“You have succeeded” – 11-11 lightwork


Just a short update on the weekend’s work – for our local tribe and for the world.

Last night in a ceremony for peace, I saw us all in the dance, weaving our frequencies into the global field

The day before 11-11 the light beings gathered in the sacred hills and active energy vortices of the alpujarras – they cocreated a ‘vehicle for infusing the world with peace’. It meant that on the day of 11-11, while so many of us here were making ceremonies for peace in our own way – the frequencies we were weaving became part of the undertaking here. 

I saw us, dancing and weaving, integrating our unique magics and the whole being transmitted into the global field for peace. 

I asked how this was doing – our united, combined cocreation for peace. 

What I heard was:

“You have all succeeded in bringing the frequencies of peace to the global field. You have successfully taken part in this great dissolving of separation taking place now in the planes of manifestation and in the cosmic planes. The work has been a success.” 

The work continued overnight and much has been accomplished. The guides celebrate with us. 

The global field for peace was formed weeks ago and many of us have been working nightly in our sleep, unconsciously at higher dimensions and consciously in ceremony, meditation or with thought, feeling and intention. 

Where I live, the guides had gathered the day before, to bring ‘our alchemical gift in cocreation of vehicles for infusing your world with the peace’

It has been a while since I was aware of such a global action on so many dimensions, with people all over the world holding a shared intention. It’s been beautiful and heart-warming. And I am encouraged to hear I am not alone in receiving messages of success in response to everyone’s intentions. 

What this means, how it will all fall out, I would not dare to say. We have simply given what we can at this time.


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