Feeling Good, grounded, present and strong – you really weaved your magic – and for that and for you I am profoundly grateful.”

Kati Vernon

“I definitely feel a massive shift today and I definitely slept betterIt just feels so much lighter, everything feels so much better today. Thank you so, so much.”

Can Sezguin

Words can’t describe how grateful I am; for you, for the experience, for your serivce…your presence is undeniable, your impact is so unique and appreciated deeply.


I feel great – a lot has been released. I feel like a lot has been connected in my body now and I can feel the energy moving. And my mind is so, so much more relaxed. And my body, too, I think. Vibrance everywhere.

Anh-Dao Tran

I’m doing really good – I have been feeling a lot calmer since our session, I guess more accepting of things, I notice that when something is happening I don’t have an extreme reaction right now. Which is good. It just feels better. When I’m calm like this, it feels like everything is ok. Everything is going to be just fine, no matter what is thrown at me. Wow. I wish I always could feel like this.”

Glynis – On the Meditation Lives

I listened and opened to a different self. Now in bliss. In the middle of the night at my home Sacred Earth. Muchas gracias, Lucy x A safe space of letting go of holding and then being held by the great mystery.

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