Compassion Heals the Energy of War – Channeling & Energy Update – Collective Heart Healing Happening Now

The Combined Resonances Lifting Us Now are – Compassion and Celebration
Compassion Dissolves Conflict – Celebration Allows for Completion

There’s a collective healing happening now in the field of human consciousness, helping old energies clear to make way for new ones to emerge. If you’re feeling a lot move around the heart and emotions, you’re not alone. The suggestion is to be with the emotions as they arise, allow them to take up space and express, but detach them from meaning, from other people and from stories, so they can lift and change shape as they move through us.

We’re being called to consciously come home to our hearts and open the resonance of compassion in our fields to help dissolve the energies of conflict that are emerging in the collective. There are major events on the way and by being authentic and present with whatever is in our hearts, now, we are helping change the shape of things to come. 

When we open the resonance of compassion in our fields, we dissolve the wounds of past conflicts and heal ourselves of future ones.

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Channeling Transcript: Compassion Heals the Energy of War – Pleiadian High Council & Arcturian-Sirian Alliance

Together you are on the potentially rocky road to liberating yourselves from the need to use war as a narrative for progression. We celebrate you with compassion. And call to these resonant qualities in you all at this time.

Reimagining Our Own Ascension

Beloveds, you are once again at a precipice of your own unfolding. You are here ready to soar – to open your wings and soar out across the landscapes that were not visible before you imagined them. Collectively you have been revisioning the maps for the terrain that you will have to cross in order to fulfil your own dedications to evolve within Gaia as she moves through her ascension process. 

Lifting the Resonance of Our Reimagining

What is being asked of you now, is that you turn away from some of the stories of war and conflict in your own worlds, your interpersonal worlds; your relationships with your friends and your neighbours, and the global story of the war narrative in its generality, healing, lifting, changing shape, ultimately to dissolve from your blueprint as a species for how you govern your affairs and drive yourselves forward.

Turning Away From the Energy of War and Conflict

You are hereby requested to turn away from the epicentre – the nourishment that conflict and that war energy can bring, for it is, as you are aware, a false nourishment, it is not a healthy diet – and turn instead, if you will, when you are ready – when this feels like something you would wish for, and not before – turn to face one another as the evolved masters who have transcended the need to define themselves and their reality by delineating what they are not. And instead can celebrate each other’s sovereignty and creatively drive themselves forward, passionately, powerfully, by defining themselves by what they are.

The Arena of War and the Arena of Sovereignty

When it brings you as much joy to perceive the qualities of another and celebrate them, alongside perceiving the qualities of yourself and celebrating those, you step into a new arena, an arena of sovereignty. Truer sovereignty. And you transcend the arenas in which wars can be fought, in which conflict is helpful; the fire to creativity, for you have found a new fire for your creativity. 

There is indeed a fire for constructive creativity fully anchored in sovereignty that is as intensely motivating as that which drives one to kick away from another, in order to define itself by knowing what it is not. 

Transcending the Need for War – Symptoms of Evolution

You are in the process of evolving as a race and one of the symptoms of evolution is the transcending of the need for war. Unfortunately the process of transcending at this stage also involves the need for mimickry of conflict, as though you are re-responding to all the elements that can be found in an arena that supports conflict. For it is your responses that heal this picture and in re-responding and changing your responses to conflict, where you see it, you lift yourself above the arena and you help heal your planet. You help heal what is possible for your global situations. 

The Potential for Vast and Fast Global Transformation

While this is not 2020 – a year in which extraordinary changes were instantly possible, there is still a vast potential for great change to happen very quickly. There is a huge opening for transformation if not instantly, then fast.

The Connection Between Inner Work and Global Transformation

And this depends upon you and your ability to transform yourselves so that you are not using the arena of the world as the platform through which you process. There will be those who need to do this and so there will be much activity on the world stage supporting this. However, those of you who have access to and are familar with and able to work on your inner transformation help the picture of the world changing shape greatly by doing so. 

Healing Ourselves and Healing Our World of the Need for War

So we say simply that, yes there are more events coming, they are punctuating your timeline for 2021 but the purpose of these events is to support your own evolution, your progression beyond the arenas where war and conflict can happen. This is a huge element of the ascension of human consciousness taking place within the planetary ascension of concsiousness. The ascension of Gaia herself. You are healing your own engagement with conflict within yourselves. Compassion is the quality of the moment, shortly to be followed by mutual Celebration. For what is waiting to emerge, is the capacity for inner sovereignty, mutually recognising not only that which binds one to another in unity, the recognition of what is shared, but that feeling of safety in recognising the briliance in the uniqueness of another. 

Sovereignty & Celebrating One Another

That feeling of safely celebrating the uniqueness of another and that feeling of unconditionally feeling grateful toward another for being brilliant in the unique ways in which they are. This can be applied to individuals but this can be applied to countries. It can be applied anywhere where borders define boundaries. 

Together you are on the potentially rocky road to liberating yourselves from the need to use war as a narrative for progression. We celebrate you with compassion. And call to these resonant qualities in you all at this time. 

The Pleiaidan High Council. 

The Arcturian-Sirian Earth Alliance

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