Processing Map for renewing templates in our human blueprint

Pathways to Sovereignty; owning our own emotions, thoughts, patterns and behaviours, we can turn to face any part of ourselves with Love, Compassion and Awareness.

Map for Processing constricted emotions, thoughts, patterns, behaviours

How it works…

Feel into a part of your body (or an area in your energy field, or in your field of awareness) where there is contraction.

  • Imagine you are perceiving it as an area, or shape.
  • Allow it to be an abstract shape. If something specific comes to your awareness, simply acknowledge it.
  • Invite spaciousness into that area – you can simply make the intention to do this. You don’t have to have a clear understanding of what this means.
  • Invite spaciousness into the cells, into the particles, into the atoms – as an intention
  • Open to notice whatever you experience.
  • You might start to feel something as a physical sensation when you’ve done this.
  • Or perhaps emotions show themselves
  • Or thoughts or awareness arise

This is the contraction expressing itself. Open to whatever it is you notice. If you can, call to the quality of unconditional gratitude – for this part of you showing itself…

  • And meet it like a parent meets a crying toddler
  • With a compassionate listening embrace
  • Make what’s expressing welcome
  • Be loving compassion
  • Loving understanding & validation
  • Ask… What else? 
  • Continue to be the invitation for that part of you to express
  • Listening, enfolding, surrounding with compassionate unconditional acceptance & loving patience

Don’t try to stop, name, fix or attach meaning to what’s showing itself. Detach it from story and let it express as pure vibration, moving, changing shape, telling its story, letting it change shape in its own way, in its own time. If you can, call to the quality of unconditional celebration, that this part of you is being invited back into the flow of life and love.

  • Allow for another wave.
  • And another.

And when there are no more waves of expression showing themselves as sensation, emotion, thoughts, or awareness, ask that part of you:

  • What’s here now? What’s true for you now?

And repeat; Opening to notice sensations, emotions, thoughts. Until you physically feel, emotionally feel and mentally feel there is nothing more arising to be ‘seen’ in this part of you.

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Lucy shares with all her beautifully authentic truth, along with her energetic wisdom and channeling. I have been exploring these realms with her and she has opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways. My entirety has been affected by the exploration journeying we have done together and now my own healing journey and my work as a healer has accelerated in ways I did not think were possible. 


I had an incredible healing session with the amazing Lucy Hunter last night – she offers deep healing sessions and is now doing these regular, weekly meditations to support us all through this time of transition. I absolutely gurantee you will leave any of her sessions feeling safer, more grounded, connected and blissful that when you started.


A most amazing session, thank you. I received a shift that will take me to a new level of knowingness within my being. Thank you so much, Lucy for supporting me so skillfully and lovingly. If anyone gets to that point of knowing they need a helping hand on an energetic realignment level, I strongly recommend you give Lucy a call. Thank you, thank you, thank you, adjustments still continuing.


Lucy is a gifted light energy worker with an innate ability to support and enable grounding and healing to occur. Also to facilitate expanded consciousness in individuals. 

… Her work is unique in my experience, working with our human blueprint in a way many of us are not familiar of…yet I believe should open to.. especially at this time… 


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