Infinity Resonance – Our Divine Human Blueprint

Aligning with our Divine Human Blueprint

connection – alignment – expansion

transformation in grace for embodied sovereignty

Whatever your highest intentions in energy awareness, inner work & Self realization, in session we open to guides of unconditionally loving integrity, through your Higher Self and help you realize your goals for embodied spiritual expansion. For embodied awareness in every-day life, that’s grounded, physical and spiritual..

In guided one-to-one sessions or group online sittings, we help you align, ground, center and stay embodied, while you expand your awareness into the more of who you are, to align with your highest truth. Together we take a journey into the Self beyond the stories, to support you to heal, transform and lift how you’re creating your reality.

“The Work Lucy does is powerful and deep and it always feels a great blessing to meet with her.” Leonie Dunlop

One to One Sessions

In a one to one Akashic Energy Blueprint Reading, or regular spiritual coaching sessions, you can deepen, develop and lift the alignment of your energy and awareness mastery.

As master cocreators of our own reality, we can transform ourselves through ownership & empowered awareness. read more

“Lucy shares with all her beautifully authentic truth, along with her energetic wisdom and channeling. She has opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways and now my own healing journey and my work as a healer has accelerated in ways I did not think were possible.” – LC Energy Healer


Online Meditations – Lunar Gateways

Lunar Gateway Meditations – Group Sittings – guided journeying with channeled energy work. For Alignment, activation, healing and transformation.  

Every new and full moon

In Person – Orgiva, Andalucia

Stillness & Movement – a somatic journey, for resting in our truth and being moved from within. With guided alignment meditation and channeled energy work

Last Tuesday of every month at La Fuente

LiveStream – Half Moon transmissions

(PODCAST) Half Moon Alignment & Activation – a look at the story of Now in our evolving human consciousness – Channeling, Energy Work & Meditation – To help us align with the gifts available in the moment

More About this Work

One to One Sessions and group online sittings are called BLUEPRINT-AKASH SESSIONS 

Human Blueprint work helps us align with the Self beyond the stories, allowing all our stories to be rewoven in alignment with our highest truth, changing how we’re creating and experiencing our reality. This liberates us from limiting beliefs, old wounds, unhealed emotions and blocks of all kinds. And opens us up to the limitless possibilities for recreating ourselves and our reality.

The work we do is somatic – For grounded, centered, expanded awareness. that means it’s physically grounded, it keeps us focused in our bodies, here and now, while expanding our divine multidimensional awareness.

It’s activational – Unlocking our abilities, gifts, innate wisdom and benevolent multidimensional connections, we’re supported in staying grounded, centered, protected and highly aligned in our Self Mastery.

It’s empowering – owning our sovereign response-ability we can rewrite the script of ourselves. You’ve heard it said that we’re all creating our reality all the time. Becoming aware that we are, how that works, what we can do about it and then applying that in daily life is an art of embodying sovereignty.

And it’s aligning – helping us align with our highest truth and potential.

Every sessions is guided in the moment, through your Higher Self and is absolutely unique to your needs.

The akash of the human blueprint contains the records of how we’ve come to be who we are – of our evolution from Origin. These encodements in our blueprint affect every facet of our human experience, just as information encoded in our DNA instructs proteins on how to form. You could call the human blueprint the DNA of consciousness.

There is a blueprint for everything.

Exploring your divine multidimensionality…

Aligning with the Self beyond our stories and reading the akash of our templates can liberate our gifts, activate our abilities, align us with our life purpose and enable us to heal, transform and recreate our selves, our lives, our stories, in a unique way.

“Lucy discovered her innate ability to read the akash of the human blueprint and has developed this with masters ever since, facilitating and empowering others to read, access and rewrite our own akash. To open to the more of who we are and embody our awareness, aligning our lives with our highest truth and creative purpose – our soul purpose.”

What Lucy says:

I’ve been doing this work for 15 years and it incorporates everything – awareness, energetics, multidimensionality, divinity. Everything is included in the story of our becoming. We might work with and move through past lives, your familial and spiritual lineage, inner tantric alchemy, archetypes: masculine, feminine, mother, father, child and more. We work with the sacred centres and divine pathways of our human blueprint, which correspond with chakras and complex energy systems. 

We work with sacred geometries, divine resonances and integrated, channeled energetics. We engage with Self Enquiry and Awareness work, integrating energy work with Self Awareness.

We don’t limit ourselves to a system, but instead always open through your higher self, your I Am presence to the most appropriate guides of unconditionally loving integrity, to bring through the support that answers your highest calling.

The same words come up all the time after group meditations or one to one sessions – “deep” “powerful” “safe”

“A most amazing session, thank you. I received a shift that will take me to a new level of knowingness within my being. Thank you so much, Lucy for supporting me so skillfully and lovingly. If anyone gets to that point of knowing they need a helping hand on an energetic realignment level, I strongly recommend you give Lucy a call. Thank you, thank you, thank you, adjustments still continuing.” – ML – Channel & Energy Healer


What People Say

Lucy feels really Authentic. She’s in touch with something I wouldn’t want to label. But when she channels I feel that there’s absolute truth coming through and it has been very useful to me when questions have come up. When I’ve had difficult times, when I’ve been looking for an answer to something, she’s come through with some really beautiful meaning for me. It’s helped me in times of trouble. And other times as well.

Jane Roberts – Yoga Instructor

Lucy is an incredible light being who radiates truth and unconditional love. She seems to have unlimited patience and compassion and sees the divinity in everyone. In a session with her she’s able to hold you in her soft presence and make even the most uncomfortable moments comfortable. The work she does is powerful and deep and it always feels a great blessing to meet with her. Highly recommended for anyone who feels they could do with some support with any transition or challenge.

Leonie Dunlop – Yoga Instructor

Offerings – Channelings, Meditations, Energy Updates, Live Transmissions

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“I always find it amazing when I am experiencing something and then I read one of Lucy’s posts that explains so beautifully in words the experience I’ve been going through!! … thank you for the incredible channeling work you do and the support you gift us in understanding current energies as well as our return to wholeness / our highest self / vibration.” – JS – Life Coach

“Thank U ️️️ I tuned into the live , as I was waking up and received a huge download, clearing of energy, was in trance as your video ended. When the angels finished the download, your video came back up and finished with ur last words on repeat « it’s done. Thank you! » i closed my phone and took the integration for an other 2 an a half hour wouaaah!️ Thank you for this transmission, it was sooo effective. You are very talented & I feel so bless to know you” – HW – Youtube

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