Elemental Activations in the Gaia and Human Blueprint & Sirius channeling – New Earth Technologies

Published Full Moon June 22 – preparing for the SUMMER SOLSTICE

There are elemental activations taking place now not only in the collective human blueprint but in the blueprint for Gaia herself, marking an important time in the trajectory of joint evolution of humanity within the planetary consciousness.

June 2022 Full Moon Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – Overview : This coming full moon marks the culmination of the Gaia and Elemental Activations intitialised in last year’s May 13th New Moon. It also anchors us in the next level of Gaia and Elemental activations that are awakening now and will complete their activation and integration process in the collective field of consciousness in the June 30th Full Moon

Full Moon Meditation – Tuesday 14th June 10am PST – 1pm EST – 6pm UK – 7pm Spain

To center in the Self, open to stillness and align with the gifts activating in the collective field of consciousness this full moon, join the online Meditation. A lunar gateway meditation and an exploration of the sacred centres and divine pathways of our human blueprint – the map of who we are as this continues to be evolved by our awakening. With one to one channeled support after the meditation.

In the story of now in our evolving collective consciousness, the divine templates activating for embodied integration in our divine human blueprints now are those that continue to support our coming home to wholeness in the elemental and Gaia consciousness realms of the Self. Our continued embodied awakening is a vibratory activity, where the consciousness of our body itself awakens and resonates at the level of oneness – literally where these templates within the blueprint, within the genetics of our human consciousness, hold the information for how the Self is to physically and elementally experience itself in its greatest human potential for harmony. That vibratory state-based awakening catalyses a resonance, moving waves of wholeness-information through the overlays in our templates. Overlays are the stories, the wounding histories, the scripts governing how we will create our reality based on our past experiences. As the system rests in wholeness at certain dimensions of the Self, those scripts are re-informed from a higher authority that they are no longer the accepted truth. There is a recognition of harmony happening in that field at a deeper level than the overlays. And so those dissonant encodements are supported to vibrate their way out of the field; to rise up and move out. Because belief in them cannot be sustained once a deeper truth has been realised.

The body’s own awareness is the focus for the reset in consciousness and the site of the awakening templates holding the encodements for oneness awareness in the divine human blueprint, as it manifests as physical experience. Physical experience is not just the experience being had by the body. It is how the body experiences itself within the field of physicality.

As oneness awareness causes harmonic resonance throughout the physical fields of consciousness, vibrations act upon the information encoded within the human templates, causing dissonance to show up in the field and come under pressure. All that has been learnt over time, arising from and attaching the body’s scripts and behaviour encodements to the old reality, is catalysed for renewal in the holding field of harmony, which not only dissolves what’s leaving but sources and reSources what’s renewing in its place.

Rather than being a case of clearing out the old before the new can come in, it’s a case of aligning with the new in the now so the old cannot remain in state any longer.

Sirius Channeling – New Earth Technology – upcoming paradigm shifts & the June Summer Solstice


Activational Channeling from the Sirius guides overlighting the evolution of the human blueprint, talking about the evolution of consciousness determining specific paradigm shifts within platforms for information-sharing technologies.
They say post summer solstice, our collective cocreating challenge will be to transcend the arena of lack-based competitiveness by opening to limitless potential for rewriting this in the harmonic oneness-realisation, where a reflective behaviour model for how information sharing platforms interact can develop from the internal behaviours in the connective field of consciousness. This is where interconnected sympathetic frequencies govern how connections are made with an effortlessness that transcends the current feedback generated from fear-lack-need-based competition.
In short, how our technology platforms serve us can shift in response to how we’re collectively transcending limiting behaviours, not just because metaphysically the external creation arises from the internal state of the ones creating it, but because the digital reality is a field of consciousness generated from us. We inhabit it, respond to it and change it. We govern how it develops by responding to it just as our reality experience changes based on how we’re responding to that. Not only is it a dimension of reality, but it’s a dimension of the Self; our experience of our interactions with the digital realm is one of the multi dimensions of the Self.  So our ownership of this can develop and our ownership of master cocreativity in our own reality can include this realm of consciousness just like any other.

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