Blueprint-Akash Energy Update & Meditation – New Archetypal Energies pushing wounded shiva stories to the surface for healing

Transmission and Meditation – Podcast Episodes – transcript below

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Aligning ourselves with the emerging new and allowing the old to vibrate out of our systems – new archetypal energies bringing old wounds to the surface as our divine Shiva light rewrites our relationship with organisations, systems and structures in the world. The old paradigm is dissolving from our own fields, yielding greater clarity for us and enabling us to set how things should be. Add the pain of the past vibrates its way out of our fields, we’re left clearer, energised and more enabled to make the changes we know we need to make with what’s in front of us in our lives right now.

Energy Transmission – Aligning with the New Energies

April New Moon – Aligning with the New Energies and letting go of the old

This is a transmission and it’s recommended that to receive the frequencies encoded within it, we shift our attention out of the mind and into the sensation of breath in the body and the sensation of the body as a whole.

Blueprint-Akash Meditation – aligning with the new

You may want to press pause in this meditation and stay with any part of it that feels alive for you. Or you may prefer to just listen to it as a transmission, in which case it can be a good idea to keep the attention focussed inwardly on how you’re physically feeling while you hear it. That way you notice what’s moving in you and how you feel about what you’re hearing.

Blueprint-Akash Alignment Meditation – New Moon April 2021

As always, I recommend taking the elements that serve you and making them your own. Anything that resonates, incorporate into your own processes and practices in the way that feels right for you.

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Transcript

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update for the 14th April 2021

It’s recommended to receive the transmission by coming out of the mind, making the intention, if it feels right to you, to shift the attention to the heart and centre, to the sensation of breath in the body and to the sensation (unnamed) in the body as a whole. 

This empowers the inner listener. That means we’re not trying to understand the words with our head, but we’re receiving the energy and the energy and the encodements contained within them.

The healed archetype

emerging in the fields of matter as vibration in the body, pushing the wounded archetype, the trauma memories, to the surface in us. We can be physically feeling nameless fears or anxieties, tightness, wounded expectations or other constrictions can be rising to the surface now and connected very much to the patriarchy as patriarchal systems in our own consciousness dissolve in us and give way to a new, emerging, unity consciousness vibrating in the fields of matter consciousness. Vibrating in our bodies, healing old wounds in our animal bodies. 

There is a new shiva light emerging in us, supporting us to redefine systems and structures and our relationship to organisations, systems and structures in a worldly way. 

If we can let these old fears vibrate their way out of the system, we align ourselves with the emerging new. 

The reset in consciousness continues to migrate its way through the fields of matter in us. The emerging shiva light; our divine archetype bringing new qualities, light qualities, action qualities; the archetype that builds structure, defines form, gives us shape in the world and sees clearly how we are to be, is pushing to the surface the remnants; the flotsam and jetsom of our old shiva archetype in the ream of matter. The wounded shiva. The broken shiva. The shiva that’s hurt us; the light that’s been violent to love. To the love that we are.

Bringing these parts to the surface. 

And we may find ourselves vibrating with ancient fears, angers, unfinished wounds and wounded expectations in the body. It can help to remember any anxiety, any tremors, any terrors, any fears are not indicative of a situation creating itself for us now. But rather old memories being pushed to the surface, so that trauma can vibrate its way out of our animal bodies. Survival trauma, safety trauma, as the return of the king continues in us, in our sacred blueprints. 

We can help ourselves by making the intention to navigate to that place of wholeness we are. The body has this memory within it also. Not just the memory of trauma. We can ask ourselves to recall that. To bring it to our awareness. To physically feel and be reminded of how it physically feels to rest in that resonance of harmony and wholeness that holds us in the fields of matter, vibrating as the love that we are. 

We are in a mass collective healing now. There is a quickening at this point. Occasioned by this recent new moon. But just remembering that we’re feeling what we’re feeling because of what’s leaving. And what’s leaving is leaving because of what’s emerging and we can trust that we are being aligned with the new. 

Header Art – Daniel Holeman; Awakened Visions

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