Return of Lemurian Consciousness – Autumn Equinox Channeling & Energy Update

Akashic Blueprint Energy Update – Full Report & Supportive Meditation

Letting Old Leaves fall from our lives…

What if those leaves were the leaves of a book, telling the story of who we used to be. There’s such a strong emphasis on letting go this Autumn Equinox. And so much to let go of, we’re receiving the gift of divine intervention to help the old leaves fall from our lives. 

So we don’t need to dig. We just need to be present with our feelings, honor our emotions as they arise, turn to face what we might not want to feel and view it not as a story, but as energy, in a process of healing, transformation and renewal. 

Composting, just like the leaves. Over winter we’re germinating the seeds of our Spring Creations. But we’re also letting go of the old to come into a higher alignment with the truth of who we are this winter.  Here’s the video with an overview of the core healing and transformations taking place in the akashic reading of the collective human blueprint. 


So if you’ve had a lot of triggers this autumn equinox, know you are not alone and you are supported. That what is rising up is rising up to leave. Not to create in your reality. 




Well that’s the exciting part… (see “What are we being prepared for”)

Equinox Energy Update & Sirius Channeling - the return of lemurian consciousness

& Wisdom Keepers of the Creation Codes

Channeling starts 13:18mins

What Are We Being Prepared For?

The Return of Lemurian Consciousness

It’s not just that we’ll be creating next Spring, and in the joyful energy of playful creating, like every spring. It’s that we’re reclaiming lost parts of our Lemurian consciousness. Our Gaia blueprint continues to activate, calling us to vibrate in a wholler alignment of oneness within her. And to remember ourselves as the divine master cocreators at play within her, imagining this world that is new. 


We are the architects of reality, being called into a frequency of play, remembering how we create at higher dimensions of ourselves, within Gaia’s fields, giving shape to the flowers, the plants, the animals, her rocks and terrain, her landscape and gardens. This long forgotten but well guarded wisdom is being let out to us again, as those keepers of the wisdom keys for the Gaia Creation Codes open their gifts and divine rememberings to the collective consciousness. 


We each are keepers of wisdom keys that we guarded throughout time and forgetting. And the call to speak – speak what we know is coming through so strongly. Which is why it’s also time to heal our cultural climate from criticism to celebration, making a safe space for softness to bloom and nourish vulnerability, authenticity and honesty. To make it safe to share this knowledge we’re holding onto 


In the video I share the nudge Gaia gave my yesterday, to remember my own creation codes. For me, I resonate with the rocks and hills in Gaia and she reminded me of the part I’ve had to play in the past, giving these a shape in various places. And we look at the core themes and energies present this autumn equinox, finishing with an Activational SIrius channeling from the Lion Beings on the return of Lemurian Consciousness. It’s just over 20 minutes. Enjoy and I hope you get something from this. 


The last person to watch it said what they got from this was “hope”. 

CORE HEALING IN CORE ARCHEYTPES - transformation in the akash of our human blueprint

 This Autumn Equinox, the inner child and our inner masculine are going through some strong healing. From being made to feel wrong, inadequate, like they don’t belong and can’t be trusted. 


The parts of us that act in joy, on inspiration, in the energy of “I Can Do This!” and “I know what needs to be done!” – the energy in us that wants to run over the next hill and the next, wants to bring home gifts to Ma from its discoveries…We’re going to need this energy in us to be in full strength come next spring. 


We’re going to need to trust our Joy. Our Inspiration. Our decisiveness and our call to action. Because those are the energies we’re going to be collectively drawing on to energize our new creations. And those creations are part of a world becoming new. It’s so important that our inner child and inner masculine feel like our inner Ma welcomes them, celebrates them, sees them and wants them to go forth and trust themselves. 

Supportive Short Meditation - Tuning in to energy flows in the body

  • To tune into the energy flows in our body
  • To rest in “enoughness” –
  • To rest in beingness 
  • To come into alignment

So that we feel energized to do what’s for us, so that we’re listening to what we’re being supported to do. And what we’re not so supported in. And so that we know we’re living in alignment with our soul purpose. In every day moments of life. Without needing to stop and figure it out all the time. 

This alignment meditation can help anchor us in that and take that alignment into every day life. It’s just 15 minutes and comes with a short Anchoring Practice for us to use when we’re out and about, getting on with our days and getting things done. Read the description in the video. 

Autumn Equinox Energy Update Report - In Depth

The Divine Alignments Activating this winter
- in the Akash of the Collective Human Blueprint

De-armouring protective mechanisms

There’s a blooming of softness set to continue over winter. Softness in how we communicate with each other when we’re creating together. 

This kind of softness blooms when we feel safe to be vulnerable, authentic and honest with each other. And that safety gets created when we let go of judging others. When we let go of “you’re not doing it right” and try to make each other not be happening. Or try to stop someone else for creating in the world or our world because they’re “doing it wrong”.


To reverse engineer this – we let go of that critical judgement when we stop being afraid of other people’s creations. Think of all the businesses, organizations and institutions in the world, where we might hold fear that they’re ‘doing it wrong’. 


Then think of social media and those people who feel the need to be critical whenever someone posts. It’s the same fear. 


And it causes shut down. It causes armouring. It causes people to protect their softness, their vulnerability and makes an unsafe climate for authenticity. 


We know all this but why is it important now? Because we’re rewriting how we’re creating. We’re shifting from 3d to 5d. From separation consciousness to unity consciousness and we’re none of us an island. For cocreations to work among people, everyone gets to offer their best – to show up with the unique gifts they bring – what they can do differently to everyone else. If we’re afraid of that difference and critical of it, then we can’t create together in that vibration of Oneness. 


We work best when we get to do what we’re good at, what the energy is for. 


And we are less efficient when we beat ourselves up for not being able to do what we’re not good at. So. Celebrating each other for our gifts, not criticizing ourselves and each other for our apparent ‘failings’ – that’s a vital part of grounding the collective ascension in consciousness. Making it real. How it works on the ground when we’re trying to create something together in a group. 


Our softness connects us to that divine archetype in us – the Divine Mother. MA. And when we allow that softness to be present in connection, in company, in action, then we are allowing our doingness to be called home to beingness. 


Divine Ma in us, she calls home the other core archetypes. She calls our inner masculine and inner child into alignment. And those parts of us that we need to rely on when it’s time to act – our joy, our decisiveness, our decision making – they stabilize in us. 

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