Lions Gate Channeled Message from Sirius

The Lyrans Speak on Symbiosis, The Breath of Life & a New Earth Alchemy

& Energy Report with Lucy

These days are packed with the processing of strong emotions and body-held trauma as the gifts of the Lion’s Gate portal push up what can no longer stay locked within us. The blessing is the energies are holding, healing and transmuting what’s rising, so if you’re one of those who are experiencing the intensity of this gateway, there’s nothing to do.

Kindness, compassion and gentleness are bywords of this part of the process. Tomorrow we’ll shift gear and be better able to align ourselves with the gifts that are emanating through our solar centres from the heart Central sun, REWEAVING our future possibilities from an opulent now. A now that transcends limitation. A rare now, where we can light up and align with an impossible future. A spark of a future born in the mystery of God, Goddess, All That Is. Born in the infinite.

Something begins now and we don’t need to know what it is. But when the impulse comes to act – act in joy, inspired by what we want to create, do or bring in to the world – the challenge is to follow through. Take that step. However small it seems. Then take the next one. And the next. Without forcing, pushing or trying to do more than we’re able to. Knowing that what we can do in this now moment is enough. And in the next now moment, there’ll be the next step. And it’ll be enough.

Something vital, beautiful and never before experienced is igniting now. Igniting new futures for us, with us. And we’re here, we’re enough. We’re moving in the direction we’re being called to.

These videos update us on some of the energetic updates taking place at this time. The Lyrans speak on the New Symbiosis and the Pranic Breath as part of the New Earth Alchemy reconfiguring our human blueprints and renewing us from within.

Channeled Message from Sirius – Lyrans on Lions Gate updates & shifts in our energy

The guides from Sirius speak on awakening dormant faculties, upgrades in our DNA, pranic breathing, masks and more.

Channeled message from Sirius – Lyrans on Lions Gate

New Earth Alchemy – The Breath of Life & Bodily Symbiosis

August 2020 energy report

August 2020 Energy Report – New Earth Alchemy

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