11-11 Energy Update – A field of Peace – Cosmic Rebirth – Lemurian Awakening –

An alchemy of Endings (see the 11-11 vortex channeling here)

Right now we’re in the autumn, heading to winter, and it is a time of death, rebirth and endings. In the cosmic and manifest dimensions of our planet and our Self. We are being prepared for a new cycle of creations next Spring.

Happy 11-11. After the equinox, the eclipses and now this, it’s been a non-stop ride of intensity, energetically, with so many of us called to do our inner work without straying from the path just now. And it’s true. We are part of a collective tribe of consciousness helping to heal ourselves and our world from conflict. Not just because war is happening now. But because a reality is trying to end and it’s up to us to help it happen. How it happens, what manifests, depends on us. So you won’t hear me making predictions on what’s going to happen for us.

Here’s a little something about the alchemy of endings. And why at times of dimensional rebirth – like now – when 3d duality is dissolving into 5d unity consciousness in the planes of manifestaion – why we give ourselves strong triggers and global events to process collectively.

When we hold a resonance of celebration BECAUSE a story is ending and renewing, we allow for the full detachment of that story from our personal human blueprint. We clear our akash for new stories. The old story and all our attachments to it are released to Source and the energy caught up in them is renewed and returned clear and in higher alignment. Ready for our new stories to begin. Ready to energize our new creations.

In order to get to that divine resonance of celebration and genuinely vibrate with that frequency at ending times, we first need to face, accept, process and heal the more challenging feelings we have about the story that’s coming to an end.

So back in 2020, when I was in connection with GevaAnn, my long time friend, co-mentor and an incarnation of the first delphic oracle, these words cames through:

“World War 3 will be a war of emerging Sovereignty and a war to end the need for war.”

AS you can imagine, with a prophecy as portentious as that, at a time when people were already afraid, confused and in deep process with world events, I sat on those words and did not share them widely. However, now we’re seeing those energies moving in the world, I feel like I can speak on this a little and share why we might have been told that.

We are ending the need for conflict within ourselves and coming into a state of unity. That’s not just nice words. It’s a paradigm shift happening from the inside out, realchemizing how we’re wired to think, feel, relate, and create.

In order to embody that shift, we can be called, sometimes, to face our attachments to old ways of thinking, feeling, relating and creating. When we’re ending a reality within our planet – as now – we give ourselves a global focus, so we can process together as humanity healing and clearing its collective blueprint from moving itself forward in its own story through conflict and duality.

Cosmic Death and Rebirth

There is a high realignment in our inner archetypes in the cosmic dimension of Self – retelling the story within ourselves of what it meant to be birthed within the universe. To be the cosmic mother birthing the child and creations as planets and stellar bodies. As the cosmic child receiving the infinite, unconditional, seamless love, nourishment and nurture of the mother. And the cosmic goddess in the loving embrace of the divine masculine, open to a union beyond separation consciousness where loving and supportive union gives rise to moving, acting and manifesting the divine breath of creation inspiration as it moves through us and all in harmony.

So stories are ending and renewing in our mother father child dramas and traumas. We are being asked in some cases to face and feel old feelings about them with raw honesty, so they can move and transform in these ending times. So we let go of the old duality reality in the core creation archetypes within us: masculine-feminine, mother, father, child. Depolarising ourselves to vibrate with the new resonances.

This second coming of Lemuria is just one facet of the progressive return of unity creation consciousness. And an important landmark happens this 11-11 gateway, anchoring new dreamer and dream-weaver consciousness into the realms of matter and manifestation, supporting us to imagine new realities and bringing us into the new resonances of playful creation. So we can move forward together in the new alchemies, creating the landscapes for reality and reimagining the architecture of our earth. Come Spring we’ll find ourselves driven to take action aligned with our collective and personal dream-weavings.

The dream I was called to hold last night:

I was shown we could flatten the landscape we live in with bombs and destructions, clearing a canvas for the new by destroying the old. But, like most of us, I saw how very unnecessary this was. That the old does not need to be cleared away to make way for the new. The new is already here and growing, like healthy plants reclaiming an overgrown garden – making it clear where the weeds need turning, without raising the whole plot to the ground.

I was given a vision of new earth architecture rising up literally and figuratively between the structures that are already here. Forcing new structures to be rebuilt in alignment with the higher resonances replacing them – simply because these frequencies were preferred, were what was wanted. And so the new earth was being funded, resourced and grown simply because businesses, buildings, innovations and tech that operated within these parameters was what people were calling for.

The frequency of the buildings, the businesses, the ventures I was being shown in this landscape reminded the part of me that remembers of Lemuria. It spoke of the return of a way of creating within the earth that comes from an embodied knowingness of oneness. A listening, responsive, aligned way of bringing new creations into being.

A field of Peace – generating harmonic resonance for ourselves and our planet

I was also invited to hold a field. Right now and for many weeks, there has been a global field of peace we are cocreating together on the inner planes. Each of us bringing our magic and our light, bringing the innate love within us in a weaving that is global and growing all the time.

In our group meditations we’ve been being called into this field, of late. To be a part of the ongoing weaving. Last night I was called to weave my own field of harmonic resonance and to rest in that. To then see it within the earth, woven within her geometries. Always, I check to make sure I am invited, this is welcome and offer only what is. But I get that it was.

Cosmic visitors and Vortices in the Andalucian hills here for 11-11

And now I want to share what happened yesterday – here in the Andalucian Alpujarras. Have a look at the photos and channeled message from the light beings gathered in our hills here yesterday. I’m so excited to share this with you! READ AND HEAR THE CHANNELING HERE

more photos in the full article

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