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The great news is, Lions Gate energies opened for us back in July and we have been being worked with ever since, to make things as easy and graceful as possible for us going through this gateway so we get to rest as we go through the gateway apex. The gateway stays open while we integrate the new expansive light of ourselves that we’ve been prepared to accept into our systems.

The other good news is, there has been tremendous interventions to allow for our past stories, limitations, core woundings and constrictions in our energy pathways to be cleared, removed and taken from us, without our needing to consciously process all that in the kind of depth we might otherwise expect to have to.

The fantastic news about this Lion’s gate is that it is bringing about a HUGE expansion in our signature light. The Light Signature of who we truly are. And the part of us that shines the light of our essence out into the universe.

And what that means in the world is a phenomenal level of encouragement and energy to feel driven to do what we’re really here for. Whatever we’ve decided that is right now. It’s not about getting it perfectly right. It’s about where we are being right enough in this moment. And that ‘enoughness’ is a divine quality. I Am Enough is a mantra we could all rest in right now.

Our signature light, expanding out into the universe, gives us more of a felt sense of permission – to do what’s right for us in the way that’s right for us.

And for most of us, that means the templates we picked up from our parents about what to do and how to do it in order to survive in this world – those templates are reaching another height of redundancy in us. More great news about this Lions Gate is that there has been a massive divine intervention for the collective of human consciousness, allowing us to dissolve karmic ways of relating to our family, dissolve the templates we inherited from our family and ancestors that are no longer aligned for us. And to wave goodbye to some of the healings we were doing by taking on family stories in our own bodies and physical lives. So there should be a noticeable drop in living our families stories and shifts in the physical conditions we’ve taken on that are from them. We always have to own what’s for us, but there’s a divine intelligence at work sorting that out. So we don’t have to.

Chakras – The interventions have seen core stories cleared from our chakras – especially our solar centers, our throats and our roots – our essence and signature light, our expression of and living and doing from that in the world and the security and stability we have in our physical lives as a result.

You can see what that means is support is coming in to take the load off and allow us to create security for ourselves and stability by living and working in the world in a way that’s more aligned with the truth of who we are – our core, signature light. To do more of what feels right and less of what doesn’t.

So more pathways and opportunities should open up for us, so long as we stay committed to this. And we’re better prepared to accept those opportunities and take those paths, with less self doubt, fewer resistances and obstacles and more determined clarity, self confidence and enthusiasm.

Energetically – for those of us sensitive to that, there has been a lot of busy-ness with our guides helping to clear blocked energetic pathways. Imagine a river starts to flow. And there is debris in the dried out river bed. What’s important right now is that the river flows. Not who put the debris there or what it can tell us. So there have been teams working round the clock to clear those pathways for us, so that when our Signature Light expands, we don’t feel it as a sudden explosion, we barely notice it. It gently takes up the space that’s been created for it.

How do we know? Well… We know because we start to notice our own expansion when it manifests in us attracting more opportunities and being less resistant to them when we do. Just for starters.

Gaia and the Dragons – there have the ‘dragons of the rays’ working with us during this time of phenomenal ascension and acceleration of light. The Signature Light of Gaia is also going through its expansion and this means that we are held within an ascension event that is planetary. As we ascend together, of course our signature light is also going through this tremendous expansion. Just as for us this is going to mean reforming our physical lives and universes – taking more aligned action, so too is Gaia reforming her physical universe. Our planet is going to continue to go through its changes.

And the dragons are the first remove of consciousness after Gaia herself. They form the forces that restructure the universe. We have encountered the dragons of the elements, earth, air, wind and fire in the original forming of the planet, always present and active at times of planetary and personal rebirth and renewal.

These are the dragons of the rays – a rainbow of dragons. And what I am being shown is these are the dragons that form planetary and human identities that correspond to the different land masses within Gaia. Not as we’ve divided them up into continents and countries, but as they are inherently delineated according to their geo-character. That dragons of different rays group together in different colour combinations. And that creates and alchemy affecting how Gaia is expressing different rays of herself through different land masses all over the world, as she goes about expressing more of her signature light through the planet.

Now she has to take care of all the lives living within her, so her changes and physical reforming, while they might feel dramatic to us, are as gentle as they can be. As benevolent as is possible. And will take place much much more slowly than it might were we not here and part of it all. But I have the very strong, constantly reinforced sense, that she is as a mother and would no more wish us off her planet than a mother would naturally wish her child away.

Dive in Deep With Gaia – This Lions Gate, the Channelings, the meditation, the full 1hr14min journey with channeling and light code transmission – was all Gaia, with help and support from other guides, including the Sirius Lion Beings. And the rainbow ray dragons.

I invite you to listen to the channelings and be with the meditation in your own time, in your own way. Know that in all these transmissions, Gaia is calling us in very deep. And although we talk about the dragons and the landmasses, these journeys are Gaia calling us into her oceans. And into the Oceanic in herself.


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Gaia’s Oceanic Deeps… We dive into the deeps of Gaia’s oceans, are invited to the dawn of time and the birth of the universe, called into our Sovereignty as new earth creators. Every one will have their own journey with this. With Gaia Channeling

I'd love to know - what have you been noticing energetically this Lions Gate? It would be beautiful if you write in the comments below

However you choose to be with the energies this lions gate apex, know that a lot of the hard work is being done for us. I hope you rest, relax and enjoy what’s to come.

So much love,

Lucy x

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