Preparing for Lion’s Gate – What to know this year

In the run up to Lion’s Gate, there’s a huge – a phenomenal Expansion of our Signature Light taking place. The light of who we truly are, that always shines out into the All That Is, our signature song in the universe, is getting ready to go ‘boom’ – in such a beautiful, unstoppable way.

Giving us strength, courage and clarity to step out beyond our comfort zones and take action that moves our work, our service and our self expression to the next level. We’re going to have to establish new loving boundaries, many of us, to protect that. We’re going to have to make decisions about what we are and are not going to accept in our lives. But more importantly, on the other side of Lions Gate we’re going to be equipped to make decisions about what we’re here to do.

There’s also an ending of karmic family stories and core wounds as we make some core physical-universe shifts out of separation into the inner alchemy of creating in unity.

The sacred centers most active in us are likely to be our root, our solar center and our throats. Our roots, where our physical security is ready for new expansions. Our solar center, where we radiate out our signature essence. And our throats, where who we are gets expressed in what we put out into the world.

While expansion is building in us we might feel extreme exhaustion, moments of unexplained tiredness.

We might be faced with old pains or stories from our past, so that we can recode our core stories. So that we can establish new, loving boundaries. And so that we can shift from karma to grace in our soul connections.

But we’ll also be faced with the chance to choose different futures for ourselves.

The beautiful expansion allows us to connect to the light of who we truly are – what we’re here to offer the world. And to bring in the support that energises us to make it real.

This Lions Gate can be a springboard for us bringing our work to the world in new, more expansive ways. It can bring us clarity, determination, decisiveness.

It can give us an opening to stand tall and be brave and courageous in how we show up.

Energetically, what’s happening is the signature light that shines at the heart of us is getting ready to shine out like sunshine. With that strength, warmth and life-bringing love.

How we use that in our lives and worlds is going to be beautifully unique and up to us.

But whatever choices we’re making about that this Lions Gate, we are supported.

So say yes to the support from our guides, from All That Is and from Love itself.

Whatever is shifting and moving for you, know that we are tremendously supported right now and that there is divine intervention available to help us make this physical shift from 3d to 5d in our core stories.

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