New Moon Transmission from Mount Sirius – Being Grounded & Feeling Excitement

Excitement as a Resonance – with a video

What if excitement ‘gets to be here’ – to use the beautiful phrase of teacher Adam Chacksfield. What if it gets to run as a sustainable energy in our fields of awareness and in our physiology. A note in the harmony of the song of all we are. We are naturally made to run on excitement energy when we’re inspired into action. That’s one of the catalysing energies designed to get us out of bed in the morning, facing what we’re here for and ready to go into action with it.

When it’s not a sustainable energy, we can experience excitement as a burst that we act on and then burn out with, leaving us drained and needing a rest or an adrenalin fix to get us through the rest of our to-do list for our days or that project, whatever it is.

But actually it’s designed to run as a constant note, with oscillations, waves, dips and rises, but present throughout the active part of our cycles, not just as the ignition in the switch, which it’s just a part of. That doesn’t mean we’re supposed to perpetually feel excitement, just that it doesn’t have to drop off entirely when its in the dipping phase of its own natural rhythm in us.

It’s part of what generates our creative ideas and inspirations into form. Excitement, when its a sustainable rhythm running in our fields, helps us have a more grounded, stable experience of being energised into action with our aligned creating. That means excitement is unlikely to energise us healthily if our creative actions aren’t in aligned with what’s right for us.

That’s part of its purpose – to act as a guide and inner compass if we go looking for answers to the question; what’s my life purpose? We can ask: are my actions today aligned with what excites me the most? Because excitement itself is a resonance in our fields generated when our actions align with the shape of who we really are.

In this video transmission from the fields of Mount Sirius (my name for this sacred place), the guides bring through a New Moon transmission and channeled message to support us activating, receiving and integrating the potential to lift our alignment – with the new resonances of excitement opening now in our natural human blueprint.

During the opening of the Orion Gateway, which we speak of a little bit here, there’s been a period of intense processing, facing and feeling and healing a great many core conflict-related dissonances that are ready to dissolve from our fields and liberate our creative alchemy to run on a higher octave of excitement energy.

Offered in love.

New Moon Transmission from Mount Sirius – belonging within the earth – the resonance of excitement

I always recommend somatic listening to any transmission; activating the Inner Listener by making an intention to keep attention returning to notice the sensation of breath in the body and the sensations in the body as a whole, while we listen to anyone or anything. For me, this helps me physically register how I feel while I’m receiving any information or energetic transmission.

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