New Moon Alignment – Channelings, Meditation & Update

How to effortlessly and naturally charge our field and borders for protection from what’s not for us and to allow in only what is.

Energy Alignment meditation for health, protection and renewal

In our energy field and cells – Strengthening our protection, renewal and health in our fields and in our cells.

In the 7-7 and New Moon Gateway we’re working with earth energies. A new natural resonance has been made available in our collective human blueprints. A gift we can all access, supporting us to charge our cells and our fields and our borders with the natural patterns and frequencies of our unique signature imprint at an earth energy level.

Below I’ve posted an alignment meditation journey. Then, separately, an activational channeling as well as a short video update on the energy portal open now.

There are times when we are collectively being supported to open to specific gifts.

I call these the golden templates of our divine human blueprint. In the channelled meditation below, we navigate the golden pathways and resonances of our divine human blueprint. What comes through for each of us will be unique.

As we drop into our heart centre and open the portal to source within us, we open to receive our unique gift of the moment.

Blueprint-Akash Quick Update (7mins) – the gifts open to us now

The New Moon Gifts and How to receive them

Meditation – for Protection, Health and Nourishment. Inner and outer protection in our energy fields and our cells.

(24 mins)
Meditation for protection in our energy fields and cellular health

I see meditation as a way to stay embodied and physically present while we expand our awareness and deepen our connectivity with the more of who we are.

And I see it as a way to bring that connectivity into our lives, so that we meditate while we’re grounded. And while we’re walking through our days, we stay connected. So that an expanded state of awareness isn’t something we leave our lives to connect with, but something we walk with. And it becomes an expanded state of being.

When we go on a meditational ourney, it deepens our capacity for connection. So that we walk away with even more of ourselves present in our day to day lives.

In these Alignment Meditations we work with bringing our attention to our centre, to where we’ll be opening to what’s readily available to us, as a way of allowing and inviting the unique gifts of the moment to have permission to enter our fields and be received by us.

We open doorways within ourselves to uncover more of who we are and receive from our own limitless potential what’s for us in the moment.

We always start in the seat and centre of ourselves, opening to the gifts from the divinity within. 

Activational Channeling – an update from the star guides and a message of deep love & support from the ancestors.

33 minute activational channeling – update from the star guides and loving support from the ancestors

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