What Just Happened? ENERGY Update & Live Transmission

Great Central Sun Full System Cellular Activation – opening channels for us to feel the flow of more love in the body.

If you were feeling the physical intensity of yesterday’s energy activation, you weren’t alone. This one affected the energy systems of our physiology. Bringing with it a dynamic expansion that caused and is still causing the dissolution of constrictions in our physical and emotional energy systems.

This whole-system Divine Alignment allows for the Divine Love we are to be felt more fully as a physical energy following through our bodies. And for us to resonate this unconditional love throughout yet another level of our physical realities.

Watch the Live Energy Update here

Energy Update August – Activation Transmission

We align with this when we bring our attention to our bodies, how we feel, what’s changed today, what feels more expansive. And ask what is the new postural alignment for me. When we ask this abstract question but feel into what feels physically right for us, in how we’re standing, sitting, holding ourselves, especially around the head and shoulders and upper body, we can allow ourselves to be different, to be new and for the energy channels that support this flow to be open, clear and allowing – so the old dissolves and the new love flows through with less need for us to experience that dissolution of the what’s leaving.

GevaAnn and I dive into what just happened here with an overview, details and a channeled message from Gaia in a live stream energy transmission to support the integration of yesterday’s activation in our Divine Human Blueprints.

GevaAnn speaks on how our evolution is reflected and connected in Gaia’s evolution and how yesterday’s activation happened for Gaia, as well as for us.

We’ll bring through more ‘Story of Now’ live shows – this is our first one. I hope you like it and get something from it 🙂

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