Easter And Full Moon Blueprint-Akash Update

Understanding and working with the Lunar and Easter Energies – the death and rebirth shift in our collective human blueprints happening now.

The energy alchemy of our evolving human blueprint – the metaphysics of this now

We’ve just moved through a cycle of death and rebirth that’s opened us to love frequencies coming through Life itself, entering by the gateway in the front of the heart. 

Listen to the podcast version here

Listen to the full 1hr long activation meditation here

These love frequencies rest us in the resonance of the love that comes from Life itself. It’s a specific resonance of Life holding us, loving us, bringing us more of what is loving for us. The dimension in which this is happening is the plane of creation – (how we experience our manifested creations).

The element that has been being rebirthed in us throughout the last lunar cycles (short and long) is earth.

When earth comes home to itself in unity, it rebirths its relationship with all the other elements, to shift from vibrating in a state of separation with them, to resonating in a state of unity with them. This means that each element contains and is contained within all the other elements, but expresses more as one than another. It is the yin yang principle, as applied to the elements. 

Earth has rebirthed and reunified with air and water.

Now begins the reunification of earth with the element of fire. 

This earth element rebirth in our human blueprints connects us to what is physical, what forms our foundation, our base, our stability and our security. On the approach to easter this activity was focussed in the cellular field. Coming out of easter its focussed in our atomic energetics, realigning us with the breath of life, death, rebirth and renewal. 

Every cell, every atom, every particle of consciousness and matter (matter is consciousness but consciousness isn’t necessarily matter), breathes the breath of life, renewing moment to moment, outside space and time. 

For the most part, in most places, this breath is aligned just fine. Everything is configured to breathe in life and breathe out death; to take in what nourishes growth, evolution and fulfillment of purpose. And to expel waste, by-products and what is no longer needed. 

But where consciousness has been holding itself outside of life and love, in a state of freeze, keeping it in isolation, the reverse alchemy takes place. Death is taken in and life is released as waste. It’s like putting a vehicle in reverse without going anywhere or trying to walk backwards up an elevator going down. It’s enough to keep us out of the flow of life moving us forward. 

The breath of life puts the cycle of life and death in right relation within us. 

Any experience that any part of consciousness has that is less than unconditionally loving can potentially put it in a state of freeze, locked outside the flow of life and death renewing and rebreathing all of creation. This can happen anywhere in our bodies, hearts, minds and multidimensional energetics. And it can happen to any energy anywhere. 

The reason we aren’t a complete mess of locked, frozen traumatised energy, is because the impetus of the breath of life and renewal is so strong that in many cases, traumas are released and the energy is renewed.

 In this instance, the word trauma is being used in its broadest possible definition; the impact of experiencing less than unconditional love. 

However, where the impact of trauma is stronger than the breath of renewal, where trauma of any kind remains unhealed, the cycle of life and death can be inverted and part of us or part of anything energetic can be taking in or holding onto waste and blocking incoming nourishment and vitalising forces. 

Why are we going into all this?

Because this Easter, the energies of death and rebirth in the cellular stories locked in the body – and now in the atomic energies in our body-consciousness fields – are not only a biblical story. They’re part of what is happening energetically in the collective blueprint now. There is a reason why some stories sustain. 

There is a resonance of unconditional love vibrating in our hearts now. And it comes from Life itself. Letting us know that Life is our ally, inviting us to breathe in vitality and expel waste. To celebrate and give thanks to Life for wherever it’s loving us. And inviting us to notice where that is. To amplify that activity in our awareness, with our attention and so in our experience. 

Because it is life energies that will be holding us in love while we expel the waste of our old-definitions. Old definitions of who we are and how we respond to life when vitality comes calling to energise us into action. 

Those parts of us that sleep in the face of liveliness, that want to curl up and shut the door on life, will be gently reached out to, lovingly. So they can unfurl and explore the new life frequencies, discovering if these energies are safe, are welcome, are a different shape than they used to be, aren’t making the same demands to come out of our centre and abandon our soul, like they used to. 

This is a life force that doesn’t need us to run, run and panic. 

This is a life force that lets us walk, at our own pace. That invites us to stop and breathe with it. That listens to the soul of us and makes time and space for us to pause and drop into beingness. This is life in divine marriage with soul and it is why it is earthed – so these sun, fire and electricity energies of life and the lightning strike of action – can be re-experienced in the divine marriage with soul, where they are harmonised. 

Our sleeping, frozen and resistant parts are not being harried, forced or pushed into the world like a newborn taken away from the mother body at birth. They are coated, covered, fully embraced in love – in the softness that makes life beautiful. 

We’re invited into a new symbiosis. Love with Life, Being with Doing. Stillness with Motion. Silence with Sound. 

The full moon meditation that came through in the online group this Easter is available here as a recording, bringing through the activational energy alchemy that supports our aligning with our truth and welcoming the death and rebirth shift in our own unique ways. 

To join in with these and receive them live as well as opening to the option of one to one energetic support in the groups, email to join here.

Meditation Map – Elements

The energy alchemy going forward – play with this and make it your own

The infinity breath – from the heart, breathing in from within, down to the root and back up to the heart. Repeating until you feel firmly embodied and grounded, aware of the sensations in the lower part of the body, but not trying to change them. Just listening.

In the heart, opening to face the gateway at the front of the heart, to Life and Vitality. Breathing in from Life itself – where Life is loving wholeness in purity.

Following the breath down to the root and allowing a thin stream of energy to continue breathing all the way down into the soil of the earth, taking with it whatever wants to leave from your cells. 

Notice and allow any feelings of discomfort and allow these to move.

Let the breath do the work, don’t try to be the ‘doer’ of what needs to happen.

Return on the breath to the heart. 

Listen to where attention wants to flow.

Are you feeling expansion – celebrate this just with the intention statement that you do so

Are you feeling constriction. Allow this and notice it as though it is a shape in you. Then make the intention to be the space around the shape, listening, allowing and welcoming that constriction. 

Stay with the breath, noticing the in and the out flow, listening to what’s moving in your body and in your energy field, working with it by allowing, welcoming, loving and celebrating, until there’s nothing more moving. 

There’s more to work with in the meditation, which takes you on a guided process including activational transmissions to support the integration of the divine new alchemies in our human blueprint now. 

And I’d love to hear what’s coming up for you in these fire days moving out of the easter and full moon window. For me, the fiery energies being balanced in the love vibration in the heart are Joy and determination. What that’s pushing up is joy when it’s inverted; so anger. And determination when it’s inverted – so, inertia. But what is helping me is dropping awareness into my heart to hear and feel and know that love vibration coming in from Life. This is helping me connect to Life in its loving truth. And it’s helping with the remembering that Life itself is naturally loving.

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  1. marybogdan says:

    Beautifully said, yes this is what I feel, what I’m going through now, you said it very clearly and I truly resonate! Very helpful to me! Very healing! Some of your words remind me of lovely Shakti Gawain! I love her! Met her once, her words always touched me deeply! She’s gone now but lives on in you and me! Beautiful! Thank you for bringing me here today! Beautiful! 🌸🌻🌼

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