New Moon Gateway Kali-Ma celebrates our bravery, Calling us to higher truth

In this channeled Message the voice of Kali-Ma speaks of our courage – podcast & transcript –

New Moon Gateway Kali-Ma Channeled Message – on bravery to let go of what we’re not into the loving embrace of the dark, so she can devour it. And bravery to allow new and surprising rays of the truth of who we are to shine in the dark. 

New dreams of our Selves are birthing into being. Giving form to the truth of who we are in the world, through our actions. 

Channeling – the voice of Kali-Ma speaks

Deeper Uncoverings of Who We Truly Are

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“You brave, brave beloveds, each of you journeying far, far into the dark to pick up the pieces you chose to believe were real for so very long. Those stories you told yourself, you told the world about yourself. About who you believed you were.

What if those stories, what if it was just possible those stories, some of those stories aren’t true for you. Aren’t the face you need to lift to the midday sun. Aren’t the true reflection of the resonant blueprint essence of you.

For each of you shine; shine the truth of who you are out, like a beacon. Into the textile, fabric of all that is. Into the pure ocean of raw potentiality. Always telling reality, always telling the world who you are and what it is. What it is to you.

What if some of those songs you’ve been singing all this time, to keep yourself safe, to keep others safe. What if they’re not any longer you. Now more than ever it is time to let all of who you are not be devoured, fall away and take no shame in ‘turning on a sixpence’, as they say, and suddenly showing the world a different face for in these times of change all have permission to transform, slowly or suddenly, in fits and bursts or steady progressions but all have permission to show the world yet deeper uncoverings of the true face of who they are beyond the stories, under all the overlays.

Everything that hides up and til now has protected and kept safe that core essence of who you really, truly are, for nothing right now, matters more.” 

The dark of which Kali-Ma speaks in the channeling is the dark of night, the loving dark that envelops us, takes from us what’s done and seeds the light that will emerge as rays in us to bring the dawn. 

Channeled through Lucy Hunter 3rd December 2021

The deeper we let go into our soul, into our night, into the loving dark, the more brilliant the seeds that become rays of our sun bringing the light of our spirit into the world to work on fulfilling our dreams. And it’s courage she says we need at this time – not to force this, but to allow it. Allow the process that’s already running, already live in us, already wanting to happen. It’s our job to get out of its way and show up to recognise and surrender what we’re not. To have the humility to not know what more of the truth of who we really are, under all those layers, is ready to be one with the light of day. 

New songs of spirit are emerging in us as the divine masculine is reborn from the ashes of the death of what’s past in us. The old shapes masculinity had in each of us are released, reformed in the infinite, returned in right shape and higher alignment for wholeness, reforming how we’re shaping our lives through our actions. 

How are we being called to act? 

There’s a call to let ourselves be surprised, let ourselves act in ways we haven’t before. Let ourselves be called into our higher and wholler reflection of our own true natures, guided from within, but active in the outer.

New dreams of ourselves are being birthed into form. 

Why is The New Moon a Gateway?

Every Full moon and new moon a gateway opens in our divine blueprints for us to receive from and let go into source so that more of the truth of ourselves can reweave us and dissolve the old stories of who we believed ourselves to be. This is the continuing process of ascension as seen from one angle. The divine blueprint gateways open us to emerging templates that support us living more fully our 5th dimensionality; the capacity to be fully human and multidimensionally divine. What supports our continued awakening is the recognition of our interconnectedness and this new moon gateway is preparing us for dropping more and more deeply into our inner earth awareness. Not the awareness of the inner earth – which is a beautiful area for conscious exploration. But our inner earth aspects. The part of us that resonates as one with the deeps of the planetary body.

In the dark of the moon, we’re invited to drop more fully into the divine feminine so that more liberated freer, clearer and rewritten aspects of our inner masculine can emerge. In this moon cylce, we’re invited into the softening, opening inner planetary deeps of our own consciousness, to end, by degrees our internal stories of separation within the Gaia planetary consciousness. And to allow this initiation to change us from within.

This path of choosing to change from within affects our actions in the outer world and that brings change as we take responsibility for being a cell in a body that functions in interconnectivity. But more than that, it brings a resonance that acts as an invitation in the collective unconscious, making it easier and easier for others to hear and act on their own intuition, their own heart resonance. Often we value only what we can see, what is above the surface. We value action and doingness. But it is how doingness is aligned below the surface, with who we truly are that affects everything. That determines how action will land.

Dropping into beingness aligns us with who we truly are. And honouring our beingness aligns our doingness. That is why at these gateways we get invited to drop deeply into our Selves for it is in beingness we receive. There are new encodements, formed of revelations bringing resonances, generating waveform vibrations that give rise to new linear light geometries that re-encode us for the fifth dimensionality we are so devoted to realising. This is a light-engineering perspective on why we drop into beingness in order to align our doingness. Although the light is what we can see, it is what goes on in the ‘dark’ that gives it shape.

The shape we take in the world isn’t just the face we wear to be seen by, it’s our influence, our actions, our voices and our choices. What determines how they land and take effect is our resonance and that comes from the unseen invisibility of who we are. As we see each other more clearly, we see more and more of each others’ invsibility. Rather than calling out others on theirs, we can take ownership for what we see of ourselves. This changes the world far faster than fighting; fighting what we don’t want to see outside of us.

What’s celebrated above all else in the channeled message above is our bravery. Because this is the quality we need to face the unseen in us as it beomes visible. Both the old scripts that surface and show us things about ourselves we’d prefer not to be made aware of. And the new weavings that reveal more of the incredible, powerful beings we really are. Courage is needed to be with them both and that comes from within. But we are being cheered on.

How Can We Work with the Energies This New Moon Gateway?

This phase between now and the full moon we’re due to have two hidden faces revealed to us. The one we’re letting go of. And the one that’s arising to shine its rays along with the midday sun. Celebration will help us end the stories that are leaving, Gratitude will help us call in what’s arising to replace them. Authentically honouring all the emotions and responses that are neither will help us in our detachment and realignment processing.

With love,


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