Deep Healing in the body – Blueprint-Akash Update & Meditation

Divine Oneness Vibrating as truth in the body consciousness of the collective now

Following this New Moon lunar gateway, the frequencies of unconditional Love are restoring the body’s own remembering of Oneness as a vibratory state of beingness. Flooding the field with new information that is pushing old crisis energy and old fears to the surface for healing. The good news is, the very frequencies pushing these patterns up for clearing are the same frequencies that can heal what’s rising up to vibrate its way out of our fields.

Join us every full and new moon for group meditations with channeled one to one support – these are for resting in the resonance of Oneness and bringing love all the way into the body. Join these live for the full 90 minutes meditation with one to one channeled support afterwards in the synergy of shared group energy. REGISTER HERE


Why am I tired after this New Moon Gateway? – the guides bring through channeled advice

“The body is undergoing a reset and core elements of our human blueprint for the body are dying and rebirthing. There’s no way we can expect the body to function normally at these core reset points. 

The frequencies vibrating in the body field of consciousness now are bringing the divine resonances of unconditional love into the field at the very foundation of the body’s platform for physically experiencing itself.

There has to be rest because the death/rebirth of right at the core of the body’s sensory experience of itself.

The body is renewing its own story of how it came into being. The timeline for (this version of) the body’s whole history of how it became is being rewritten in the now, from the very beginning of (this version of) the human body’s history.

It’s bringing up, not mortal fear, but the residual fear vibrations that something is very very wrong. In these residual fear vibrations are the harmonics of the body’s memory of its entire timeline falling out of harmony and oneness and into separation state – te beginningh of its disconnectivity story and all the lifecycles that has impacted. This ‘fall’ into disconnectivity was registered as an event which happened in another ‘now’ and changed the past and future story of how the body became – at a genetics level, making separation the empirical truth in the human blueprint. 

This ‘fall’ that rewrote the timeline and our blueprints caused great conflict with the parts of our awareness that couldn’t register separation as ultimate truth.

A lot of those fatal conflicts in our ‘reality readings ‘ are up for renewal right now. The upheaval this is causing in the physically felt arena of consciousness is leaving us incredibly tired.”

Sirius-Pleiadian-Andromedan-and others – A Light Alliance overseeing the changes taking place in our physical universe

The body just needs a break from having to be a functioning unit while this rewrite is taking place. So the rest comes with the new moon and you are so not alone in feeling it. Everyone I’ve spoken to is reflecting some example of this.

And it’s healing – I don’t normally say this, but the resonance of divine love that is the frequency entering the body-field of consciousness now is focused on ‘healing’

Embrace, allow, let the fear leave. I’m getting that a lot of us are being ‘shaken’ in the day after this window. The fear frequencies need to be lifted and so they are in some cases being stimulated, so they can be felt, welcomed, loved and allowed to express on their way out of our fields.

It may be a shaky time and there may be lots coming to the surface that isn’t obviously about fear – but if we follow what’s rising to its roots, fear is being usurped by the love frequencies flooding the body-field.

It’s such a help to be in communication about this. I have needed the reminder that, hey, this is rising up to leave, not to create more of itself in your reality.

What can help

Mini Meditations to drop into the truth of Unconditional Love, while holding a focus for attention in the body. The practice below is an offering for those seriously open to bringing in support from within on this just now. You can listen to the audio meditation

here: (Podcast: Our Divine Human Blueprint: Episode: Embodied Truth – 3 min Daily practice)

Make this intention:

I rest now in the truth of Love and breathe this into the deeps of my body

Combine the intention with this centering practice:

Take one moment for yourself

Close the eyes. Make the intention to turn attention inwards

To drop attention into how you physically feel in your heart and the centre of the chest

Allowing all that’s there to be as it is for this moment

Focus on the rhythm of the breath.

Open to notice the space between the inbreath and the outbreath – don’t try too hard, just acknowledge that possibly there is one.

Make the intention to drop into that pause. And breathe. As though nothing else existed in this moment.

When you feel settled, open to notice the sensation of the body as a whole, while staying with the breath.

Allow all the sensations that are there to be as they are.

When you feel settled, silently intend:

I rest now in the truth of Love and breathe this into the deeps of my body

Be with however you feel, breathing and allowing all to be as it is.

Ask to be anchored in any calm you may have found while you go about your day.

Repeat at regular moments, or as you remember to, for added anchoring and centering.

What Else Can Help?

The focus with the new moon energies is on communication – how we can use it to help each other remember love, by acting and responding compassionately. Or how we can use it to fuel conflict and make war between each other.

Have a look at the 7 STEP PROCESS for HEALING CONFLICT with the help of our Higher Selves

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