The information pulsing out new alchemical templates now, has the ability to trigger this rewrite of inner masculine life force in us from being a hunter that sets out alone and brings his prize back to an empty home, to the one whose partner never leaves his side in spirit. Who is never alone. Who listens one to the other and both to the connection within, who can hear that voice of inner direction in the whispering wind, can read the water, the weather, the trees and see in all things the breath of love as life. Who breathes as one within it.

Imbolc wasn’t so much a day as a wave and each of us have our unique relationship to the unity event horizon of homecoming.

More gifts are potentially available within us, as energy to carry out the actions that fulfill our dreams, our highest creative intentions or just the objectives we have before us.

But what I’m noticing among those I work with closely is this strong call to include the alchemy of the divine pause, in our waking day. In between our activities. 

To allow the divine dance between being and doing. And to write this into the fabric of our lives.

Taking a moment, just for a moment, to Release

Drop in



Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

No one has to notice us doing this for a moment. There’s nowhere this isn’t available for us.

This divine alchemy of the pause, keeping us connected to the truth of who we are, within.

That’s written in the rhythms of our breath, of our heartbeat. The drum beat of our lives and the sacred container for our life force.

And every time we do, the lone Hunter in us dissolves into the moreness of who we are, continuing the homecoming, dissolving duality into unity in our blood, our breath, our bones.

Here’s to the new dance of the new year. To the new vitality and the breath of life in the planet herself, inviting us to ease and grace in our motions and happenings within her.

May our highest, most opulent, most beautiful and most uplifting intentions become manifest.

Artwork Ryann Gatt: minds eye


Imbolc has brought on our renewed, charged masculine. The force of nature ready to go i go into action. Carry out our goals and bring home the trophy.

For all of us this inner aspect affects us in different ways as it rebirths and comes  online, renewed, charged and ready for action.

The inner masculine is like the strung arrow. And the divine feminine, the bow. And in order to be at peace with this energy, we need to know which way we’re facing.

To know that we need to be aligned inside. There’s no going after our objectives without being aligned in the truth of who we are.

It’s our connection to beingness that steadies that force in us. Gives us access to resonating as the truth of who we are 

The alchemy between the divine pause and action is something our bodies are vibrating with

As the collective human blueprint moves through another threshold of coming home to oneness. 

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