Update: An opening heart brings wounds to the surface. Ways we can heal with compassion and caring awareness

The Energy Alchemy of Joy and what arises for compassionate healing:

Following yesterday’s message of Joyful, heart-first action

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Yesterday I brought through a channeled message on the Ascension energies of now and how joy, excitement and creative play are the Resurrection energies calling us into heart-first action.

When there’s an influx of high vibrational energies resting us in a state of Grace, the first thing to arise and come up for processing is  – everything. Everything that can’t be supported in those high vibrational frequencies. Anything that’s ready to change shape in us and give up it’s old stories.

Joyful, loving high vibrational energies will bring up our wounding for healing

When the heart opens and the self remembers the Joy it really is, then all the dissonant vibrations hidden away of all the creative emotional energies that are less than joyful, that are in fact angry, frustrated, desperate, hopeless or despairing, these come to the surface to be seen, accepted, held, loved and embraced fully until they have nothing more to say to us. Until their dissonant vibrations can come to rest in us.

It’s a challenge and then some to meet these emotions as the arms of Love itself. The stronger they are, the more we can become them, fall into them, until they seem to be our whole reality, not just an old friend rising up to be shown the way home.

Compassion heals the wounded creator in us

So at times like this I try to remember to have great compassion for myself. For how I’m likely going to forget that I am the Unconditional Love that meets my wounded stories in order to embrace them and help them fall away. Compassion that I’m likely going to forget myself and fall into these old energies and the stories they bring up in my reality.

Compassion that part of me will want to stay there in the pain and nurse my wounds. Because what it’s waiting for IS that compassion. The compassion that understands that yes, this was not ok and yes, this did happen and yes it must hurt.

Until such moment as that hurting part can lift its head and look around and see that it’s ok now. Whatever it was, it’s not what’s happening now, right now in this moment. It’s ok to leave the anger behind, the grief, the hurt. It’s been heard. It’s been seen. It’s been acknowledged and it’s been met with Love and whatever happened to it to make it hurt in the first place, it’s over. There’s something new happening now.

“Every moment we follow that whisper of creativity in us, every breath of excitement we follow through on for no reason other than in this moment, we can and it lights up our hearts to do so, these moments are medicine and are rewiring our core creative alchemy. What matters is not what we do in these moments but that we do whatever it was that called to us.”

What happens next? Spring in lockdown

There are tremendously creative energies flooding or collective consciousness now. As the season Spring-loads us with the surge of life-vitality that sees us in harmony with the rhythms and patterns of the natural world yet we are still at home, still relatively in stillness in terms of how we’re relating to the world. What’s being reset is our creative relationship within the world.

And this next phase of lockdown is for seeing our wounded creative energies rise up and vibrate out of our systems. While we stay comparatively still and yet vibrate with these Spring energies of joyful creativity.

All that is less than joyful and ready to leave is likely to rise up to be seen. And a new kind of caring for each other can be called up as we help each other navigate some of the more forceful energies that might surface in us. 

When did we abandon playful, joyful creating?

Where has our creativity been frustrated, thwarted, castrated, suppressed and killed off in favour of survival instead of thriving?

Who do we hold responsible for this? In our lives, in our worlds. Where have those impulses got us into trouble? What experiences taught us to abandon our joy? 

As our collective and individual hearts are flooded with the high vibrational creative energies of Joy, arriving though whispers of excitement as passion 

As our bodies are impulsed with the same vitality of Spring that fills the natural kingdoms with new life

So too are our more difficult, hidden, painful wounded emotions, beliefs and expectations around creativity going to arise.

Aligning with Joy, rewriting our story

Every moment we can open to pursue a playful impulse, every time we allow ourselves a moment to indulge a creative whim in these coming weeks, we’ll be helping ourselves reset an age old alchemy of giving up for creative life force to stories of slavery and survival. Constantly leaking away an energy that needs to be constantly topped up.

Every moment we follow that whisper of creativity in us, every breath of excitement we follow through on for no reason other than in this moment, we can and it lights up our hearts to do so, these moments are medicine and are rewiring our core creative alchemy. What matters is not what we do in these moments but that we do whatever it was that was calling to us.

The Alchemy of Joy is changing our worlds

And a world of people following whispers of excitement that come from the heart leads to a world of people renewing the world in higher and higher vibrational creations, a world of people more aligned with their soul purpose and a world of people making a little more space for everyone’s dreams to come true.

There is this moment’s grace from normality now, while we have a little space to keep learning how to listen…

These seeds renew the planet and they’re planted in our hearts.

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