Channeling – Star Guides: We’re closer to you than we’ve ever been

Channeling - Star Guides: We're closer to you now than we've ever been
Listen to the full channeling here (9mins)

The guides speak on why some of us might be having interrupted nights’ sleep at the moment. Not only are we busy during our nights, taking part in councils of light convening in great numbers all around the world, inviting humanity to take full part in the discussions and decisions being made about the direction we collectively take during the next phase of our evolution as it is ‘managed’ within the planet.

There are also many of us being worked with to support our frequential closeness to our brothers and sisters in the stars. There is an encouragement for those of us, for whom contact with star beings is now normalised, to talk about this more clearly in support of the greater numbers of people who are opening to have more multi-dimensional experiences.


“…You are all being supported to take part in a process of owning your own cocreative mastery in the script-writing, map-making and dream-weaving of your future reality scripts. This is what you are doing at present, for you are on a precipice. A reality-creation precipice. So we suggest you treasure your lack of sleep at the moment, for you are all immensely occupied, contributing to the dawn of this new age. We thank you, we bring you encouragement that there is all the support that there could possibly be, to help you navigate and guide you to the higher outcomes, the more benevolent experiences, with pleas for the divine intervention of Grace in every possible arena, where it may be permitted.

A lot of you are specifically working for this. To allow Grace into areas where it was not previously permitted. So, yes, it is intense, but you are supported and there is much still to be decided. You are supported to make the decisions from your hearts. For there is the site of interconnected awareness where the body and the mind and the soul and the spirit and All of Life and All of Love and all of Goddess and all of God and All That Is unites. We are your brethren, your brothers and sisters in the stars. We love you so much. We enjoy this closeness, that is part of our now experience with you. Beloveds, thank you.”

This channeling came through in the presence of Nina – loving thanks to Nina

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