Full Moon Eclipse Sirius Channeling, Gaia Channeling & Meditation

Taking the action to follow our dreams – a new vibratory resonance awakens

Gaia-Body Symbiosis – New Deep Earth Alignments – Divine Shiva Shakti Alignments – Fire & Water Elemental Harmonisation – Throat Centre Renewal – Body Rebirth

Our golden inner masculine awakens, called into being by the Gaia Goddess consciousness unfolding within us now.

Blueprint-Akash Update

In this channeling that took place in the midpoint of the lunar eclipse, guides from Sirius enthuse us with the positivity of this upshift and reflect how well we’re embodying them and how the continuing shift in consciousness appears from their perspective, describing us as rings of internal suns, shining within the deeps of the earth during this eclipse.

And Gaia speaks on symbiosis. With a vibratory message to call us home to the simplicity of remembering ourselves as one within her.

This channeling and the meditation below are for supporting us to drop into our bodies, expand our awareness and listen to how we feel at a deeper level of body consciousness, inviting us to embody that vibratory resonance of planet-body symbiosis.

The full report, meditation & channeling are available as a long watch at the bottom of this post.

(in the video) Gaia & guides from Sirius speak on our upshift and our deep inner vibratory alignments this lunar eclipse

The new moon at the beginning of this cycle opened up golden templates that support our inner masculine qualities of holding focus, clarity, goal setting. Of willful, joyful, purpose-driven, consistent action. An aligned divine masculine that dedicates itself to carrying out creative intentions birthed from the very essence of our being. This is where spirit dances with soul and they set out into the world together, his action driven by her dreaming.

There is the taking off of an old body-coat and allowing it to fall from us into the earth, to be received the way the soil receives leaves and renews them as the compost that feeds new trees. Our symptoms may be very physical at this time. There are two physical realities co-existing in our bodies; the dying old draining away with all its duality matrix histories and trauma constrictions. And the emerging new, powered by a steam alchemy through the huffing, puffing, expansive breaths of our inner dragon energies as the elements of fire and water harmonise in us this eclipse.

We’re aligning the dreams of our soul, birthed in our deeps with our actions on the surface. We’re reforming who we are and how we create in the world. Just as there are movements in the deeps of our planet reforming her surface. The chaos this causes is the chaos of change, rebirth and renewal and it becomes more important than ever to hold our centre, as what’s going on in us mirrors what is happening with our planet.

These two body-realities can place a deal of strain on us physically and if we’re suffering with symptoms, it can help to celebrate them as a signal of great change – of endings and renewals. While also taking the nurturing, compassionate care of our physical needs that’s so important right now. The more we can celebrate the change, the more we align ourselves with the emerging new and the less time these physical ‘ascension symptoms’ will need to be with us. We’ll be letting them go, like we’re letting go of the past. That’s ideally what a full moon gateway’s for.

So we’re calling home the elements of fire and water, re-alchemising them in our blueprints for unity, so they work together in us to make steam to power our soul-aligned activities.

Those subterranean rhythms in consciousness that allow us to vibrate with the resonances deep in the earth are active now, flooding our body-consciousness with remembrance codes that vibrate in us physically and reinform our animal impulses, our instincts and reconnect us with our animal wisdom. This ends old animal-consciousness stories of separation, division and duality.

New Beginnings – on the other side is a refreshing renewal of the element of air in us. As fire, earth and water harmonise in our deeps, the element of air is called into harmony. Bringing clarity of thought and efficiency of action. We’ll be under pressure to detach from old patterns concerning how efficient we are when we’re busy. So the cobwebs will be blown out for us, for sure, between now and the new moon.

Aligning with our inner Gaia goddess aspect calls our inner masculine into action. Enabling us to real-ise the dream of our soul, born in the essence of who we are. Our daily, surface activities can align with the deeper truth of ourselves. This is how the energies of now support us to live our higher purpose in earthly ways. This lunar cycle we’ve been gathering the blocks, resistances and residues of old stories to be released over the full moon gateway.

On the other side of this gateway, we’re taking the steps, however small, that make practical progress in the direction of our higher heart intentions. The footsteps that follow our dreams.

This 10 minute meditation transmitted during our lunar phase, for ‘Body Symbiosis Within the Earth is also for supporting our eclipse transition.


Enjoy and I hope you have a beautiful eclipse phase. I’m available for one to one, channeled support. Book a free consultation with me here.

If you feel to support this work, your contribution is received with gratitude, love and a blessing sent your way.

Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Energy Update, Meditation and channeling from Sirius and Gaia – in full

The unity reset continues to move through the layers of physical consciousness in our multidimensional selves, calling home us home to rest more deeply in our Selves. Each new moon and full moon gateway triggers the emergence of divine templates in our human blueprints as doorways to Source facilitate the renewal and rebirthing of ourselves into unity consciousness. The next 8 years focus on physicalising that awareness and calling our actions home to reflect embodied, integrated, applied awareness of all we’ve been gathering, transforming and renewing in ourselves up until now. 2020 was the ‘eye of the needle’ year and here we are sailing out into the re-forming of our reality that comes from the re-membering of who we are. This calls our divine masculine into action, as the healing of our inner shakti frees her to rest in resonant celebration of this. And so we unearth & transform the wounded bodies of our inner masculine and feminine as the dance of unity, embodied, continues in each of us.

As our internal Gaia Goddess Consciousness awakes in the deeps of us, it’s been calling our divine masculine energy into alignment and up to the surface. Celebrating this energy resources, fuels, affirms and directs it, increasing its efficiency and our chance of success in pursuing our chosen goals. With this untangling of inner tantric energies we stand to gain greater clarity, more ability to hold our focus, to apply will and determination to specific actions that are aligned with our purpose. These are the actions that follow the arrow fired in the direction of our higher purpose. Taking our questions about what to do right now into meditation opens the door for the answers to reach us, if not in the moment of asking, then through myriad ways that life, the universe, consciousness and our Higher Selves speak with us all the time.

At the culmination of this cycle with the full moon lunar eclipse, we’re invited to rest deeply in beingness, align with our divine feminine and her deep earth resonances. This is where we connect with those movements in our planet as they vibrate with us. To drop into that inner sanctum and be held in the heartbeat of our planet, we rest our body in our planet’s heartbeat and rhythms. This dropping into beingness aligns our doingness. We’re then ready to fulfill the dreams that are birthed in our soul by making the right movements towards them. These are movements and actions we feel from within are right, without needing to know in the mind why that’s so.

To support the process we’re in, or to experience more of it, we’re invited to turn inward in meditation, stay present with our body and its rhythms and let ourselves drop, deeply, into that body-restfulness we might find if we open ourselves to the energy of the pause that comes with the arc of an eclipse.

Long Watch – Full Moon energy update, meditation & channeled message from Sirius and from Gaia

Energy Update 00:00 Meditation 16:29 Channeling Sirius 36:30 Channeling Gaia 42:30-47:25 Sirius

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