11-11 Channeling – From the Energy Vortices in Andalucia

Listen to the channeled message from the guides gathered in the energy of these vortices here -

(apologies for the noise at the beginning – we were out and about and not intending to record!)

read the full transcript below

channeling transcript

We are gathered to bring peace. We each hold a resonance (in your language) – a divine resonance coexists within these hills and their formation in this coelescence between our presence and the energy vortices in the land, of these hills. With our special alchemy – our alchemical gift in cocreation of vehicles for infusing your world with the peace it so richly deserves and is forming in multiple fields within its spheres. These fields coalesce and envelope your planet and humanity and all its suffering at this time, in a song of peace that can transform the sorrow being emitted like clouds from those shall we say in the thick of it right now. Your beloved tribe. Your connected siblings in suffering, agreeing to walk this soul-path of allowing the world to heal and clear itself of trauma long buried within its fields. Long buried within its spheres. A certain amount of reliving has been required, simply because of the phase of evolution humanity has and is at at this time, requires that the work also happens through the physical and through physical bodies. And the physical fields. 

Not everything can be directly transmuted back to Source. Not with where you’re currently at in your state of collective evolution and yet that is where you are moving to. That is also happening, also part of what is going on for you. There are those of you holding those Source gateways open within the fields to allow the suffering, the sorrow of suffering to be transmuted directly through those gateways, home to Source. 

And yet there are bodies in the field moving these pain energies through them, ending the story of war and duality and suffering by walking, to some extent, through it, with it, as it. Allowing it to clear from their fields, the earth’s fields. 

You are telling yourselves old stories in your news, in your media, in your culture. And this is also part of the clearing. For there are new stories which wish to be embedded more firmly in your cultural climate. And yet a space must be made in the consciousness of the collective in order that they may be received and the new frequencies they hold for the stories you tell each other and yourselves are what you will make true. Real for yourselves to experience. You’ll tell the stories then walk through the pictograms. The pictures that you are dreaming and weaving and creating. 

New technologies exist within your earth at this time so you can weave ever more lighter, high vibrational stories for yourselves through pictures. The picture book of your future reality is something  you are weaving together and new technologies have been brought to you so that many many many of the sleeping lemurian dreamers who awaken at this time and the sleepers who dream can weave the new architectures from a consciousness that transcends war and lives in peace and holds a vibration beyond the stories of the past, of duality, of pain and suffering. 

So the storytelling itself lifts to a cultural norm or becoming a weaving of future creations rather than a processing of past pain. So often your cultural norms are defined by the processing of collective pain from the past. 

All of this and more we are working with as we gather in these hills. The vortices are singing. Are sounding out. Inviting cocreation, so we’ve invited you to the hills, to see us, to witness this and be a part of it. 

Channeled 10th November 2023 through Lucy Hunter


©Lucy Hunter November 2023

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