Solstice Message – A Synergy of Symbiosis – Stepping into Sovereign Creating

As we step into our sovereign creatorship this gateway aligns us with the Self beyond all our blocks to manifesting from the truth of ourselves what we came here to do. We already are who we came here to be. Now we’re being helped to take joyful, confident, aligned action. To be the innovators that steers the world of collective cocreating forward into the new age of aquarius. And that involves facing the destruction of the old. In us and all around us. And choosing to be in the lightness beyong it and stepping through the veil into the new. We’re being aligned for the year ahead. December 21st aligns us with what we’ere for in the year 2021.

As we move through the gateway we are being called to know – we are aligned, we are in the right place, we are in position. There is nothing to strive for at this time. We have long been in position for this. The opportunity available is to allow ourselves to know we are being lifted beyond the blocks to powerfully manifesting our creations. Because that’s what awaits us on the other side of this day that marks the beginning of the age aquarius.

We are the innovators, creating in ways we never imagined we would. And this solstice brings with it the alignment of being beyond our blocks to creating.

The call is to hold in our hearts the lightness of being even as we face the darkness of destruction. To align with the new as the old falls away. Not as a pretense, but with that tenacity we are capable of – of being with the paradox. Of perceiving two realities and knowing which one we choose to be with.

Listen to the full message here:

Solstice Gateway – Sovereign Synergistic Symbiotic Creators

“We’re going through the gateway and we’re going to have to acknowledge how we are creators in the plane of manifestation. And all of the little failsafes, all of the little guards, all of the locks and doors and prisms and refractions and diversions that would keep us from being powerful here, from powerfully creating here, these locks and prisms and diversions and bars are all going to go. They are going. They cannot not go. 

We have elected to be here across eons of time and galaxies of space. We have chosen to be here in this now moment because – were not striving to accomplish something – our job is to be here and switch on, fully. Allow ourselves to be the full of the more of the All of who we are. 

And this will be creating. Through being, we will be creating. However the alchemy of creating in the plane of manifested reality includes actions. Our actions and our state in a combined alchemy are what bring into form the innovations that are carrying the world forward. out of this eye of the needle time.

These foundation creations form a platform from which new earth is birthing itself into all of our experiences, one way or another. We make this process more graceful for ourselves and each other, when we burn through, wash out, allow the wind to blow through and come fully to ground beyond all of the old failsafes that stopped us from being creators. 

We simply are. 

It is our job, if you like. It is what we signed up to do. There is absolutely no way we can not. However, what it means to be creators is being completely revised. It bears no relationship to the past, in our histories where all those failsafes and protections were forged. Everything we thought we knew about what it meant to create has been changed. Has been turned on its head/ We are being shown, by a process of demonstrating, by being the demonstration, by being the example, we are being shown what it means, truly to be synergistic sovereign creators in symbiosis within consciousness, within all life, within Gaia in an ever moving picture of ascension/ An ever shifting landscape. 

So our blocks to creating and resistances to creating are being obliterated. In a major way.

This is not necessarily comfortable. The friction that led us to block our creating, resurfaces to trigger old wounds of stored trauma, so that we can heal ourselves in a hurry from all of those old decisions, agreements, scrolls and scripts that we signed in our soul. There is a swathe of agreements with reality that are changing hard and fast right now. And we have been being prepared for this, warmed up for it. Gently lowered into the waters of our own soul, of our own purpose, of our own making, so that we can take up the reigns and proceed joyfully. Take joyful action. Move forward with lightness, playfulness, celebration and know what it is to be creators in a state of play. “

The guides’ message:

Even within a world in crisis. How hard to think you would be to maintain a light, frivolous, happy-go-lucky attitude if you were standing on a rock that was melting in the heart of a volcano. How relaxed do you think you would feel. There is a sort of similarity to what you are actually being called into here and now. You can see a world around you, old creations dying in flames.  You can see collapse of civilisations, you can see the old ending. With the eyes that look outward, this is what they can see. 

But you are being asked to turn your eyes inwards and perceive the lightness of being that will carry you and turn you into a lighthouse that enables others to find their way into the new earth and the creative play that is the footsteps that walk us forward into the new. You all are walking forward into the new, but when you relax, with a soft heart, into the lightness of being, it’s as though you drop below the level of the smoke and the smog of the burning destruction and you land, fully footed on the golden and green pastures of the new earth birthing. And once you’ve done that you will look up and you won’t see the smoke. You will see the blue skies, you will see the clear air, you will see the warm sun. But you are being asked to walk through the wreckage of the old and to open your eyes to the softness and the delight of the new. 

And so there is a healing of trauma and a bringing up of the stored pain the old memories, echoes of the past, so that what you’re carrying can be vibrated out of the systems. 

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