Pleiadian New Year Channeling – Divine Mind and how to align, opening to our Inner Oracle-2022 Overview


Before this channeling began, such a loving, soft resonance came through. The guides of unconditionally loving integrity bring through this update to help and support us as we move into the new year 2022.

“As Christ Consciousness is born it is the mother who embraces this new birthed creation, who loves, holds, nurtures it. Who embraces this in the softnes of Her loving warmth, so, too, are these newly birthed Christ Consciousness Creator elements within you held in the loving nurturing nourishing warmth and softness of Divine Mother. 

As your old ways surface to be cleared from your systems, you will be held in this loving warmth and softness, to remember that this is the more real reality. And the dissonance that arises in the field of your experience is here to be lovingly witnessed, embraced and allowed to leave, to transform and leave in its own way, as it wants to, returning to you, all that was trapped in your ‘wrong’ creating in right shape. In higher alignment to reflect back to you more of the wholeness you truly are, manifest externally, because it is resonating internally. 

And therefore part of both your internal and external truth. 

And therefore part of your internal and external reality. 

There is a calling home of disparate parts – many disparate parts – in the first half of this year, so that you can be less distracted by your unhealed shadows when it is time for the light to shine on your unrevealed gifts as these emerge in the second half of this year, the emphasis will shift, so you can experience externally more of the softness and unconditionally loving warmth we speak of present with you here and now and throughout it all. Never leaving. Always holding and more and more physically here.

This will help you dissolve your sense of separation between what is internal and what is external. This is the initiation for this year. The year of Clarification when light is brought to yet deeper hidden parts of who you are in the dimensions of matter made solid. 

You are divinely directed from no-mind, readjusting in the fabric of your lives the mechanisms for making decisions and taking actions.  Let yourselves be realigned in No-Mind, so that the pressure may come off thinking mind, which has, until now, had too much to do, giving rise to the control-based responses, to fear vibrations caused by unknown situations in your physical experience .

It is the divine direction of No-Mind that supports your Home Coming in the world of matter made manifest. 

You will be repeatedly called to turn within as a refuge from an inability to control what is happening outside yourselves. This ability to turn in shall therefore deepen, giving you more and more access in more and more levels to your own inner Oracle. 

The one who reads the Akash of Consciousness and can ‘know’ as a vibratory knowing resonance, what is your higher truth in any respect in any one moment, in any area of your experience. These opportunities to turn within allow you to easily process and send home stuck emotions, thoughts and beliefs that were attached to the old paradigm of duality reality. Turning within and being within your own emotions, beliefs, thoughts, expectations and physical responses, impulses and actions, allows you to rewrite even your muscle memory – how you respond in an instant, without thinking – how your body responds in a moment to what is going on around it. Unlearned responses will free you. Will free your body to be ever more divinely directed in the moment from the I who knows itself as One within All That Is, All of Life, Gaia and All of Everyone. (Light language)

We are the Pleiadians bringing you a Christmas Message and we hope, a little Christmas cheer. As ever, we love you and thank you for receiving this broadcast. “

Channeled on Boxing Day – 26th December 2021

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