Morning Practices Give You...

Morning practices give you a safe place inside yourself, to come back to throughout your day

For  Centering – Connection – Inspiration: answers, focus, clarity & direction

Harmonic Resonance 10 min Morning Meditations

10 min Morning Practice for Connecting to Guidance - with Automatic Writing
10 min Morning Meditation - Sacred Centre
10 min Morning Meditation - Heart & Crown - Infinite Love & White Light

Make a regular practice of just 10minutes each morning to give yourself the ability – throughout your busy day – to ground, center, come back to yourself, deal with difficult situations, process strong emotions, recall lost energy, protect your energy boundaries.  And so much more.

Morning Meditations can help us change what we’re manifesting, bringing life into alignment with our vibratory state of inner calm, centered groundedness.  Or Joy & Celebration, or Gratitude and Love – whatever our resonance. 

This is because when we insist on repeatedly realigning, we tell our reality this is who we are and what we want. We shift the vibrational information we’re transmitting, which changes what we receive back. So without working hard, we can lift our frequency, shift our reality and manifest more of what we really want in our lives. 


Morning practices can even give us grounded, embodied connectivity to our guidance, intuition and the loving help and support from our guides. 

And regular ‘exercise’ like this can help us align our physical desires, instincts and impulses with our truer purpose and higher guidance.

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