Gaia Channeling You’re On The Right Path + Star Guides – How to Do What You’re Here For (and deal with the fear)

Gaia speaks loving encouragement with support for us during times of rapid, dramatic growth and expansion, reminding us we’re just like the plants in spring, putting forth new flowers, changing our shape entirely. With channeled frequencies to support us during shift and expansion times with the energy that can keep us grounded, steady and stable, helping us to let go of the old and be surprised, even delighted by the new versions of ourselves we are becoming.

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Channeling - How to Do What You're Here For (and how to deal with the fear)

Strong messages of love, support, encouragement from guides who have gathered specifically to support us a now to have the courage, the strength and the determination to go do what we’re here to do in the world – to take action each day that’s aligned with the truth of who we are. They speak on how to get beyond what’s in the way of us doing what we’re here to do. How to transcend doubt, fear and limitations – how to heal these emotional states when they arise. And how to have the confidence, courage and determination to go ahead and take action, each day, that aligns us with the truth of who we are. So we’re doing what we’re here to do. Even if it’s just a little bit each day, to start with. A little bit makes space for bigger bits until before we know it our life is more and more aligned with what brings us joy, peace, contentment, fulfilment. How trusting those signposts rewrites our DNA – not just our lives. And helps us heal our world, by living the life we’re here to live

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Much love, Lucy 

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