How to lift and clear our responses to what is going on around us – & Why its time to do that now 

A Map for Processing

The Activations Happening Now in Our Divine Human Blueprint

Gateways Home open in our human bluperints The next level has begun as we call home the ‘Externalised Self’ 

Look to where there are reflections of harmony in the external world – our immediate environment or wherever we cast the gaze of our attention.

Breathe that in.

Allow ourselves to be held by that – while we process and own our responses to all that appears less than harmonious, divine or loving in our external experience. (guided process map meditation below)

What we see outside ourselves is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. We know that, yes? But it is more than that, also. It is an extension of the I that we are. An extension of the Self. The externalised Self is the vista of all we experience in our outer world. That is us. 

How to Work With It – a guided process

Rest attention in the physical sensations happening in the heart and centre, through making an intention to do so and letting go of whether it has ‘worked’ or not. 

Open to notice sensation in the body and the extended field, letting go of understanding what this might mean.

Meet sensations that arise as vibration, free from story, meaning or need. Allow everything that arises to be as it is. 

Make the intention to be simply the loving compassionate witness. Let go of worrying whether you are this or not. 

With the eyes closed, let attention rest on your sensed awareness of your external environment. This could be remembering how it looked a moment ago. 

Make the intention to rest attention on where you personally notice reflections of divinity – this could be reflections of harmony, beauty, love, joy, contentment, or even simply safety, protection, peace or calm. An enclosed space can offer us protection from the elements outside for example. Keep it simple, let the reflections come in small ways and immediate ways. *

Make the intention to breathe in the quality (the love, the harmony or the beauty, the safety, the peace or the calm) from these things that you’re noticing. Imagine you’re breathing in these qualities from your external environment. 

Open to notice how you feel in your whole body. 

As you breathe in, make the intention to let these qualities hold you. 

You’ve connected to the field of divinity in the externalised Self. You’ve breathed it in and made the intention to allow it to hold you. 

Now when you’re attention migrates to rest on dissonance and perceived ‘lack’ of divinity (harmony, peace, love, safety and so on) in your externalised world, you can allow your internal responses to these things to rise up and be present in your field. 

Making that intention to allow them and be the compassionate, loving witness to how you feel about these things. 

Let your responses arise not as stories, but as vibrations in your field 

Trust that as you open to allow them, they are moving. You do not need to manage them, stop them, control them or find an external solution to them in this moment. 

Reassure your mind that an external solution to a perceived problem is much more likely to come from a higher, clearer place when you have processed your pained responses to what is happening. Because you will be lighter and clearer in your self and vibrating in resonance with higher frequencies. 

This helps us own our responses, reclaim our sovereignty, clarify and lighten ourselves and aligns us with a higher plane of wholeness, so the actions we are inspired to take in response to what is going on around us can come from a clearer, lighter place. 

*((If you find this hard, open to notice the part of you that argues while you do this and tries to get you to place attention on what is ‘wrong’

Tell it you’re not ignoring it, you’re just doing this first. You’ll come back to it.)) 

Activations happening now in our Divine Human Blueprint

‘Christ Consciousness Awareness’ resonates through our fields at yet another depth of density

This Christmas Eve just passed, going into Christmas day morning, a gateway opened in our collective human blueprints. A ‘Christ Consciousness’ opening took place that meant there are no longer any gateways in our blueprints that don’t open directly to Source. Gateways to Source were opened in the human blueprint, in the dimension of the externalised Self. Everything about our externalised experience of our selves has begun the next deepening of its journey home. We are calling ho me every area of our external experience and we are supported directly from Source to do this. 

Where I live, the landscape is imprinted with a living map of the upgrading evolving human blueprint. In the days leading up to this great Christ Consciousness opening in our divine human blueprint, the resonances of vortices activating was not just felt on the inner planes, it was visible in the outer reality. Have a look at these photos of the cloud formations over what we call the Mother Mountain here – resonating with the divine Mother Vortices in this latest divine blueprint evolutionary phase.

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