The Energies of Now – Full Moon Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and Summer Solstice Run-Up

4 Podcast episodes – energy activation transmissions, channelings, meditations & energy updates

Blueprint-Akash update May 18th 2022

Pt 1- 10 minutes – Energy update overview

Pt 2 – 2.40 minutes – Galactic Dragon Channeled through GevaAnn Voice of Gaia – on the reset in Life Force in collective consciousness now

Pt 3- 1:05 hrs – Guided Activation Alignment meditation – from the online event (register to join these every new and full moon)

Pt 4 – 56:00 minutes Live Stream – Integrating the Eclipse Energies – mini update, reset, meditation, transmission and channeled messages from the council of star guides from Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda plus others here to support us prepare for the rainbow bridge of the solstice, where we shift into the second half of this year and the energies of playful, lifted, lighter cocreating, after 6 months of healing and preparation for this 2022 shift in consciousness.

Part 5 on the way:

Tomorrow we go live with GevaAnn – Voice of Gaia – to bring our focus into alignment with the new creative energies. GevaAnn is an open channel who works closely with the planetary consciousness and elementals as an oracle, energy worker and reality co-engineer. Like most of us, she is here in service to the shift and to her own evolution. Dedicated to always aligning with the highest possible truth to support others in their own evolutionary journeys, it is an honour to work with her and invite her to be part of the podcast lives.

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