, inner wisdom and knowingness and  your sense of direction – every day, in a grounded, practical, embodied way.


Coaching Sessions focus on living humanly as the divine, multidimensional beings we are. Accessing our energy awareness in safe, grounded, embodied ways. Read more about Energy & Awareness Coaching below

When we work together regularly, you can mix and match coaching sessions with Deep Dive Alignments as  and when you need it, in responsive One to One work led by your needs in the moment. You don’t need to know what you need help with . Just turn up. 

About Akashic Blueprint Work

The principles at the heart and foundation of the courses, online events & one to one session work we do together:

We generate a field of harmonic resonance from within

By shifting our vibratory state

We use the simplest tools:

Intention and attention


We make it sustainable with a few simple principles


Instead of identifying the problem and working through it to the solution

You rest in the solution and the resonance of that vibratory state triggers the ending of inharmonious patterns in you. 


We still have to face our hidden places, unhealed places, constricting beliefs, behaviours, emotions and thoughts. But not to immerse in them.

Instead we touch them lightly, facing without bypassing, getting the gifts releasing the attachments, from our internal place of safety.


We make this inner place of safety a regular go-to place. So it becomes something we rely on in daily life. With practices, tools and meditations that can be used in private and when we’re out and about.

 So that generating a field of harmonic resonance from within becomes as natural to us as breathing.


And we change our reality from the inside out. We can enjoy being naturally energetically protected, aligned and in resonance with our highest truth, our creative purpose and more connected to our inner guidance. We attract more of what’s in resonance for us, we manifest more of what we want with more of ease and grace. And we take sovereign ownership of our inner healing, process work and ongoing activations, initiations and deepening Self Awareness and energy awareness.


Instead of calling in what we don’t have, and manifesting becoming a conscious construct, we align ourselves with what’s for us. Without needing to know what that is all the time. If we do know what we want, we can welcome that into our reality by dissolving what’s in the way of it, through resonance and alignment.


Human Blueprint work aligns us with our truth. So what’s not in Alignment falls away with ease and grace.



I long ago discovered I could read the akashic blueprint of people and places – the rhythms and patterns of the divine resonances in our human blueprint are encoded with packets of information, telling the story about who we really are beyond beyond our stories about ourselves. Channeling the multidimensional energy work and working with guides of unconditionally loving integrity came naturally to me.

Since the first person called me into being – a mystic, who ‘saw’ me healing her and told me to place my hands on her one day – much to my surprise at the time – I’ve been working with those who are guided to see me.  Through intensive, relentless and constant training, I continually deepened this work and learnt how to hold others in safety, how to guide them to heal themselves, and to have the realizations, breakthroughs and state shifts that enabled them to align in the truth of who they are. 

To then hold that resonance and ground it into every day life, work and play.

What I’m for is helping people align with their highest truth, access their inner guidance and live their gifts, giving channeled support through their Higher Self and guides of unconditionally loving integrity. As a seer, open channel, oracle and somatic empathic-energy worker, I’m always excited to bring in what someone’s calling for – in a way that’s safe, embodied, grounded and keeps them aligned in their highest truth.  I’ve been working with clients for more than 15 years and what I love about this work is that no two sessions are ever the same. 

There is nothing more exciting than seeing someone activate more of their gifts, uncover more of their purpose and trust themselves and their inner guidance – MORE ABOUT LUCY, ENERGY RESONANCE & THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT

If you are not sure what kind of session is for you – if you just want to meet and see if we connect – schedule your free chat with me now. 

Our consultation chat includes a mini-reading and there’s no obligation to follow up.