New Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Awakening the Dreamer

– An aspect of Christ-mind activating now, anchoring an expansion in our divine human blueprints

Energy update, Activation Transmission, Sirius & St. Germain Channeling

with much gratitude to GevaAnn-Voice of Gaia for supporting oracle transmission and channeling

Header art: Autumn Sky Morrison

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – divine templates activating in the collective human blueprint now

  • Beginning with the New Moon just gone, to culminate in the full moon next year
  • Activating the Dreamer – an aspect of the Christed Mind
  • How the place to be is in the heart and in the body while the mind is in chaos
  • How our dreams are going to be working overtime as the subconscious sorts out everything
  • How this shift in the mental plane can feel unsafe and create fear

That this is what we can do

  • We can be in compassion with other’s fear
  • Know there is supportive Intervention activating the Unconditional Love vibration in our heart centres
  • Call on the elementals for support
  • Know it is important not to go to war ‘with anyone of anything’
  • Choose to hold awareness in our heart centre can help not just us but others
  • Anchor awareness in the body can also help not just us but others

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Activation Transmission – Video / Audio

Sirius – St Germaine Channeling Audio and transcript below

New Moon Divine Blueprint Activation – The Dreamer -an aspect of Christ Mind
New Moon Transmission -The Dreamer – an energy activation Listen to the podcast episode here

Energy update in brief

-from conversations between Lucy and GevaAnn

“We seem to be activating the Dreamer. That aspect of the Christed Mind that knows itself as one within all that is and knows itself as the Dreamer of reality. And that seems to be triggering a complete reshuffle in what the thinking mind is potentially capable of, what its job is, where it is in relation to everything else. What’s its positioning, basically. And so what’s happening is that the subconscious is overloaded with stuff to sort out and people’s dreams are working overtime, because that’s the platform where the subconscious sorts itself out – it sorts itself out through dreams, because that’s the only way.

There’s a tremendous emphasis on letting go of the past, but it’s not just that, there’s a reshuffle as the thinking mind is catalysed to realise its no longer responsible for managing reality from a control point of view because the dreaming mind has awoken and remembers that it’s creating it. 

And there’s a calling on the technicians of the mind to reconfigure the circuitry for everything on the mental plane, in alignment with this awakening, expanded capacity.

And this isn’t at integration stage. This is what’s seeding. It’s not going to culminate until full moon next year. This is seeding now. It’s not integrating now. 

This reshuffle in the thinking mind’s role in reality can cause uncertainty, insecurity and a lack of feeling safe. And this can cause a sublimation of mental tyranny as a kind of helpless by-product of this and that’s actually to be treated with compassion where it’s seen, even if it’s not to be tolerated and encouraged. But it’s to be held in compassion.

When we realise that someone’s behaviour originates from a place of fear, insecurity or feeling unsafe, it can be easier to access compassion even as we establish and maintain loving boundaries. 

The guides say through GevaAnn: “Don’t go to war with anybody or anything.”

They say we are heading for great change in our outer reality. Holding our awareness in our hearts, in our bodies and extending compassion to others and to ourselves can bring in much support for everyone, helping to keep us stable and centred during a time of change and expansion.

Channeling – Sirius – St Germaine – Support with ‘The Dreamer’ – new moon activations

Channeling – Sirius – St Germaine – support with the new moon activations Listen to the podcast episode here

Channeling Transcript: “To support you all with this, there is a benevolent emanation present with each and every person – with each and every one of you. Of the Christ Love. Of Christ’s Love. As it shows up within the hearts of humanity. Christed Love is the frequency of Divine Love fully present in the human heart. And there is a beneficent outpouring, a radiation of this quality to all, to support you in coming home to the heart, when the mind has such a pull. To offer a replacement for the usual place of safety, within the activities of your own consciousness and to aid the resolution of conflict energies, where they arise at the ground level, between you all. So that the war may end first in your own individual human hearts. And you may be re-focussed toward creativity, which is the grand purpose behind all you are moving through, with your mental expansion at this time. You are being ‘reset’ at a vaster, more expansive spectrum of the Self. The human being will be able to mentally recognise itself at this vaster, more expanded anchorage point, within the whole Self. In order to support this, new boundaries are replacing the older, smaller ones that supported you in your smallness. In your mental functioning. And thought-based grasp of reality. Much wider borders are being set up at this time, to provide that much needed safety in relating one to another from this expanded place of Self-awareness, mentally realised.

You’re called into the body because you also are your bodies. It is impossible to support and stabilise any other expansion unless this has firm anchorage within you. Vibrationally and as an emanation throughout your fields. 

The tyranny of the mind is usurped first by the heart. 

Releasing the body, realigning all of physical reality as you know and experience and move through it, so that the reset is made more manifest and to balance all your future creations, for your minds shall play such a great part in revisualising, reimagining, reconstructing, recreating the technologies that will support new life in new earth. 

They would be as insubstantial as cobwebs, as air, were you all not fully anchored firmly, physically, first. We are your support team in this. 

We are the Sirian engineers behind the divine human blueprint working with amultitude of races throughout many dimensions of consciousness, convening to speak with you intellectually on this now. Thank you

We offer continued support for the mind – the enquiring mind that wishes to understand its new relationship within All That Is. We are here for that. 

Sirius Guides with the overlighting of St Germain. Channeled through Lucy – Infinity Resonance 2202-04-03

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