Meditations - returning to Self

Divine Resonances (20min Meditation)

Harmonic Resonance Meditations to...

  • Align in your Signature Human Blueprint
  • Generate a field of Harmonic Resonance
  • Rest in your own rhythms
  • Reset in Zero point
  • Be rewoven from within in resonance with the Self you are  – beyond the stories that no longer serve you

Grounding - Centering - Aligning - for embodying more of the Truth of Who You Are

For Connection, Alignment, Expansion and Activating the hidden knowledge, wisdom and gifts that connect you to your true purpose and life’s work here.

Each meditation is guided in the moment, integrating resonance energetics with channeled activations and alignments. Connecting you with different resonances in your divine human blueprint. 

Lucy has been making these offerings for 13 years, from a grounding in 15 years of embodied study and practice, working to support 1000s of people. Receiving direct wisdom as well as training with masters, facilitators, channels and guides, to ensure that what you are offered here is in the highest integrity.

7 eleven minute meditations for aligning with the divine resonances in each of the 7 chakras. 

What I would say about meditation...

Meditation as a Pathway to Sovereignty – Meditation is a way of reclaiming what we are doing with our attention. Taking sovereign ownership for where we’re focussed and what we’re giving our energy to. To ensure we’re aligned with giving and receiving what’s for our highest good and keeping us centered in our truth and true purpose. 

Reclaim Your Attention – Reclaim Your Energy – Attention is THE most precious commodity – and everyone wants ours. When we’re surrounded by media at home, work and play that takes the focus of our attention out of our centre into a screen, a scroll, something someone else is saying – it’s critical to reclaim that focus. 

Check your focus – Where our focus goes, energy flows – you’ve heard this. For energy sensitives it’s critical to recall lost energy, keep strong energy boundaries and make sure we don’t leak out and let in what decentres us, what knocks us off our equilibrium.  

Is that what you really think? How can we know our own mind, trust our own opinions or give credit to our own discernment, if we’re not keeping some of our focus within, grounded in our seat and centre at all times.

Inner Safe Space – Meditation is the practice of cutting a path to the inner temple – repeatedly. So that this sacred inner safe space can be accessed in an instant, anywhere we are. And the many gifts available to us from a centred place within ourselves become more accessible in more places and more ways. 

Command your energy – When we know how to centre, ground and align, we can more easily recall lost energy, consciously command our multidimensional energy fields, explore awareness, receive realisations, insights, shift our state at will, face our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, heal and transform our emotions, release patterns and trauma from wherever they’re held in us. We can also access the multidimensions of consciousness as anchored, stable, grounded explorers of the Self. 

Expanding Consciousness –We have access within us to all that we are and everything that made us who we’ve come to be. We also have access to the Source coding, to rewrite any part of us we feel isn’t the way we would wish it to be. Meditation is the practice that gives us access to that. Through the practices that work for us, we can begin to reclaim our sovereign ownership of our human blueprint, our DNA and how we’re coded to create the reality we experience every day. 

Master Cocreators of Our Own Reality –This work aims to help align us with the Self beyond the stories, to shift our perception, our perspective and how we’re relating to everyone and everything in our experience. Reasserting us as the master cocreator of our own reality, from a place beyond the limitations of the one walking through it. 

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