Frequencies and How We Affect Them Part 2

Interview with Armelle Boussidan and Lucy Hunter

See Frequencies and How We Affect Them Part 1

Armelle Boussidan: From what you’re saying there’s a memory in the frequency. What you were saying at the beginning is the idea that we emit a frequency and it will somehow be connected to how it was originally emitted. And now you’re talking about this memory contained there. The memory of harmony and how we can tap into those frequencies. Holding the memory of how we can go back to harmony. How do we do that?

Lucy Hunter: When we stop moving – when we introduce stillness – we interrupt all the rhythms and patterns that are currently running. In stillness there is a still point. This is a focus for attention. Wherever the attention is focussed, that’s where consciousness is experiencing itself. It’s perceiving, it’s responding, it’s having an experience. That’s why so much of meditation focuses on where you place attention.  

If you perceive something in motion; a rhythm that’s returning on itself, for example, motion describes a shape. Anything that has a shape can be said to have a centre. For example rhythm makes a movement, movement makes a shape and the shape has a centre.

When our awareness is in the movement, we can miss that still point, that centre of the shape that movement is making. We can be so focussed on the movement.

This focus on the movement can allow us to distort that shape from a regular, returning rhythm. We can push, we can expand, we can distort, we can really explore movement. And in that exploration we can distort its shape, because we’ve dislocated ourselves from the centre, which would anchor us. The centre is the point of equilbrium. It’s a central point to which everything can relate. It centralises, equalises and gives a reference to which we can return. So a trajectory of motion changes its patterns when its in relation to the central point. 

It’s like balance point on a set of scales. If you want the scales to balance, you place pressure on the centre. 

Let’s look at rhythms and patterns in a body of consciousness. A human being is a body of consciousness. 

And let’s take the most readily accessible rhythm we can review; the rhythm of the breath, for example. What happens to the rhythm of the breath when you place your attention on your ‘centre.’ Placing attention on a centre point within ourselves can be likened to placing pressure on the balance point of the scales. The rhythm regulates. 

The relationship between the tangible and the abstract. 

When we breathe, something biological is happening. The breath reaches the lungs, the lungs expand. There’s a biological rhythm. But if you want to bridge the gap between the tangible and the abstract, you introduce the somatic; feeling from the inside. And you can experience the sensation of breath in the body. By placing your attention on that movement in the body. That movement describes a pattern that doesn’t have the shape of the lungs and all its capillaries. It’s a movement describing a shape we can feel. And at this point we’ve entered the realm of the abstract. But that movement describes a shape – it doesn’t matter at this point what that shape is. And if there is a shape, there is a centre. If there is a centre, there is a still point. And in that still point, like the centre of a carousel, there is a balance point, or a point of equlibrium. And in this way we’ve gone from the tangible all the way into the abstract there and this is a really necessary part of allowing our rhythms and patterns to realign themselves for harmony. Our rhythms and patterns generate frequencies. And they generate frequencies right the way through all of who we are; through our fields of interconnected consciousness and into our environment, with which we are in constant interaction. 

A lot of meditation is about mapping pathways between the tangible and the abstract, so we can find our way into the abstract, which tends to reset what’s happening in the tangible. It’s an important relationship neglected in our world structures and how we’re encouraged to live, work and earn. There is recognition in structured, worldly arenas, that there are benefits to inviting that stillness in. To making space for meditation in schools, in offices. And that there is a relationship between those places that do that and the health, well-being and productivity of the people in those structures. As well, I would suspect, in the harmony and equilibrium of how the structures themselves operate. Though I cannot vouch for that. 

So in the centre of the carousel within ourselves, there is a still point. And when we bring our attention to it, placing the thumb on the scales, as it were, we can perceive how our basic biological rhythms come into balance. This will affect our frequencies and how we, as transmitters of frequencies within the landscape of consciousness, will be affecting and affected by our environment. 

