Expanded New Templates for ‘Home’ in our Blueprints

I have been so busy rearranging my home the last month now and it’s still going – I can really see how I’m laying the foundation for the creativity that’s such a big part of my life. I suddenly realised that I have enough space in my home to give every part of the work I do its own specific area. I didn’t realise it til now. I’d lived with how things had been set up in my home space – pretty conventionally – and I didn’t even think about doing it differently. Something unexpected came my way – a work-desk I didn’t know I wanted – and suddenly I realised I had to let go of the old Home Blueprint – surrender the lot, every piece of furniture, every possession, back to Source (in a meditation) – and read the blueprint of my home as it is now. I always say the energy in the home is directly connected to the energy of the body – It’s like the body at one degree of removal. And as the shifts in consciousness have had me working so much with being the body and being also the infinity of the I that I Am – suddenly the old home blueprint is being upgraded here in alignment with that expansion.

It felt great to imagine the flat empty, to align with my creative truth and ask – ok, what would be the furniture that creates the space for this activity – and where does it go and how does it look. I dowsed for everything and I’m happy with what I got.

I recently did this for a client and I cannot tell you how much fun it was to walk through the transformation process. But now that project is finished, I’m free to do it in my own home – which I’d been neglecting. Just like my physical body.

Luckily I’m not throwing everything out in my own home, and even though I’ve got my new home blueprint, I’m going to take a little time to bring it all together. But thank you, Nina – for kick-starting the process. I’m loving the new, expanded energy-biology in my home and it’s really helping me just get on with what I’m here for.

Now to deal with all those other little distractions…


What I get when I tune into the collective shifts just now –


There’s an emphasis for many of us as we’ve been cresting the summer curve of the year, of claiming our domain – our physical space, doing over our homes, moving, expanding, rearranging and all of this is a beautiful way of allowing our core signature frequencies to generate the energetic environment that’s going to hold us in our creativity in the months moving towards the winter solstice.


Generating the divine frequencies from the truth of who we are, by centering, pausing & aligning in beingness, opens the lock on the compass that directs us into aligned action. This has been the focus of the last two years in the collective field of consciousness. – slowing us down so we’re more connected and higher aligned when we go back into action. Well, the Solstice is the apex of the year’s preparations supporting us to really move forward in oneness by cocreating more and more together. There have been forerunners for this and they are holding the field for the rest of us.


It can be a very earthy, grounded, foundation laying process, expanding our home, office, workshop and studio environments. And it can be critical for supporting us in the months to come, when we’ll need to be fully anchored in who we are, in order to safe stable working more and more with others, in ways that might be new to some of us.


Focussing on creating the physical space that holds us and resources us in all areas of our own ventures is like weaving our webs – It stops us being blown about in other people’s energies, giving us a solid anchor in safe, supported, well resourced space.

*HOLDING OUR CENTRE – working with others

The more the oneness vibration shows up in how we’re cocreating together, the more important it becomes to know our truth, have that truth define our boundaries and to have our boundaries fortified. This supports us honouring them lovingly with each other, reducing cause for conflict. Or for being pulled out of centre, stepped over, stepping into roles that aren’t best suited for us and in all of those danger areas, losing that divine connection to our creative truth, which is what we’re here to bring to any coollective coreation.

*FORTIFIED, LOVING BOUNDARIES – protection in our homes

Energetically, generating our own energy in our home helps us establish safe boundaries in our home’s energy environment. And this is essential for keeping us stable as the collective shifts continue to move us towards collective cocreativity, rather than working as isolated units.


Expanding the domain we’re giving our creativity and work facilitates expansion in that creativity and in that work. And thats what we can expect more of in the coming months of 2022.


More than that – Giving domain to our creativity opens the doors for it be reSourced. It says to all and everything that we are honouring this part of our lives and giving it physical time and space. This is part of what opens us to the abundance that can lead to propserity through the very activities we’re making physical space for now in our homes and workspaces.

Bringing in the full transformation will be a process, but the blueprint is coming online now in the collective field, so all that means is, if you feel any domestic or workspace related inspirations right now, you’ll be pretty well supported to go with them. And they could lead to unexpected abundance and the new opportunities that come with expansion when that is energised, protected and stabilised.

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