Channeling & Energy Update – gifts from Gaia To keep us stable as the sun ignites our solar centres

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update for the full moon

With Video & Audio channeling & energy report

Channeling begins at 19:00

Blueprint-Akash Energy Update – New Moon November 21

Audio (podcast episode) listen here

An energy update & channeling in preparation for the new moon gateway on Thursday of this week, which opens a portal to source on our human blueprints, giving us access to profound inner resources in the areas connected with our solar centre and their expression through action in our external lives. 
As we get ready to anchor ourselves to new depths in our determination to do what we believe in and what we’ve committed to, we’re in the process of strengthening our foundations, so the towers we build for our dreams and intentions to be fulfilled have a solid structure. And we can be clear on how to act and what to do, to follow through on our highest and whollest intentions. 
Resting in the embrace of our grounded, earthy deeps and allowing ourselves to drop deep into resonance with mama Gaia can put our animal bodies in touch with a primaeval state that can support us during this rebirthing. And which can help our foundations stay strong and help us to stay centered while we’re lifting to greater heights and more focused action. We get to inspire ourselves now, with more of what we need to do, to follow through on our heart’s deepest dreaming and the intentions it’s given rise to in us.
Part of that is keeping the faith that what we know we’re here to create has a place in a world that’s already birthed itself into newness. We might not yet see how. But we’re asked to hold that focus of imagining the world we want to see and imagining ourselves in it. Because it does exist and that imagining places us more firmly in it, making it easier for our obstacles to lose their substance and for what’s energising us, supporting us and inspiring us to get through and be heard.
There’s gifts emerging from our divine blueprints within our solar centre, dissolving the distance between our inner and outer worlds – aligning those worlds by helping us receive the charged energy coming from the sun. And we’re receiving this both internally and externally. Life energies are gifting us now the clarity, impetus, direction, focus and drive that helps us take the actions necessary to strengthen the foundations for our dreams to be manifested. 
Choosing to vibrate with unconditional joy can help us be with any constrictive energies – especially emotional energies – as they rise up to clear.
Even though at times our most challenging frustrations may seem larger than life over coming weeks, that’s only so we can see them for what they are – old stories of who we used to be but aren’t any more. And when we see them like this is easier to let them leave.

It can help to know we’ll be diving deep to heal the hidden so we can align with strong foundations that support us to reach a new height in our creative productivity.
We are re-forming our world

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