Facilitating this reset in how we’re emitting frequencies into our environment involves two factors. One is interrupting the current trajectory of motion we’re in. The other is actively redirecting our focus to let go of that trajectory and drop into silence and stillness, where we can also find spaciousness. These are metaphysical principles again at the heart of most meditation. 

Just stopping what we’re doing doesn’t mean we’ll automatically be in that stillness. 

We have to let go of the trajectory of motion; that curve. And we do this in our awareness by letting go of where we’re going and where we’ve just been. We turn from facing the direction of travel, to facing inwards. Towards that still point. We do this with intention, shifting the focus of our attention. 

When we do this and do this daily or with any kind of cummulative regularity, we might notice the practice affects other rhythms in our experience of ourselves as a body of consciousness. The rhythm of waking and sleeping, of eating, of movement and stillness. And there are other rhythms to notice; speaking and listening. These are all rhythms and patterns and when we look, it’s hard to find somewhere there aren’t rhythms and patterns, even if those rhythms don’t appear regular. In fact, we can understand a great deal of our world in the language of rhythm and pattern. Understanding that frequencies are resonance generated by rhythms and patterns doesn’t take a great leap. The leap is in recognising that nothing exists outside interconnected fields of consciousness which is made up of rhythms and patterns in constant interaction with each other. 

Wherever that’s studied, it excites me to know that we are finding scientific ways to begin to recognise that. There’s no need for this to belong solely in the realm of the metaphysical. It’s only been so because metaphysics seeks to dialogue with everything it perceives in terms of interconnectedness. Whereas scientific exploration has previously been considered to entertain only that which can be explored through isolation, in order that it be measurable, quantifiable and so reliable. However, every language we use for understanding our universe is alive, is responsive and in a constant state of change. 

So we can perceive rhythms wherever we look, if we choose to. And identify frequencies in the same way. Metaphysically, perceiving the human being as a body of consciousness within a body of consciousness, it’s not hard to see that our rhythms are dissonant (not regular), when we’re decentralised and a large percentage of our world structures support living in a way that’s decentering us. Putting action above being. And demanding we rush. 

So that makes us, as transmitters within the planetary consciuosness, disruptors, generating dissonance. So I would say we ourselves are emitting dissonant vibrational frequencies within the landscape of interconnected fields of consciousness of our planet. Considering matter as included within the fields of interconnected consciousness, we can see how the dissonance in us would generate dissonant patterns in the environment. 

The basic way of saying this would be that we’re out of harmony and so our actions are causing harm to our environment. We’re just looking that in the language of frequency. 

We’re not recognising the rhythms and patterns in the environment we exist within and depend upon, we’re holding ourselves separate and acting as though we’re not in state of connectivity within the earth’s perceivable rhythms, never mind her invisible ones. And that’s causing dissonance between her and us. 

The phenomena of 2020, where human movement was globally interrupted was the most physically recognisable part of the process of what you could call the reset in consciousness. 

It was step one of what we’ve mentioned earlier, about bringing our frequencies into equilibrium. Step 2 is turning to face our centre and bringing our attention to it. The body and the home it dwells within is, energetically representative of the centre – the still point at the centre of the shape of our normal, daily moving about in our lives. When our moving about was interrupted, our bodies were called home to their centre. The center of the carousel. And there you have a very physicalised dimension in which a reset in planetary rhythms could take place. 

We were a body of consciousness affecting the rhythms of the planet. With our frequencies ‘stilled’ the planet was able to breathe and restore something of equilibriums in her visible patterns. I believe a lot was documented during that time, that could be viewed in the light of the planet healing herself. A significant percentage of the ozone was repaired. Air pollution cleared – that’s a personal perception – I saw a clearer, deeper, truer blue than I’d seen in years, with the planes out of the sky. The waters around the beaches cleared, animals were seen where they wouldn’t normally be. And while there are plenty of other reasons for these things happening, one of the largest could be said to be that we’d got out the way. And I would suggest the resonance shift in both our physical actions and therefore the frequencies we were emitting in the planet were a huge factor in enabling her healing and self repair.

© 2021, Lucy Hunter

Header Photo: Lucy Hunter

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